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   Chapter 15 Thumps up for Charles Mu's Acting

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Linda Xia was amused by the conversation between Charles Mu and his mother. Charles Mu's acting was quite impressive, especially the softness in his eyes, which almost persuaded Linda that she was the love of his life.

However, Linda Xia did enjoy the fact that Violet was rejected outright by her own son.

Since Charles Mu intended to put on an act, she'd better play along.

Linda Xia rested her soft fair little hands on Charles Mu's shoulder as she leaned forward into his arms,"I'm not sure, but my head is still in pain."

At first Charles was surprised, but then a trace of meaningful smile developed on his lips. Was she playing along with him?

Charles's big hand held around Linda Xia's slim waist before she knew it. The burning heat of his firm palm reached Linda's body through her light clothes, which left Linda feeling hard to catch her breath.

"Very well then, I'll get you home to have some rest now." He was wearing a subtle smile.

Charles Mu carried her up again and came forward to his mother,"Mother, it's getting late, you should get some rest as well after your exhausting flight from the States. Have you seen Dad yet?"

Violet Xing was stunned,"Aren't you coming home with me?"

"I got a date with Linda! We might as well spend some more time together since we are soon to be engaged, don't you think so?"

With love almost spilling over from his doting eyes, Linda Xia was once again in astonishment at Charles Mu's smooth acting.

Charles Mu was absolutely a genuine award-winning actor in front of his mother.

Linda Xia could only pay her respect to Charles Mu.

Charles Mu still held Linda tightly in his arms even if they had left the hospital. Linda was docilely leaned on his chest along their way out, unknowingly distracting his mind as her breaths lingering around his neck with itchy temptations.

Charles Mu unconsciously fasten his arms around Linda's light and soft body.

Feeling the pressure from her waist, Linda suddenly went blush and secretly cursed,"Asshole, how dare you feel me up like this! "

She tapped Charles Mu on his shoulder,"That is enough, now that the show's over, just let go of me!"

"OK," Charles Mu straightly withdrew his hands without warning.

Linda was totally off guard and fell flat to the ground.

She was completely pissed off...

"Ouch, Charles Mu, what the heck are you doing?" Linda Xia rubbed her butt while turning to Charles Mu in fury.

However, the culprit simply waved his hand,"You told me to let go of you."

Linda gnashed her teeth in hatred and a rush of fury welled up from the bottom of her heart. This man was a downright asshole.

Charles Mu obviously seemed to enjoy the funny look on Linda's face. He then held out his hand trying to pull her up.

Linda slapped his hand away,"fuck off."

"Well? quite obstinate."

"It's about dignity. I never accept anything handed out in contempt."

Linda Xia tried to stand up on her own. However her butt did hurt as hell...

Linda finally got herself up from the ground after several struggling attempts.

It suddenly struck Linda that the only thing she's wearing now was a long shirt. Given the situation, accidental exposure seemed unavoidable before she could walk home safe and sound.

What's worse, Linda Xia had no idea where she was. It would be herself that had to pay the price if she chose to leave in this condition.

The thought sobered Linda Xia up. She wondered how irrational she had become when it came to Charles Mu.


inda Xia could only swallow her fury. Instead of smashing a hole on his head, she tried to focus on coming up with an excuse to rip off what he was wearing and tie them around her own waist to cover her butt.

One may unreasonablely held the dress responsible for such an inconvenient situation where the dress she wore this morning was nothing but rags now since it was rudely cut by scissors.

Surprisingly, Charles Mu took off his shirt and crouched down to tie it around Linda's waist while she was still engaged in plotting,"Come on, let's go, This is taking too much time. There's a place I want to show you."

"Not a chance, I want to go home." Linda had no intent to back down.

Charles Mu threw his arm around Linda's waist in a breeze and whispered in her ear,"Don't you ever wonder why Walker Chen could locate your position and snap you off the road in such a short time?"

Linda Xia blanked out for a second. Charles Mu's fluttering breaths were floating over her ears, which made her feel rather itchy.

He continued,"And how dare he take such an unbridled revenge without even considering the consequences?"

His words successfully distracted Linda Xia from the idea of going back to the Xia clan. Instead, she could only follow Charles Mu.

Charles Mu's speech was too thought-provoking that Linda Xia couldn't help reviewing the whole thing once again.

How could Walker Chen know the exact date when she was about to make her journey to the Mu clan.

And how could he appear precisely where she was dropped?

It's on highways in broad daylight. The car must must have followed them all the way to seek its opportunity since Linda Xia left the Xia clan.

Charles Mu carried her into the car.

Charles Mu found himself starting to enjoy the feeling of holding her in his arms. It's rather comfortable.

Charles Mu got in the car after throwing her into the backseat. Paul started the car up and slowly drived away from the hospital.

Meanwhile, Violet Xing stood still in the hospital, watching the drama outside with inquiring eyes. Violet Xing was totally confused. What on earth was his son really up to?


Linda Xia and Charles Mu seated themselves on the backseat. Linda was still a little cross about what just happened, and preferred silence rather than talks with Charles Mu for the time being. However she couldn't hold it to herself for any longer.

"There was only one possible explanation for Walker Chen knowing my schedule. There is a mole in the Xia clan. I think it has everything to do with my stepmother." Building on that theory, Linda began to trace the whole thing back through a long process of reasoning.

"Well done. You are not that stupid. Indeed, she is involved." Charles Mu nodded with slight appreciation over Linda Xia's keen perception.

The places where the Mu clan's intelligence network could extend to was beyond anyone's wildest imagination, which enabled Charles to locate Walker Chen's basement within five minutes after the kidnap.

Three hours after he saved Linda Xia from the abandoned basement, the intelligence network had already found out the whole truth and filled Charles Mu in on every detail.

To be more precisely, the network was loyal to Charles Mu himself rather than the Mu clan. It took orders directly from Charles Mu.

"By the way, what's the thing shot from your ring when you came to save me?" Linda just ignored his arrogant and annoying face and stared at Charles Mu's fingers.

The dragon ring was still on.

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