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   Chapter 11 The Designated Daughter in Law

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By LANE CANNON Characters: 6882

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The man in front of her was in his forties or fifties, wearing suit and a horrifying scar on his left cheek. There was also plaster cast on his right arm.

Of course, Linda remembered.

Walker Chen.

The very man who had been screwing around with the wife of Douglas Zhou, the boss of the Zhou Company.

Initially, Walker Chen and Douglas Zhou were close business partners.

But things went south when Linda took the photos and recordings of him having an affair with the wife of Douglas Zhou.

That was why Linda was able to get the contract from the Zhou Company and mitigate the financial pressure on the Xia clan.

"Don't feel like talking? You're going mute or something?"

Linda rolled her eyes, feeling rather amused. Didn't this moron realize that she was still taped? How was she supposed to talk?

Realizing this, Walker Chen walked up to Linda. With a ruthless pull, he torn down the the scotch tape covering Linda's mouth.

One word, painful. Three words, too freaking painful.

Linda stretched her mouth for a bit, feeling quite stinging when the tape was torn off. This Walker Chen was not messing around here.

Didn't he understand that he should not treat a pretty, delicate girl such as herself in this way?

"Well look at that, it is Mr. Chen. How have you been? What's up?"

Linda knew very well the art of flattery. After all, she was at the mercy of Walker Chen at that moment, and she must ingratiate herself with him and lived to fight another day.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Who would have thought that Lady Linda still remembers me? What do you think is up with me?"

Raising his hand, Walker Chen pointed at the scar on his face and said to Linda in a ferocious tone, "With your blessing, my life has been very peachy."

"Mr. Chen, we can talk about this."

"What is there to talk about? Heh! My Lady, don't you understand? You have utterly ruined me, and now you want to talk about it?"

Walker Chen was trembling with anger by this thought, and his wound was acting up again.

If it were not for this bitch, he would still be married, and her wife would not have taken his son and forbidden him from seeing his son again.

And the partnership with the Zhou Company would not have fallen apart.

His sex scandal had been widely covered by media, causing the share price of his company to plummet. Several major shareholders were pulling out and the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.

He himself was also beat up by gangsters hired by Douglas Zhou. The list went on!

This girl was the cause of all his miseries!

"Well, Mr. Chen, cool down. I did not mean for any of this to happen. I am just as much of a victim as you." Linda tried to appease Walker Chen with sweet talk and a fake smile on her face, but in reality, she had been racking her mind to get out of this place.

It appeared that her kidnap was an act of well-conceived retaliation by Walker Chen.

Otherwise she would not have been kidnapped not long after she got out of the car. He must have been stalking her for days, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Would Charles find out about her kidnap? Would he come to her rescue?

After much deliberation, Linda gave herself an affirmative answer. Charles Mu had told her to get to the villa of the Mu clan in two hours. If she failed to show up in time, Charles Mu would surely notice her absence.

She was engaged

to Charles Mu, and whether he hated her or not, Charles would feel duty-bound to save her, as he had to answer for the elder members of his family as well as the Xia clan.

After all, it was him who picked her up from the Xia clan!

So all she had to do is to sit tight and bide her time.

The strength of the Mu clan was far more powerful than it let on.

With the intelligence network of the Mu clan, it would not be hard to track her location.

"Do you know? Because of your meddling, my wife and my son all left me and my career has hit the bottom. I have nothing now, and it is all your doing! Why you did this to me? What have I done to deserve this? The wife of Douglas Zhou and I were playmates growing up! You know shit!

Walker Chen was a bit hysterical, his face twitching out of anger. It was a horrific sight.

You got some nerves trying to justify what you did. You were beat up because you were screwing other man's wife. Man like you deserves to be divorced. What good will it do for your wife to keep you around?

Linda was rendered speechless. She secretly called Walker names while kept sucking up to him with her words.

"How about this, Mr. Chen? I know you are feeling down right now. I used to study psychology back in university. How about you and I chat for a while? Maybe that will make you feel better."

It was all for buying more time!

"No more bullshit. I tell you this bitch. No matter what you say today, you are looking at certain death!"

"But..." Turning around, Walker Chen pinched Linda's white and pretty face with his rough hand, his face gleaming with lust.

"Before I kill you, I want to enjoy the sight of the Lady of the Xia clan being fucked under someone's crutch. That will be... pretty exciting."

Linda had a bad hunch and her heart sunk.

The door of the underground depot was open and two man came in. One is fat, and the other skinny.

The skinny one looked like a rascal with his wretched face, and the fat one with fat floppy cheek kept looking at Linda with a sordid look, looking excited.

He must have been thinking something obscene.

"Bo...Bo...Boss, this chick... is hot. Are you sure we...we... can bang her?"

Linda could not help but burst into a laugh when she heard the skinny one, who turned out to be a stutter.

Walker Chen was sitting on a sofa with a straight face. He gave Linda a look and said, "Well, keep her alive. When you are done with her, I will have a go myself, and then sell her to Africa as a whore."

Only then did Linda realize that next to the sofa where Walker Chen sat, there was a camera on a tripod facing directly at her the whole time.

As soon as Walker Chen gave a wink, the fatty and the skinny one next him started rubbing their hands while looking at Linda with dirty looks. They yelled, "Hey, beauty. I am coming."

The fatty even began to unbuckle his belt...The fluctuating piles of fat meat on his face made Linda feel nauseated.

"Br... Br... Bro, I call dibs on her upper part. You take the lower part?"

"Fine, and afterwards we will switch."

"Sounds like a plan."

Listening to this dirty dialogue, Linda knew there was no getting out of this by being witty. So she calmly yelled at them, "Get away from me! If you so much as touch my finger, the Mu clan will dig out your ancestors' graves! I am the daughter in law of the Mu clan, hand-picked by His Lordship!"

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