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   Chapter 2 A Real Lady Indeed

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By LANE CANNON Characters: 7837

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The man is full of love experience. He is really not a good person. He must be a playboy!

Xia Qingkong pretended to be relax, gentle and be captured by him, which relieved the man’s vigilance.

And then she immediately lift her leg and kicked over the top.

Mu Chenhao felt something wrong when Xia Qingkong relaxed her body, how could a stubborn girl be willing to cooperate. So when Xia Qingkong kicked to his lower body, Mu Chenhao reacted to the action immediately.


Xia Qingkong did not kick him and Mu Chenhao stood on the side instead.

"I did not expect you are as sharp as a razor." Mu Chenhao didn’t want to be verbose any more. He caught the wrist of Xia Qingkong, which made her painful..

"What are you doing? Let me go!"

"Let go? Don’t you want to seduce me as you perform this drama?"

Mu Chenhao pulled her up and pressed her on the wall, with one hand tightly waling Xia Qingkong’s tiny exquisite chin.



Xia Qingkong’s didn’t finished her words yet and she felt cold of her chest. She looked down, Mu Chenhao tear her collar to pieces and out came her white bra.

Xia Qingkong shouted and covered her chest right away. Then she covered waist again because of the contract was there. Mu Chenhao stared at her movements that confirmed her purpose. He was going to continue tearing her other part of the clothes.

"The Crown club's clothes are good, full of affective tone."

"You are an asshole!"

Mu Chenhao sneered and the cracked part was bigger as his hands pulled at the clothes. Xia Qingkong covered her body confusedly.

Mu Chenhao waved his hand, the cracked part reached the waist, Xia Qingkong’s tear is almost out because she couldn’t struggle to free herself.

This guy must have taken the wrong medicine! It really a bad day that encountered such an evil!

Isn’t my innocent going to be ruined here today?

The more Xia Qingkong covered her body, the harder Mu Chenhao tied up her hands and made her could not move at all.

Mu Chenhao showed a strange emotion in his eyes when he looked at Xia Qingkong’s red anxious face.

"You get out from my body, are you mad? Would you sleep with As long as you meet a woman? I will shout if you don’t stop! "

Mu Chenhao was amused by the sentence, "What do I want to do? I want to fuck you!"

A big hand, continuing slowly fondle Xia Qingkong from her white and soft back to the buttocks ... that kind of limp and numb feeling, made Xia Qingkong’s whole body hot and uncomfortable.

"What to do? Will I sleep with a strange man today? My god, today is definitely a bad day." Xia Qingkong thought.

"She is still a virgin. Ah!"


" Missy!"

Xia Qingkong was still in the mood of push the panic button, but heard that the door was opened, a loud and steady voice suddenly sounded.


Mu Chenhao stopped his action and looked at Xia Qingkong who was forced on the wall.

Xia Qingkong surprised when she saw the person at the first moment, then the eyes began to become calm ... and then despaired... ... just like the sky is full of stars and clouds, then it suddenly turn into cloudy.

Mu Chenhao felt a little curious.

Why this "Missy" would had this facial expression.

The man in a business suit with the gold glasses was a little convulsions when he first saw Xia Qingkong covering her junk clothes, but when he saw Mu Chenhao, he had no choice and had to endure the anger.

" Hi, Childe Mu, do you have any misunderstanding with our Missy?"

"No." Mu Chenhao took back his hand, set Xia Qingkong free.

Xia Qingkong pushed Mu Chenhao out with a black look and then stayed far away from him, pointing to a bodyguard behind the man with gold glasses, and shouted.

" Take them off!"

The men with gold glasses immediately understood, so that he let the bodyguard who wass still in a daze took off

the coat and handed to Xia Qingkong.

Xia Qingkong put on jacket and got ready to go, but she was stopped by the man with gold glasses.

"Missy, please go back home with us."

"Home?" Xia Qingkong was ready to get angry, looked at the Mu chenhao who was enjoying the show, so she lowered her voice, "I will not go back."

Xia Qingkong was going out. Mu Chenhao got out of the way, then he heard that gold glasses men told Xia Qingkong, "I parked the car at the back door and your father said, we must bring you back today."

Xia Qingkong stared at the man with gold glasses angrily and left without any words while she was crowed in the middle of two bodyguards.

Mu Chenhao suddenly had the answer in heart when he heard the word "the Xia Family".

Xia Qingkong was taken out from the back door and got into the car. The gold glasses men specifically sat next to her to prevent her from escaping.

Xia Qingkong showed her angry face without any words as the driver was driving the car slowly.

"Missy, you disappeared right after you were born and that made your father unhappy for so many years."

"The Master has been looking for you these years, now we find you finally, but you do not want to go


"We, these servants, have also presented a lot of good words about you. The Mrs is no longer troublesome. So you can go back comfortably."

Xia Qingkong curled her lips, and shrinked her neck into the large business suit.

She lived together with her mother, Xie Qiuzhen, and her younger sister, Xie Wangying. Her mother loved her a lot.

However, a few days ago, a group of men in suits have found her, and told her that she turned out to be the missing elder daughter in the Xia Family.

What is the Xia Family? That is counted as one of the very best, rich and powerful family in City SH.

The other days ago, she was almost dead in a car accident and died in the bridge because the stepmother wanted to kill her and made her be far away from the Xia Family.

Xia Qingkong was agitated and turned her body, looking out of the window when she thought that.

The car was fast, and arrived at the front door of the Xia Family soon.

Although Xia Qingkong did not get off the car, she already saw the magnificent villa with the bright lights, lines of people were standing in front of the gate.

"Missy had back."

The gold glasses men said and got off the car first. Xia Qingkong frowned and got off the car, she immediately felt something wrong when her toes stepped on the ground.

Shit, she was still wearing an exposed outfit, besides, the clothes were torn by Mu Chenhao, even dressed in suits which also could see her embarrassment and sexy.

Damn, she was fell into other people’s trap!

That man with gold glasses, Zhou Yunshen, was the son of the steward of the Xia Family. How dare he let herself dressed like this condition to go back to the Xia Family especially in front of so many people at the door.

Sure enough, none of the Xia Family were the kind hearted person. And also the bad guy who called Childe Mu, who torn her clothes into pieces, especially the part of chest, which made her in such a dilemma.

Well, this group of people already set a trap for her before she entered the Xia Family.

Her step mother, Shen Miaoyu stood in front of the door with the 2nd daughter Xia Qingchuan, looking at the clothes Xia Qingkong wore. Their eyes are filled with ridiculed obviously.

Xia Qingkong sneered, and soon made a shrinking and fear look, came in front of the two women.

"Yo, who is this? Others would consider you were a prostitute from the club." Xia Qingchuan hold her arms, and laughed at Xia Qingkong.

"The Master told me to bring Missy back today." Zhou Yunshan answered for Xia Qingkong.

"She is really a ...big…Missy." Xia Qingchuan's phrase had double meaning. And she sarcasm obviously.

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