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   Chapter 17 Can't I Hug My Fiancee

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"After we left, Paul took him to the police," answered Charles Mu.

Linda pondered over his reply with her eyebrows frowning, but to no avail. Her cascading long hair fell smoothly down her shoulder, looking gorgeous under the sunlight descending from outside the window.

For a moment, Charles felt bewildered. He was not particularly fond of this girl so much as enjoyed the feeling of talking to her.

Although Linda did destroy Walker Chen's life, but he had it coming.

What Linda did was simply an act of justice.

"Have you found out the killer?" further asked Linda.

"He committed suicide. Paul handed him over to the police, and as standard procedure, they held him in custody pending further trail. Less than half of an hour later, he gulped down a lot of sleeping pills that he had stashed with him and killed himself."


What a mess.

"I do remember that you had a monitor hidden inside his arm. Did it pick up something unusual? For example, did he call anyone? Or maybe some blabberings?

"Lady Linda, have you no common sense? You expect to make a call at the police station?" mocked Charles Mu.

Upon hearing that, Linda looked up and retorted,"I have never been to the police station. How am I supposed to know that they don't allow phone call there? You, on the other hand, sound like a regular there. You surely know a lot about what to expect there."

"Well then, it looks like the Xia clan won't be needing my help anymore."

That again?

"Fine... You are the boss... I am being impertinent, OK? My apology, Young Master Mu."

Linda gave in to his threat. What he said was like an arrow in her Achilles' heel. Without Charles's help, it would be extremely difficult to find out the truth and she would not be able to get back at that malicious step-mother who stabbed her in the back and that dim-witted "sister".

Giving up that easily? Charles stood up from a tailored-made leather chair and walked up to Linda with a smile on his face. He gently lifted her chin with his big hand.

"Apology? What good is an apology when one doesn't mean it?"

"What do you want then?" asked Linda. She had already apologized. What more did he want from her?

"Well, you can do better than that."

Charles's reply caught Linda off guard and her face was all twisted. She subconsciously slapped Charles's hands off and tried to walk away, only to be pulled back and hugged by that shameless man.

Much to her embarrassment, Linda could feel his thumping heartbeats via a thin layer of clothes.

Linda's ears were burning with embarrassment. Was this man addicted to taking advantage of her? Hugging her whenever he felt like it?

"Let go of me, you pervert!"

"You are my fiancee. Can't I hug my fiancee? Well?"

Those two once again found themselves entangled in a verbal dispute, which ended up with Linda biting Charles on the shoulder and Charles dropping her to the floor.

Paul had been waiting outside the door. He was all sweaty when he heard those two chatting inside. The young Master and the Lady were flirting... And he happened to hear that.

Paul had never had a girl friend before. He was ten when he was brought into the Mu clan and he started to learn his trade when he was fifteen. He had since become a skilled squire of Charles Mu. Still, his face blushed when he heard what was going on inside the room.

As Linda was leaving the Charles's study, she was surprised and embarrassed to see Paul standing at the door. "Hi, Paul..."

"My Lady... I just got here and I honestly did not hear anything. Believe me."

What was the saying about he who denies all confesses all?

Paul thought it best to shut up.

After leaving the study, Linda went back to her room.

She was amazed by the gorgeou

s European decoration of her room: king-size bed, dressing mirror, closet and state of the art TV... And the lavishly adorned chandelier.

All made with great care.

Although all these were nothing to the Mu clan, they were still very strange to Linda's former way of life.

Being out in the world for so long, she had no idea of what it is like to live in a wealthy family. Linda had always been very mature for her age when she was a little girl, and she would help her foster mother with the mundane chore and took part-time jobs when she was in college to provide for the family. She would also help with her sister Cindy Xie's homework and play with her.

A gentle smile developed on Linda's lips when she thought of her sister. Cindy Xie was nothing like her "sister" Lisa Xia.

Although Cindy had always been a naughty and willful girl as well as a trouble maker who never listened, Linda knew that she loved her as a real sister.

Cindy was more of a computer geek than an applied student for she had an almost innate interest in computer science. When she was in ninth grade, she accidentally hacked in and caused a ten-minute meltdown of the entire network of the SH Police bureau.

After graduating from senior high school, she was admitted to the National Defense University to study computer science from an experienced professor.

She was sort of a special talent.

Before she knew it, Linda had parted with her sister for over an year.

While pondering over that thought, Linda gradually dozed off to sleep.


The morning air in her room was filled with gentle light, heralding the coming of a new day.

Feeling uncomfortable by the gentle light on her face, Linda woke up.

After a good sleep, Linda stretched her back lazily, and that was when she felt something warm next to her.

Being startled, Linda jumped up and cast a look at the other side of the bed.

There Charles was, lying side by side with her quietly without wearing anything on his upper body.

Being utterly shocked, Linda almost wanted to kick Charles off the bed.

After recollecting what had happened last night, Linda lifted the quilt to sneak a peek at her clothes. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that her clothes was still on.

On second thought, Linda held down the impulse to kick Charles.

After spending these few days with him, Linda began to understand a thing or two about the true colors of Charles Mu.

Although she majored in chemistry in college, Linda also minored in psychology, in which she graduated with A for all the courses.

Charles could be a bit temperamental, and sometimes he looked like a victim suffering from persecutory delusion.

For instance, he had been unreasonably suspicious of her accidental encounter with him.

Linda had a hard time figuring him out. However, from the psychological angle, his problems stemmed from his frivolous nature and deep mistrust of other people.

A well-endowed Young Master like Charles Mu was raised to want for nothing. The Mu clan had already taken control of the economy of the SH City, and even extended their influence abroad.

As the eldest son of the Mu clan, the rightful heir to a vast empire, what did he have to worry about? What was bothering him?

Linda put a halt to that thought and thought no more of it.

She began to observe the quiet, angle-like man with his eyes closed.

It had dawned on her that when that man was quiet, he was less of a prick and rather good-looking.

"I know I am handsome, but you don't have to stare at me like that for so long,"

Slowly said Charles with his eyes still closed after a few minutes.

"You find this funny? Pretending to be asleep? Why do you crawl into my bed? There are so many other rooms!"

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