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   Chapter 3 The Dog of Lady Lisa

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Linda Xia kept her head down and remained silence. Her aloofness and pretty face only added to Lisa's disgust towards her.

Why should she get to be the lucky one? Coming to the Xia clan in this clothes and still being able to marry into a wealthy clan?


All the while, Linda Xia had kept her head down, swallowing the sarcastic remarks thrown at her by Lisa Xia. But then she heard a deep voice. She looked up and it is her father, Johnson Xia.

Johnson Xia approached. Just when he was about to ask why they were still dawdling at the entrance when they should have already brought the lady to the hall, he spotted the clothes on Linda Xia.

A low-cut slinky dress with chest inappropriately exposed and hemline barely covering her upper thigh, and the dress was a mess.


"Father, you should ask Vincent where did he pick sister Linda up, " said disgruntled Lisa Xia, who, sensing the hesitation of Johnson Xia, immediately stepped up and held his arm.

"The Crown Club." Vincent Zhou answered truthfully when he saw that Johnson Xia was looking at him.

Johnson Xia Knew very well the nature of the Crown Club. The glow in his eyes faded as he looked at Linda Xia again.

Linda Xia still kept her head down. Her silence was the sign of acquiescence.

Linda Xia has been living a tough life out here... Being a waitress is not a big deal.

Johnson Xia sighed and was about to move pass this when he heard May Shen saying, "Lady Linda has been out there for many years. We should go easy on her. After all, she is still a kid."

That remark didn't sit well with Lisa Xia. She pursed up her lips and looked at her mother.

"Be that as it may, she should know her place. Father has sent for sister Linda long time ago and dressing like this will certainly undermine our clan's image."

Those remarks made the smooth eyebrow of Johnson Xia frown again.

The identity of Linda Xia has been made known throughout SH long ago. The long-discussed cooperation still hasn't come through because their money is tight. If any scandal was to be leaked out at this moment, it will mean a huge blow to them.

Johnson's look at Linda Xia was tainted with a tinge of antipathy after the thought. Nonetheless, he was struck dumb when he looked at Linda again.

Linda Xia looked feeble, except for her clear eyes. The way she looked at him seems as if she was disillusioned.

The words were on the tip of Johnson's tongue. But before he could say anything, he was interrupted by Linda Xia.

Linda Xia pulled out the contract from around her waist and handed it to Johnson with her two hands. There was something timid about her eyes that made her look like an intimidated rabbit.

Confused, Johnson Xia took those papers and gave them a closer look, and then his hands started shaking.

This is... This is...

Out of curiosity, May Shen took a peek at it and then she felt a shock in her head.

This was the contract that they had been trying to conclude with Zhou Company but failed several times over!

The hands of Johnson Xia were a bit trembling. This contract with the Zhou Company would be the trump card for the Xia clan to get through this crisis. The contract never come through even though Johnson Xia had made personal visit to negotiate with the Zhou clan. It was probably because Tengyun Company intended to buy out the Xia Company, and the Zhou clan was going to join hands with Tengyun.

"How, how did you get this..." Johnson Xia stared at Linda with astonishment. For nearly twenty years, this girl had gone missing and the moment she returned, she gave Johnson such a big surprise.

Linda Xia lowered her head, having her emotions properly fermented in her mind, and then looked up to Johnson Xia with misty e


"You once found me and asked me to go back. But I have been out there for too long. I was not ready and I have done nothing for the Xia clan. Later on, when I heard that the company of my father was in trouble, I wanted to do my part to help my father so that I can go back home with my head held high..."

Linda Xia almost burst into tears by her little speech. The actual reason why she would not want to go home was because she didn't want to meddle with the affairs of wealthy clan. But then came the assassination on the road by May Shen. It was clear that there is no running away from this.

Since a comeback is inevitable, she would take the fight to them instead of being their prey.

Johnson Xia was way too impressed by Linda Xia to be bothered by a provocative dress. He immediately took off his coat and put it on Linda.

"So you wore this to the Crown Club to help me?"

"Yes..." Linda pretended to shrink up her body. Johnson ordered hot water to be prepared and brought her into the yard.

It was only then did Lisa Xia, who followed behind, realize what had happened. With a stomp on the ground, she became furious.

A grey shadow leaped forward hardly when Linda reached the door of the hall with a foot stretched inward.

"Woof, woof!"

A white dog with wagging tail started gnawing at the leg of Linda.

"Ah!" Startled, Linda hastily swung her legs, trying to get this dog off her.

The pause gave the dog time to bite through Linda's silk stockings. With a sharp sound, her stockings were ripped open. Taking a glimpse at the dog, Linda calmly lay down on the floor and started rolling with the white dog.

"Quick, someone helps Lady Linda!"

While kept pretending to be in a pitch fight with the white dog, Linda quietly observed the bodyguards around her.

Those people were clearly worried for her safety, but no one dared to approach.

Although the rolling white animal appeared to be a mad dog, its smooth fur indicated that it was well-groomed.

Another look at Lisa gave Linda the answer. She was standing far away with her arms folded.

It is about showing her who is the boss!

Seeing that those bodyguards were about to close in on her, Linda shouted loudly.

"Nobody moves!"

Those bodyguards breathed a sigh of relief for they had to protect Lady Linda without hurting Lady Lisa's pet.

But now, the order of Linda had taken a great deal of pressures off them. However, no sooner than they could resume their former positions, they heard Linda yelling with a solemn face.

"You guys stay where you are. This is a mad dog and it bites!"

Lisa Xia and May Shen kept watching with indifference. That ought to teach her a lesson. They are the true members of this clan!

Little did they know that after the shout, Linda pulled out a knife out of thin air. The edge of the knife was glittering with chilling light.

With a sudden pause of heart, the look on Lisa's face turned. Before she could make a sound, she heard a wailing sound of the dog, which almost send her collapsing to the floor.

Only then did Linda kick the dead white dog away. She stood up and pulled at the shredded clothes. With a loud "clang", she dropped the knife to the floor.

That loud clang brought the attentions of Johnson Xia and other people. Johnson rushed towards Linda and grabbed her by the arm to check on her.

"Are you OK? Are you OK? Look at the dog bites!"

With misty eyes, the enraged Lisa stormed up, only to be pulled back by her mother.

That was her favorite Komondor!

"I am fine."

Johnson turned to the butler with a disapproving look, "where does that dog come from? It should be locked away."

"It looks like Lady Lisa's dog..." whispered someone nearby.

"That is Lisa's dog?"

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