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   Chapter 6 The Bride Is Linda Xia

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Linda did not put down her dress until she reached her room to have her dress changed.

The cuts were neat. However, as the servant was about to took over the dress, Linda intervened.

"I have no need of it anymore. Throw it away."

That is right. She cut off the laces herself. Lisa only cut off one lace when she was here.

So, why not cutting all the laces? After all, wasn't this what Lisa would have wanted? Linda was only finishing what she started.

Lisa kept pleading her innocence, but was unable to do so without divulging her involvement in cutting that one lace. Johnson Xia gave her an angry glance and led Charles Mu to the living room.

By the time Linda went downstairs in her new dress, Johnson and his wife had already been seated and Lisa was bustling around Charles Mu to set the table.

May Shen did not object to her daughter taking the initiative. She acted as if she was urging her daughter to woo this "good guy".

"Please have some tea, Young Master Mu."

"Please have some fruits, Young Master Mu."

Sensing the aloofness of Charles Mu, Johnson Xia's frown grew deeper.

"What an industrious girl sister Lisa is! If I did not know any better, I would think there is a pretty maid in the Xia clan."

Linda sat across from Charles Mu, who were still wearing a cold face as if the whole world was in debt to him.

"Nonsense, sister. I only think proper hospitality is in order when a guest this important is in our house, " blushed Lisa with ill-disguised mirth on her face.

"I must beg your forgiveness, " smiled Johnson Xia awkwardly.

Charles Mu watched everything that was going on with the members of this family with a poker face. But across the table, Linda was busy drinking her soup without so much as a sideways glance at Charles Mu.

"Did Lady Linda have fun last night?" said Charles Mu after a good while with clear jeer on his face.


Linda almost choked on the soup. She looked up at Charles after finally stopped coughing, looking irritated.

"Yes I did." Seeing the mocking look on May Shen's face, Linda gave a quick reply before lowering her head again.

It was clear that Charles abhorred her. Although the jeer and disgust on his face were not that obvious, she was not blind to it. So he is the influential Young Master of SH City, big deal?

He can not be that vain as to think that every woman wants to crawl into his bed.

With this thought, Linda curled her lips and secretly rolled her eyes at Charles Mu when he was not looking.

Then she came up with a better idea. Linda stretched her leg forward and trampled on his leather shoe with her high heel.

Though not feeling any pain, Charles was still caught off guard by this unexpected assault so much so that he knocked the glass of red wine off and the splashing wine was all over his custom tailored suit.

"I am terribly sorry. I did not mean it."

Linda withdrew her leg languidly and then offered to clean Charles up while wearing a fake worrying look on her face.

"Linda Xia, you are a country girl indeed. You can not even finish a meal without stretching out your legs!"

After seeing Charles frowning, Lisa immediately turned around and yelled at Linda.

"Yes, I am a country girl without much care for the table manners that you wealthy families value so much."

Lisa was about to lose her temper yet Johnson stopped her.

"Linda, take Young Master Mu to clean himself up."

Reluctantly, Linda left with Charles with a pout on her face. Leaping out of the seat, Lisa intended to join them, but she was instead halted by Johnson's glare.

Lisa was furious, stomping her feet in anger.

"Father, I should be the one who goes instead of that uncouth country girl. We would not want to displease the Young Master Mu."

"Lisa, you

should know that it is your sister Linda who is getting married."

Johnson Xia gave a deep sigh, not knowing whether to feel happy or melancholy.

Linda helped Charles take off his suit and was about to take her leave after she threw the dirty laundry to the servant.

But Charles Mu grabbed her from behind by the clothes on her back.

"What are you doing?"

"My Lady. You have gone to great lengths to draw my attention. First you sent someone to seduce me. Failing that, you then did it yourself by pretending to be a waitress. And now you seek opportunity to be with me alone. I got to hand it to you."

"Who in hell wants to be with him alone?" Linda was really going to hit the roof over this remark.

"How many times have I been explaining myself? I was just a waitress of the Crown Club who happened to be in the wrong room!"

"The Lady of the Xia clan worked as a waitress in a club?"

Stroking her head, Linda felt that her body was filled up with seething rage. This unreasonable man was really pissing her off!

"For the last time, nothing happened between you and me!"

After finishing her words, Linda threw off Charles's hand and tried to leave with a sudden turn of head.

"Says who?"

Reining in her anger, Linda took a deep breath so that she could quench her impulse to beat him up.

Then she turned around with a forced innocent smile on her face.

"What happened between you and me? Young Master Mu."

Seeing her burning anger being covered by a beaming smile, Charles's feeling of disgust was on the rise.

He had seen enough of this kind of duplicitous and deceiving women.

"Hasn't your family told you about the marriage between our two clans?"

Linda was shocked. Marriage between two clans? The Xia clan and the Mu clan?

Is this about Charles Mu and Lisa Xia getting married for business expediency?

That explains the saccharine hospitality of Lisa!

"Oh, I see, brother in law. Goodbye, brother in law."

Linda bowed again with her forced smile and was about to leave.

"It is husband."

Those words struck Linda like a thunderbolt.

I am the one who will marry Charles Mu?

How can it be!

"It isn't funny. Isn't the precious Lady Lisa the one who should call you husband?"

Without further disguise, Linda let out a sneer.

That malicious, cold look must be her true colors. She pretended to be a defiant woman of chastity last night at the Crown Club and a while ago she looked as if she was an innocent girl.

"It looks like you have done your homework to draw my attention."

Knowing he was not content with this arrangement, she racked her brains to come up with a solution.

But now, she had shown her true colors.

Linda was dumbfounded. What is he talking about?

She was just an ordinary Jane who was trying to put bread on the table. If it weren't for the sudden approach by the Xia clan, she would not have even known she had a rich father.

"I don't know what you are talking about. I have explicitly explained that..."

"Keep up the act, Linda Xia. I am looking forward to the day when you are exposed and the public finally sees you for what you really are, "

Interrupted Charles Mu, who then strode past her and left.

It took a while before Linda realized what happened. Pointing at the fading back of Charles Mu, Linda couldn't utter a word except stamping her feet.

That shameless and obscene scum!

Linda stormed back to the dining table and tried to argue with Johnson Xia in peace.

However, It was Johnson who spoke first.

"Young Master Mu is here today to bring Linda back to the Mu clan for betrothal ceremony."

Unable to utter a word, Linda awkwardly turned to see Charles Mu, whose eyes were as indifferent as ever. It was as if the argument back there never happened.

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