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   Chapter 6 The Bride Is Linda Xia

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Xia Qingkong went to change the clothes; she put down the skirt until she arrived at room.

The broken part of skirt was neat and the servant wanted to take the skirt. But the servant was stopped by Xia Qingkong.

"I don't want the clothes anymore, just throw it away."

Xia Qingkong thought that, yes, this strap was cut off by herself, not Xia Qingchuan. Originally Xia Qingchuan came in only accidentally cut a piece of string.

Well, Xia Qingchuan wanted to see her joke, so she decided to help Xia Qingchuan get what she want.

Xia Qingchuan was keeping to explain that is not her, but no way to say that she only cut one, just like a dumb person taking a dose of bitter medicine -- suffering humiliation insults. Xia Zhenghua stared at Xia Qingchuan, and then lead Mu Chenhao to the living room.

Xia Zhenghua and Shen Mioayu this couple and others have already taken a seat while Xia Qingkong went downstairs with new changing clothes, and Xia Qingchuan is hospitable to put the tableware to get close Mu Chenhao.

Shen Miaoyu has no objection to see that her daughter took the initiative to get close to Mu Chenhao, what's more, she prefered that Xia Qingchuan can be in Mu Chenhao's good graces.

"Young Master Mu, help yourself, please. Would you like some tea? Or would you like some fruits?"Shen Miaoyu said.

Mu Chenhao has always been a cold face which made Xia Zhenghua's brows more locked up.

"Qingchuan, you are really hardworking, I thought that our home has a beautiful maid!"Xia Qingkong said with a smile.

Xia Qingkong sat across Mu Chenhao. Mu Chenhao was still with a cold face, as if who owed him a few billions.

"Sister, what are you talking about, there is the important guest in our family, so we must be hospitable without doubt."Xia Qingchuan said with a shy smile, her happiness could not conceal.

"Excuse me." Xia Zhenghua showed an embarrassed smile to Mu Chenhao.

Mu Chenhao has a panoramic view of the action of this whole family with a poker face. He noticed that only Xia Qingkong who sat the opposite side, heartily sipping her soup and did not care about him.

After a while, Mu Chenhao said:"Dear Missy, did you have a good time last night?" his face was filled with tease.


Xia Qingkong almost choked on the soup, finally controlled the gaffe, and she stared at Mu Chenhao.

Xia Qingkong saw Shen Miaoyu's face with malicious joy, so hurried to answer a piece of word:"yes" and continued to bow her head.

Although his irony and disgust were not obvious, she is not blind. She could feel that he hated her. Xia Qingkong thought that Mu Chenhao just relied on the power of his family. He is not a real thing.

Didn't him thought that every woman would like to sleep with him? Impossible!

Xia Qingkong curled her lips and secretly gave a contemptuous look to Mu Chenhao when she thought this.

Suddenly a good idea came across Xia Qingkong's mind. Xia Qingkong stretched her legs, and stamped on Mu Chenhao's shoes with high heels fiercely.

Mu Chenhao did not feel the pain, but the unexpected attack made he been caught off guard, then he dropped over the wine glass next to him. The red wine spilled on his high-end custom suit.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I did not mean it."

Xia Qingkong slowly took back her legs, but also exposed a worried face hypocritically to Mu Chenhao and pretended to wipe the suit.

Xia Qingchuan saw Mu Chenhao frowned, immediately shouted toward to Xia Qingkong: "Xia Qingkong, you are really a clodhopper. What a rude action!"

"Yes, I am the girl from the countryside. I am used to eat freely without so many table manners like you who was called wealthy people."Xia Qingkong answered.

Xia Qingchuan still wanted to lose her temper, but was stopped by Xia Zhenghua.

"Qingkong, lead Mu young master to clean up."Xia Zhenghua said.

Xia Qingkong felt impatient and twitched her mouth, then she took Mu Chenhao to clean his suit.

Xia Qingchuan quickly stood up from the seat, and was ready to go with them together, but she was stopped by Xia Zhenghua.

Xia Qingchuan felt utterly discomfited, so severely stamped her feet to show her angry.

"Dad, please, let me go together with them, Qingkong sister is so rude, I am afraid that she will enrage Mu

young master, it's not good." Xia Qingchuan said.

"Qingchuan, you have to know this marriage partner is your sister."

Xia Zhenghua was not sure of himself which is happy or sad. He just fiercely sighed.

Xia Qingkong asked Mu Chenhao to take off his suit, and she handed the dirty clothes to the servant, and was ready to leave.

But Mu Chenhao suddenly pulled Xia Qingkong's clothes.

"What are you doing?"Xia Qinggkong asked.

"Missy Xia, in order to arouse my attention, you were not only sending someone to seduce me, but also disguised yourself as a waitress. And now you are also looking for an opportunity to get along with me alone. I really underestimate you."Mu Chenhao answered.

Who wants to get along with him alone? Xia Qingkong burst with anger when she heard that!

"How many times have I explained that I was only one of the waitress in Crown club, I just got into the wrong room!"

"You are the elder daughter in the Xia Family, how would you be the waitress in the club?"

Xia Qingkong hold her own head, she was very angry, but this man was too unreasonable, and annoying!

"I told you the last time, there is nothing between you and me!"Xia Qingkong said, released Mu Chenhao's hands, and turned away.

"Don't we have any relationship?"Mu Chenhao answered.

Xia Qingkong tried so hard to control her anger, taking a deep breath for a moment. She finally hold back the impulse of beating the shameless man.

Then Xia Qingkong turned around AND put on a pure innocent smile and asked:"What kind of relationship, Mu young master?"

Mu Chenhao knew that she was clearly very angry, but she also putted on a smiling face, his feeling of aversion about Xia Qingkong increased again.

He has seen a lot of this kind of woman, who speaks and act in one way but actually aim at something quite different.

"Your father does not tell you about the family alliance, right?" Mu Chenhao asked.

Xia Qingkong surprised at the moment, family alliance, Xia Family and Mu Family?

Is it for business affairs, so Mu Chenhao and Xia Qingchuan are going to marry?

No wonder that Xia Qingchuan was very concerned about Mu Chenhao!

"Oh, very good, hi, brother-in-law. Goodbye, brother-in-law."Xia Qingkong said.

Xia Qingkong bent over again, with a false smile, and then she was ready to leave.

"You should call me husband!"Mu Chenhao said.

The family marriage is herself and Mu Chenhao? Who can tell her what is going on? How can it be! Xia Qingkong thought.

The news was like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky.

"This joke is not funny at all, isn't Xia Qingchuan is the one who will marry you?"

Xia Qingkong sneered, and no longer camouflaged herself at this moment.

Last night in the Crown club, she was likes a paragon of chastity, and just now she acted like an innocent victim. But Mu Chenhao thought this bloody malicious face was her true face.

"It seems that you got a lot of effort to get my attention." Mu Chenhao said.

Xia Qingkong must know that he was not satisfied with this marriage, so she tried her best to play tricks again and again.

But now, she exposed the true face.

And Xia Qingkong was still in shocked, what is he talking about? Why she cannot understand.

Before she was only a common person who try to earn for a living, if the Xia Family didn't find her back, she would not know she has a rich father forever.

"I do not understand what you are talking about, I have already clearly explained ..."

"Continue to pretend, Xia Qingkong, I am waiting to see your ugly appearance in front of all people."

Mu Chenhao interrupted her words and striped away from her.

Xia Qingkong was stuck, when she reacted, pointing to the back of Mu Chenhao and the only thing she can do was stamping her feet. But she lost the ability of speaking!

This shameless and stinky man!

Xia Qingkong went back to the table angrily. She tried to calm down and negotiate with Xia Zhenghua.

But Xia Zhenghua opened his mouth before Xia Qingkonn:"Mu young master came to take Qingkong back to Family Mu and prepare the engagement."

Xia Qingkong dumbfounded, twisted her stiff neck to see Mu Chenhao, but he still showed an indifferent face, just like the bickering never happened just now...

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