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   Chapter 5 Clash

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Johnson Xia had the chef prepare a sumptuous feast to welcome Linda, and right there and then he officially recognized Linda's place in this house.

"Henceforward, Linda shall be known as the eldest daughter in our family."

Wearing a radiant smile, Linda took note of the expressions of everyone there at the table in her heart.

It took a long time before the Xia clan finally decided to find her. Lisa Xia had sent her minions to mock her, accusing her of being an opportunist and May Shen had gone so far as to sent people to murder her.

When she was finally here, she was bullied before she ever set foot in this house.

She would let these people pay for what they did, and there seemed to be more behind her mother's death.

She returned, and she would condemn all those villains to hell as the eldest daughter of the Xia clan.

Being new to this house, Linda had a hard time adjusting to a life of a princess, And she woke up the next morning with a headache.

"Did you sleep well last night, my lady?"

Asked the servant amicably, who was sifting through clothes for her.

"Not so bad."

"Today we will clear up the room, so you can have a nice sleep."

Linda nodded, and then followed up with a question when she noticed that the servant was ferreting around in the big closet.

"Why do I need new clothes?"

"Today we will have a guest from the Mu clan. His lordship said you should dress up for this occasion."

The Mu clan?

Linda rubbed at the center of her eyebrows, thinking, "Screw it. I am still in a mess. Never mind any Lu clan or Ruo clan."

"Sister Linda. Can I come in?"

Linda was just trying on new dresses when Lisa walked in with a fake smile.

"No need to ask if you are already in."

Being given the cold shoulder, Lisa's face froze for a bit and then resumed her forced smile while walking up to Linda.

"Let me help you with this. "

Taking over the laces from the hand of the servant, Lisa gently tied them up on Linda's back.

"No need to play nice. I have come to seize your father and I have killed your dog."

Lisa suddenly paused on tying up the laces before quickly re-assuming what she was doing.

"I have come around on this. We are families and there should be no hatred among family members." Lisa clapped her hands, saying, "All is well now."

Linda does not believe for a second that she could be this nice!

However, after taking several spins herself, Linda did not notice anything wrong, so she went downstairs with Lisa.

Upon reaching the stairs, Lisa took a few fast steps towards her father while shouting out "Father". Linda had been lifting her dress's hem off the floor with her head down and it was only then did she look up.

She saw the man from last night...

That devil again!

Reluctantly, Linda continued going down the stairs with dress lifted up. Meanwhile, Johnson was leading Charles Mu upwards.

"My lady. Glad to meet you again."

Charles Mu greeted with a smiling face. With her lips twitching, Linda simply gave a "humph" in reply.

"Linda, do not be rude to Young Master Mu."

Still twitching her lips, Linda forced a fake smile through her closed lips.

"Hi, Young Master Mu."

"I prefer the name you gave me last night."

In a instant, the fake smile evaporated as Linda gave him a glaring look.

The procession continued upwards to the second floor. All the while, Lisa had been bashfully holding her father's arm and glimpsing at Charles with a flushed face.

Linda felt like drowning in Lisa's extreme obsession, so she took a step forward to keep a distance from Charles Mu, leaving him far behind.

"Young Master Mu is here as a guest. This Young Master Mu is..." Johnson Xia turned aroun

d to inform Linda after looking at Lisa with such affection.

Linda held up her head to listen when she felt the hemline of her dress being stepped on, and with a sudden pull, her lower dress came drifting down.

The sudden coldness between her legs struck Linda dumb.


A sharp sound of a slap broke out in the air. Stunned, Lisa muffled her mouth and Johnson was also taken by surprise.

After scooping up the dress on the floor and wrapping it around her waist, Linda glared at Charles Mu while holding the train in her hands.

A few red streaks appeared on the fair face of Charles Mu, yet his exquisite face was not rendered any less polished by this humiliation.

Who would have thought that this girl has such strength!

"Shame on you!"

The thought of what he had done to her last night pissed Linda off.

It is unmistakably shameless for him to fool around here today!

"Go help the Lady change her dress."

Johnson Xia, after realizing what had happened, tried to mediate the situation. Faking her shock, Lisa also ran up to hug Linda.

Linda pushed her away and stared at her with sullen and piercing eyes. "Sister Lisa, you help me change my dress for this?"

Lisa scraped her arm after being pushed aside and clashing into the stone pillar.

"Lisa... Linda..." For a moment, Johnson Xia did not know who is more in need of his help.


Lisa screamed as she held out her bleeding arm for Johnson to see, and looked at Linda with clear grievance in her red eyes.

"I was being nice to help sister Linda change her dress."

"You sure were!" After seeing the distress in Johnson's eyes and his glance of reproach at her, Linda was more convinced of her place in this house.

Johnson's sympathy towards her is merely out of his guilt for her mother. Lisa is the one who has been with him for the last twenty years and is clearly far more important than her!

"Linda, how could you! Your sister is merely trying to help!" Johnson's look was serious.

"Some help indeed. She help me change my dress and then cut off my laces?"

Linda spread out the dress for Johnson to see. The cuts on the laces on the back of the dress were clear and neat, with only the one on the side being a little rough-edged.

It was a clear indication that someone had cut off most of the laces on purpose, leaving just enough laces to keep the dress loosely tied up. A slight pull or someone stepping on the dress will make those laces break in an instant.

Diverting his gaze from the cuts on the laces, Charles's eyes were bewitched by the sight of the long white leg under the dress, looking slender and smooth.

Johnson Xia was no fool and his look at Lisa changed.

"It wasn't me!"

Lisa waved her hands frenziedly with clear panic on her face.

"Who else would it be? This morning when I was changing, you are the one who helped me tie those laces."

"Indeed I was, but..."

"Lisa!" Johnson Xia seemed angry, but he had to lower his voice when there was a guest around. "How could you do that!"

"Never mind." Linda spoke with a cold tone. As the servants were sent to help her change, she tagged along with the train held in her hands. "I hold no grudge against her."

"Lisa, your sister has forgiven you. You owe her an apology."

"It wasn't me. Why should I apologize?"

"I don't blame you."

Said Linda with grace. However, after taking a few steps, she added, "I know sister does not like me, but that is no excuse for embarrassing this family in the presence of a guest. Now that I am disgraced..."

This remark discouraged any sympathy Johnson had towards Lisa.

Indeed. The Xia clan is a prestigious clan. It can't afford to be embarrassed in front of its guest.

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