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   Chapter 10 Getting off the Car on the Highway

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After pretending to be sentimental about her leave, Linda got in the sedan without looking back.

The sedan ran smoothly on its way back to the Mu clan. Linda closed her eyes and prepared to have a snap. Her head was aching as she did not sleep well last night and got up early.

Linda had barely slept for a few minutes when she felt someone breathing on her face, which smelt rather pleasant.

Linda was taken aback by what clearly was the zoomed-up pretty face of Charles when she opened her eyes.

"Gosh! What are you doing? Trying to give me a heart attack?" muttered Linda with her red, smooth lips, while her hands were patting on her chest.

After slowly loosening up his tie, Charles said, "Don't you see you have got some crumbs on your lip? Your way of eating is way too sloppy for a Lady of the Xia clan."

"I will eat however I want. What is it to you?" Linda had had enough of this Young Master Mu, who had been sticking his nose into her every business when she was not married to him yet!

What would happen when she did marry him? What then?

"You are my fiancee. That makes it my business! You don't think it will be easy to be the Lady in my house, do you?" said Charles in a cold tone with his eyebrows slightly frowned.

"You think I want to marry you? You don't want me as the Lady in your house? Fine, there is more than one Lady in the Xia clan anyway. That Lady Lisa will suit you just fine, won't she?" retorted Linda.


Charles was rendered speechless, and the color on his face changed slightly.

"Paul, stop the car."

Crap! Is this guy going to kick her out of the car and make her walk all the way back home? Linda secretly gave Charles a cautious look.

The look on Charles's face was stone-cold as if he could somehow freeze people to death if he was not being cautious.

The car slowly ground to a halt.

"What is up, Young Master?" The chauffeur Paul turned around and asked.

Before Charles could utter a word, Linda held his arm with a beaming smile and said in a rather sweet tone, "Now, now, I am just messing with you..."

"Get out, "

Ordered Charles with his thin lips slightly opened.

"Young Master, this is the highway...It seems..." said Paul with hesitation.

"Get out. Don't make me say it for the third time..." said Charles slowly.

Linda was deeply frustrated. That was one touchy guy. Like Paul said, this was the highway. It would be extremely dangerous for her to step out of the car. If he was gonna do it, at least he could wait until they got off it.

Is this how the Mu clan treats its future Lady in the house?

In a fit of anger, Linda kicked the door open and stormed out while wearing a four-inch high heel.

Linda could not help but yell, "I don't need your stupid car! Charles Mu, you will hear from me again, you pervert!"

After about 40 feet, the car stopped again and the car door was open. The chauffeur Paul stepped out and gave Linda a cellphone. He whispered to Linda's ear, "Lady Linda, please don't fight the Young Master, or else you are going to have a hard time at the Mu clan."

After finishing his words, Paul headed back.

Charles Mu stuck his head out of the window and said, "There is a built-in navigation app in it. I give you two hours to find your way to my house...or there will be consequences."

After Charles was don

e talking, the car ran on slowly with its door slammed.

"My god, this guy is for real. He really dumped me on the highway. That is just cold!"

It was her first day to the Mu clan, so the outfit Xia clan had prepared for Linda was a very formal-looking and elegant gown and a pair of four-inch high heels.

This outfit would kill at a banquet, but, out on the highway, it became rather a nuisance for Linda.

Charles Mu gave his order in the car, "Sent someone to follow her, but do not help her."

"Yes, Young Master."

Barely after a few dozen feet, Linda started to feel such an excruciating pain in her feet that she had to take off the high heels and trudged on the highway barefooted.

Luckily for Linda, the surface of the highway was rather smooth without too many gravels.

Based on the navigation app in the cellphone that Charles gave her, she put the distance between where she stood to Charles's house at roughly nine miles.

Linda was outraged by the thought of marrying that pervert Charles Mu. What could she have possibly done to deserve this!

She looked at the navigation app carefully and realized that after about 0.6 miles she could be off the highway. Afterwards, she intended to take a cab to the Mu clan!

After another 500 yards, a black sedan stopped beside Linda.

Does that bastard finally come around and sent someone to pick her up?

That is more like it.

Linda was about to get in the car when she discovered something suspicious.

This car beside her... It was not a Mercedes but a black Honda.

If Linda's memory was any good, she remembered that all six sedans of the Mu clan are Mercedes when she left home.

But then... Whose car is it?

Before she could think twice, two masked hunky men sprang out of the car.


Before she could finish the sentence, Linda smelt a bizarre fragrance and blacked out.


Charles's car ran smoothly off the highway and headed slowly towards the villa of the Mu clan.

Back in the villa of the Mu clan, Charles began to attend to the daily business.

"Bad news, Young Master. We've lost Lady Linda." Paul dashed in.

With a sudden contraction of his pupils, Charles Mu closed the lid on his laptop and asked, "What happened? Didn't You send someone to follow her?"

"Yes, the men have been following her the whole time. But they dared not come too close, fearing she might spot them. But then in a blink of eye, Lady Linda got in a black Honda. I have already sent someone to pull up the surveillance footage in the vicinity and found out that the plate number of this black Honda is SHb36788."

Charles nodded with a depressed look and said, "Well, leave me!"


Dripping, dripping, dripping... There was the sound of trickling water.

When Linda woke up, she found herself blind folded and her mouth was taped with scotch tape.

Linda shook her wrist hard and found that she was tied to a chair.

"Are you awake, Lady Linda? Long time no see." Linda heard a familiar sound.

It was a moldy underground depot with gleaming light and waves of putrid smell which made Linda feel like throwing up.

Suddenly the black cloth used to blindfold Linda was pulled off.

Linda had not gotten used to the strong light, so she narrowed her eyes and squinted at the man standing in front of her.

"You don't remember me?"

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