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   Chapter 12 A Bloody Cut

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By LANE CANNON Characters: 7263

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The Mu clan? Even these two ignorant rascals would know a thing or two about the Mu clan!

Everyone in SH City knows the Mu clan. It is the clan that holds sway over the economy and politics of the SH City!

So this pretty girl is Linda Xia, the famed Lady of the Xia clan who is engaged to the eldest son of the Mu clan, Charles Mu?

Terrified, those two looked to Walker Chen, not knowing what to do. They dared not cross the Mu clan.

After lighting up a cigarette, Walker Chen slowly opened his mouth.

"Linda Xia. The eldest daughter of the Xia clan and the soon-to-be Lady of the Mu clan? What a stroke of luck. If a big news were to break out about the eldest daughter of the Xia clan having a threesome before she marries to the Mu clan... I wonder if the Mu clan would still take you in then..."

Those two understood what he said. The skinny one asked, "Boss, can we get a raise, on top of that one hundred thousand Yuan you promised? After this, we dare not stay in SH City anymore..."

"Fine, I will throw in an extra fifty thousands. No more. My money is tight recently!"

The whole company was going bankrupt. Of course, the money was tight!

After being promised a generous raise, the fatty and the skinny one made up their minds and walked up to Linda once again. Linda began to think of a new strategy with her eyes closed.

What to do!

What to do!

She can't very well let these rascals rape her!

Before she realized it, the hands of the fatty were already on her smooth face.

Looking at Linda's face, her red and glossy lips and enchanting eyes, the fatty felt like ejaculating already.


Just when the hands of the fatty were about to take their forage further south, the door of the depot was opened once again.

No, this time it was kicked open!

Linda turned around and she saw Charles Mu.

Finally, Charles Mu came to her rescue. Linda felt relieved. Although deep down, she did not think Charles to be any better, he was still way better than this old timer Walker Chen!

The moment Walker Chen saw Charles Mu, the look on his face turned.

Instead of rushing into the room, Charles Mu took his time propping up against the door with his arms folded, looking intrigued by the goings-on inside.

"You dare touch my girl?"

The hands of Walker Chen were shaking. He then stubbed out the cigarette and pulled out a fruit knife. Striding forward, he put the fruit knife on Linda's neck, yelling, "Charles Mu! Don't come any closer. I don't care if she is your girl!" She ruined my family. I want her to pay dearly."

"Walker Chen. Before all these, it had only costed you a wife, a son and your company. Now, are you going to let it cost you a life in prison?" Charles Mu was playing with the dragon ring on his index finger while looking down with his usual calmness, Walker Chen sneered, saying, "Linda Xia is in my hands. You are in no position to bargain with me. You think you can be faster than my knife?" "...Well, I guess we will see about that. "

Hardly had Charles Mu finished his words when a tinny steel ball was shot from the dragon ring worn on his index finger and found its way to Walker's hand holding the knife.

Feeling an extreme pain, Walker Chen lost his grip on the knife, which then immediately dropped to the floor.

Seizing the moment, Charles Mu stepped forward and stamped his foot on Walker's big belly.

With a loud bang, Walker Chen fell crushing down to the concrete floor. Such was the force of Charles's kick.

Howling with pain, Walker Chen lay on the ground, unable to get up.


a waited for Charles Mu to untie herself, only to find that he did not move an inch.

She felt a sudden burst of anger. Was this guy here to watch her suffer?

"What is the hold-up? Hurry up and untie me!"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. A bit rude for someone asking for a favor, eh?"

"Do I have to kick your ass?" Strangely, every time Linda had a conversation with Charles, she would immediately feel a seething rage.

The sight of Linda getting all worked up put Charles Mu in a good mood and his lips could not help but raise up a bit.

However, he eventually came around behind Linda and untied her.

Charles's tease came at a bad time when Linda was looking for a way to avenge what had happened to her. Now that she was untied, Linda thought about turning around and gave Charles Mu the taste of her high heel by stamping on his foot.

A streak of white light flashed through Linda's eyes as she turned around.

It was a knife.

Lying on his stomach, Walker Chen cast his stone-cold gaze on the back of Charles like a serpent gauging its prey. He aimed at the back of Charles with the fruit knife that was knocked down a while ago.

Crap, a stab in the back would properly kill the Young Master of the Mu clan.

Linda jumped at Charles Mu with all the might she could muster.

Charles Mu was taken aback by Linda's movement. Just when he was about to tease her on her new-found passion, he spotted Walker Chen.

Walker Chen was lying on the floor. With the fruit knife at hand, he made his stab as hard as he physically can.

Charles Mu had only begun to realize Walker's intent. He hurriedly shunned away while holding Linda in his arms.

But it was a bit too late. Walker's knife stilled managed to slash a bloody cut on Linda's arm.

The blood began to seep out... It was horrifying...

The word "pain" was the only thing hovering on Linda's mind.

"Linda," yelled Charles, who quickly pressed her cut with his hands.

"Son of a bitch. It hurts..." Tears kept rolling in Linda's eyes as she felt an extreme pain.

The pale, sweaty, tinny face of Linda and the agonizing look on her face somehow managed to induce a tinge of panic in Charles.

The door of the underground depot was opened once again.

Those who came barging in were none other than Paul and a bunch of men in black suite, among them were two men, each dragging the fatty and the skinny rascal, who were on their knees.

Sensing the tide was turning against them, those two had tried to make a run for it, only to be captured by Paul's men.

"Young Master, My Lady. Are you OK?" Upon entering, Paul was petrified to see those two sitting on the floor with blood stains all over Charles.

After shaking his head, Charles Mu gave a look at the crawling Walker with a gloomy cold look on his face. He then held Linda up with both his hands and said, "I am fine. I leave this mess to you and I will take her to the hospital."

"Yes, sir!"

Charles then strode out of the depot while holding the wounded Linda with his arms, and got in his Mercedes 600.

The car drove on with a loud, thunderous roar.

Driving with his one hand, Charles placed Linda's head on his laps so she could have something to lie on.

Linda was never the type to endure pain, so she was clearly in agony at this moment.

Those who have been injured before know that the most painful moment isn't when you are cut. It is those twinges of pain that follow in between the pulses after you have been cut that hurt the most.

"Hey, you are not dead, are you?" Charles Mu looked at Linda while driving the car.

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