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   Chapter 4 The Place in Father's Heart

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The dog named Amy was picked up by Vincent Zhou and Johnson Xia gave Lisa an odd look.

Holding down her anguish, Lisa said, "I don't know what is wrong with Amy. I can not keep it under control. I am terribly sorry for hurting my sister.

Wow, what a rare species of glaring innocent lotus (a traditional symbol of pureness and chastity in China) she is!

"I am fine." Linda Xia responded to the apology with a big smile. "That dog is a real biter. Look at my dress..."

Another casual hint at the dress reminded Johnson of the fact that her daughter was bitten by a dog. He promptly asked Linda in.

Realizing that Linda was fine, Johnson beckoned the servants with a wave of hand to prepare hot water for Linda to wash herself and then followed up the stairs to arrange for medicine.

Lisa Xia stamped her feet, saying, "She is a real biter too!"

"That girl knows what she was doing. It is as if she knew that was your dog and did it on purpose." Pressing on Lisa'a hand, May Shen told her to stay calm.

"We alone rule this house."

Lisa was appeased, but still felt uncomfortable by the loss of her beloved pet dog. She put on a cold look when Linda appeared in her new dress, looking all gorgeous and shinning.

She knew her father had always been spoiling her. Any time she appeared to be displeased, Johnson Xia would go out of his way to comfort her.

But before she could made her case, she saw Linda turn to her with a apologetic face, Saying, "I am sorry, sister Lisa. I did not know it was your dog."

Without replying to that apology, Lisa simply looked at her father drinking tea next to her. The sight of him wearing a smiling face made her ever more furious.

"I thought it was just a random wild dog. We can not have it running around biting people. Don't be mad, sister."

"You..." With a sudden turn of head, Lisa was ready to yell. But the sight of her father looking at her with a raised eyebrow made her swallow her anger.

It would not sit well with her father for her to stay angry at Linda Xia when Linda was already being this submissive.

With a bit on her lower lip, Lisa Xia was glowing with what looked like a glistening soft white light typical of a benevolent goddess on her face.

"You did not mean it to happen and it is also my fault that Amy bit you. I only hope sister Linda does not hold this against me."

Linda's eyes brightened up when she heard what Lisa said. She grabbed Lisa's hands and started shaking hard.

"Is that so? Sister Lisa has forgiven me!"

Before Lisa could mutter a word, she felt an excruciating pain as Linda pinched at the back of her hand with her sharp fingernails. She pushed Linda away hard.

Linda immediately took some stumbling steps back and collapsed to the ground after being hit by the corner of the cabinet, which caused a little blood on her shank.


Johnson dashed forward, looking at her wound attentively and summoning doctor to take care of it.

May Shen was holding a plate of fruits when she saw what had happened and in a instant she trotted up to them, looking stressed.

Linda Xia sat on the floor with her eyes down, looking pitiful.

"I know sister Lisa does not like me. I should just go."

Johnson Xia held her tight and helped her get back on the sofa. He glared at Lisa Xia with fury.

"Lisa, apologize to your sister."

"She pinched me!" screamed Lisa Xia, who stretched out the back of her hand for her father to see.

Upon hearing her scream, May Shen held on to the shoulders of Lisa while looking at her hands.

As the force of the pinch was evenly sp

read, combined with the fact that Lisa was a long-spoiled girl, there is no trace of the pinch whatsoever except for a tinge of red streak on the back of her hand.

"I only pressed a bit harder out of excitement. Forgive me, sister Lisa."

Johnson Xia found Linda more pitiful as she bit on her lower lip and lowered her head.

"I know I have been a nuisance to father."


I learnt from my foster mother that I was missing the moment I was born and my real mom died trying to find me. Then father remarried... Everyone is happy the way they are now. I once thought that after so many years away from the Xia clan, I should not come back and bother you guys." Linda Xia looked up with a few tears in her eyes, "But they kept saying that father is getting older and has been looking for me. So I came back, only to find that my stepmother and my sister still resent my presence."

Linda's remark permeated Johnson with a sudden gush of bitterness.

Originally, May Shen and Johnson Xia were intimate playmates growing up. In order to expand his family influence, Johnson Xia married the eldest daughter of the Nalan clan--Sherry Nalan, the biological mother of Linda Xia. When Linda went missing, Sherry fell ill from the search for her daughter and died early.

Later on, May Shen married him and bore him a daughter, Lisa.

Lisa Xia was given his love and heart while Linda was out there suffering. It was only by good fortune that she was adopted by a loving foster mother who treated her like her own daughter.

This thought made him feel guilty for Linda and he felt the need to treat her better. On top of that, Linda's return saved him from the crisis.

"Lisa, apology now!"

This is the first time Johnson threw a tantrum at Lisa and she was dumb-founded. She has been here with him all these years and the moment Linda returns he goes through the roof for her!


"Still won't admit your wrong doing?"

Lisa intended to explain further but was pulled back by May Shen, who shook her head at her.

Reluctantly, Lisa apologized to Linda and sat on the sofa quietly out of anger.

"It is fine."

Linda's radiant smile made Lisa feel even more nauseous.

That is what Linda wants!

Again, Linda said with grace, "It is not sister Lisa's fault."

"Your mother had a separate room arranged for you when you were a child. Tomorrow the servants will have it cleaned up and you will live there henceforward."

Upon hearing this, Lisa turned towards Johnson with eyes the size of light bulb.

That is the most well-lighted and lavishly adorned room in the entire villa!

Not to mention the green lake, azure sky and the flower field outside the window. That is the Garden of Eden that she has been yearning for.

Although a place like that can be copied elsewhere, in the Xia clan, that room is the symbol of power, a place where Johnson had invested heavily for her beloved daughter, a crown for the eldest daughter of the Xia clan!

For all these years, with the love given to her by Johnson, Lisa had thought that the very room would be rightfully hers eventually. She had thought that the reason why Johnson kept avoiding the issue is because he was too sensitive about the past to dredge it up.

But the moment Linda returned, he offered the room to her?

Although that room had always been Linda's, it was a clear sign of Linda usurping her place in her father's heart.

"Thank you!"

Linda Xia gave Lisa a seemingly unintended look. There was something mocking about her smile that infuriated Lisa, sending her into an abysmal mood.

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