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   Chapter 13 Marrying the Lady of the Xia Clan for Real

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Linda was enraged by what Charles said. She rolled her eyes at him and relocated her head to a more comfortable spot on the long legs of Charles Mu.

"Would it kill you to speak like a decent human being? If it weren't for saving you, I would not have ended up being cut.

This sudden move startled Charles. He could feel a burning fire in his loin. What was this girl doing? Was she still trying to seduce him even in this condition?

"I did not ask you to save me."

Linda was furious over Charles's frivolous reply, yet there was nothing she could do, so she closed her eyes in anger without uttering a word.

"Linda Xia, what is with the silence? Don't you want to say something in return? Aren't you always the talkative one?" While driving, Charles Mu kept checking on Linda intermittently with his head down.

She was lying across Charles's legs. From where Charles sat, he could clearly see the "profoundly deep" cleavage of her white and smooth breasts.

Charles Mu shook his head hard, his eyes shrouded with mixed feelings. He had always been very reserved when it came to girls. But for reason he could not fathom, this girl always managed to turn him on.

Charles was driving fast and within 20 minutes they were already at the hospital.

This was the best private hospital that the Mu clan could offer and it offered its service exclusively for the Mu clan.

It only admitted patients from the members or friends of the Mu clan.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Charles Mu helped Linda get out of the car, who looked terrible as the result of the excruciating pain on her arm.

Stooping down, Charles lifted her up by the waist, his eyes flashing.

Linda was taken by surprise, "Put me down, I can walk by myself."

"Hold still."

Two simple words somehow quelled any protest Linda might had. She opened her mouth, yet forgot what to say next.

There was something serious and irrefutable about the look on this man's face.

Sensing no resistance from Linda, Charles Mu strode into the hospital with her lying on his arms.

"Young Master Mu, Doctor Xu is expecting you in the room." Upon entering the hospital, there were immediately nurses who gathered around to check on Linda.

The hospital had been promptly informed of Charles's arrival by Paul and it had been on stand-by the moment it received the instruction.

Doctor Anna Xu was a 30-year-old, pretty and generous woman and the best doctor in this private hospital, who graduated from the best medical school in the world - Loma Linda University. When she was a kid, her parents died of a car accident, and it was the Mu clan that helped with her schooling and funded her study at the LLU. She had been working in this private hospital as a gesture of gratitude ever since she returned.


After Anna received the call from Paul, she was fully prepared. She too wanted to meet this legendary girl who was about to marry Charles Mu.

A note of surprise flashed through Anna's eyes when she saw Charles walking into the room with Linda lying on his arms. But then she quickly resumed her usual calm.

She had never seen Charles hold a girl before.

"Young Master. What happened to your wife, excuse me, the Lady?"

"Ann, she has been cut in the arm by a knife. Come have a look at her."

Charles laid Linda on a chair after he entered the room.

The word "wife" felt weird to Linda. After giving Charles a look, she began to dive into her thoughts.

Anna was very deft in what she was doing. She quickly put on a mask and started ster

ilizing Linda's arm.

"My Lady, bear with me. The clothes is stuck onto your cut and I will have to use scissors to cut open your clothes. You might feel painful when the clothes on your cut was pulled.

"You need to cut my clothes? Fine, then you tell this jerk to go away." Using her another uninjured arm, Linda pointed at Charles Mu.

Not knowing how to respond to her disgust towards Charles, Anna said, "Young Master, you are covered in blood. Why don't you go change your clothes?"

"You soulless bastard. What was I thinking trying to save you? I should have let you rot in that depot.

Having finished venting his anger, Charles Mu took off that blood-stained white shirt, dumped it on the floor, pushed the door open and then left.

"What was that about? Egomaniac," scolded Linda in a weak voice. Was she supposed to allow Charles Mu to sit and watch while the doctor cut open her clothes?

Grudgingly, Anna made a smile. Lowering her head, she picked up a medical scissors and started to operate on Linda's cut. She said to Linda, "My Lady. Don't be mad. I think the Young Master was being nice to you. I have never seen him hold another girl before."

"How could that be? You clearly didn't see what I have seen. A couple days ago, I have seen him having sex with another girl in a night club!"

Anna shook her hand with a tinge of smile in her fairy-like eyes, "That would never happen, My Lady. Young Master is not that type. There must be more to that story."

"Whatever, I could not care less about him. And you don't have to call me My Lady. It felt weird. You can call me Linda."

Although not completely trusting what Anna said, Linda somehow found this doctor quite likable.

Anna was no prude, so she replied with a smile on her face, "Fine, Linda."

Being a likable girl herself, coupled with the fact Linda and Anna were roughly of the same age, Linda began to bond with this girl.

The two chatting was also very helpful as it can distract Linda from the pain when Anna operated on her cut.

SH International Airport.

Violet Xing, the mother of Charles Mu, had returned from LA with loads of luxuries she bought from a shopping spree. She was followed by a procession of entourages carrying dozens of bags.

Forty years had gone by without leaving a mark on her face. Her white, smooth face resembled that of a 30-year-old, a clear indication that she was well-preserved.

When Violet Xing was shopping in the States, she spotted a limited edition of Noble ties, only 20 of them available worldwide. She wanted to give that tie to her precious son.

She could not help but smile with her lips slightly raised upwards at the thought of her handsome and capable son wearing this luxurious tie.

The chauffeur had already been waiting at the underground garage. When violet Xing approached, he immediately opened the car door in a respectful manner.

"Right this way, My Lady."

The car ran on slowly after she was seated.

"Where is the Young Master?" asked Violet Xing.

"My Lady, the Young Master was out picking up the Lady of the Xia clan this morning." answered the chauffeur respectfully.

"The Lady of the Xia clan? Did James Mu really want to honor the engagement made in the past? Did he want his son to marry that Lady from the Xia clan for real? Hasn't she gone missing all these years? They have found her?" Violet Xing was furious at this thought. Back then, she had spoken against this engagement. However, James Mu was very persistent and there was not much she could do to stop it.

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