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   Chapter 1 Playing Hard to Get

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The Crown Club was in full blast this time at midnight, and the rooms were flickering with dim and weak light.

"That pig-headed Douglas Zhou fantasized about working with me? Pah! And hogging that much money? Who does he think he is. If it weren't for taking down the Xia clan, I would never sign the contract with that pig!"


Someone pressed on the phone on the desk and switched off the built-in recorder with her white, smooth, delicate and long-fingered hand.

"Boss Zhou, you hear this?" The one who switched off the recorder was wearing a smiling face.

Across the table, the face of Douglas Zhou had turned deep red, looking very funny against the backdrop of the flickering light.

"Ah, there is also this." Linda Xia picked up the cellphone and opened the album. What laid in front of Douglas Zhou was a high-definition picture of a man and a woman kissing and caressing.

Douglas Zhou instantly smashed the wine glass to the ground.

"Fuck! Screwing with my wife! How dare he!"

Ten minutes later, Linda Xia left the room with a few glistening pages of contract. The whole pretending-to-be-a-waitress thing was really paying off.

Linda Xia gave the contract a kiss before folding them up and then tucked them under her dress around her waist.

The uniform of the Crown Club was really revealing. Linda Xia pulled up her top to cover her chest. Before she could finish doing that, she felt her shoulder pinned by someone.

"Hey you, bring this bottle of wine to room 8069."

The bustling manager took Linda Xia by the arm and shoved the tray into her hands.

Linda Xia shrugged. 'Being a waitress also means having work ethics. I should follow this through. Besides, now that the contract is fully secured, I am in a good mood. One bottle of wine coming right up, ' thought she.

'8096 or 8069?'

Linda Xia held the tray with the wine and started groping her way through, keeping her eyes on the numbers marking the rooms.

She made a call to the receptionist, but the line was busy so she couldn't get through. Linda Xia had to find her way one room at a time.

"Hell, just pick one room already.

Even if the room turns out wrong, I can always get back out here."

With this thought, Linda Xia knocked on the door of the room 8069. After receiving no reply, she gently pushed the door open.

"Ah!" Linda Xia was startled by the scene inside the room. " Sorry, I beg your pardon, Boss..."

Although the light wasn't particularly bright, Linda Xia still caught a glimpse of a man on top of a provocatively dressed woman on a sofa.

Realizing the door was open, those two simultaneously turned their eyes to the door.

Linda Xia also saw the ruffled hair and the tipsy face of that beauty, who wore a revealing low-cut top that made the scene all the more embarrassing.


Linda Xia was just about to close the door and leave when the man stopped her.

Stretching out a hand to untangle the woman's hands around his neck, Charles Mu squinted at Linda Xia, looking dangerous.

"I never would have thought you guys will pull this one on me." Charles Mu sat upright, looking at Linda Xia with cold eyes.

"Boss, you are mistaken. I don't know her." Linda Xia knew very well that the clients of the Crown Club are either high-born or rich, so she didn't want to get into any trouble at this moment. After securing the contract and delivering this bottle of wine, she was ready to hit the road.

"Any photos? Give them to me."

Only then did Linda Xia realize that one of her hand was held in a position as if

She was still making a call to the receptionist.


He probably thinks I took their pictures for blackmail, and that is why he is onto me!

What a cheeky bastard. Is he cheating on his wife? Having an affair? Afraid of being photographed? Look at him, all sharp and handsome. A piece of shit after all, " thought Linda.

"Boss, I am afraid you are mistaken. I didn't take your photo."

Disgusted as Linda Xia was, she kept sucking up to the man. She had

pictures of the wife of Douglas Zhou banging another man. She cannot let him see that.

Charles Mu became more convinced that those two women were together. They had one here frame him and the other one take photos for blackmail later on.

"Who sends you two?"

Charles Mu spoke with an cold tone, which pissed Linda Xia off. What is that supposed to mean? Meaning there is no way for her to prove her innocence?

"I come by myself." Linda Xia answered subconsciously. However, upon glimpsing the wondering eyes of the woman, she added, "Boss, you see, I am just a waitress, and I have got other rooms to deliver the wines!"

"Cut the crap and give me the phone."

Charles Mu didn't buy into her begging. He opened his mouth after checking her up from the top to the bottom.

Linda Xia was dumbfounded. This man has to be the reincarnation of Cao Cao (powerful and notoriously skeptical warlord living in the Three Kingdoms period) to be this paranoid. If he is so scared, why bother coming to the Crown Club?


"Why are you still here?"

"I am leaving right now, right now..." Upon hearing this, Linda Xia bowed her head in such a grateful way as if she was offered a full pardon from the court.

"I wasn't talking to you." Charles Mu immediately stopped her, slightly tilting his face to the side. His gaze was cold and fearsome.

The woman next to him tidied up her open collar. Linda Xia was dazzled by her undulate snow-like bosoms.

"Master Mu..." The woman begged with a feminine yet aggrieved tone. However, she was too frightened by the cold, icy look of Charles Mu to resist his command.

Before leaving, she gave Linda Xia a ferocious look.

Feeling clueless, Linda Xia looked at Charles Mu in surprise.

What just happened?

"I am a waitress, you know!" Linda Xia tried to remind him, mustering all her courage.

Charles Mu sneered, "the waitresses in Crown Club do more than delivering drinks."

Linda Xia instantly got the insinuation the moment those words were uttered. She held up the tray in a huff and was ready to leave.

But before she could take two steps out of the room, she was pulled back by Charles Mu with such a brute force that the wine on the tray was dropped to the floor, smashed into pieces.

I am so screwed. Crap, this must be a six-figure wine!

"Are you nuts?" Linda Xia got really angry.

Charles Mu didn't seem to be bothered at all by her anger and went ahead to press Linda Xia onto the sofa.

Being pinned down by his weight, the enraged Linda Xia swung her arms in a flurry, trying to push Charles Mu back.

"Isn't this what you want? Now that you are here, I will play along."

"What are you talking about? Are you insane?"

Linda Xia wriggled, but to no avail. She was pinned down pretty hard and Charles Mu even forced her hands up on her head.

"Let go of me, you cheeky bastard!"

Linda Xia was unable to move her hands, so she tried to bite him, but was instead suppressed by Charles Mu and rendered immobile.

Could it be that he thinks I try to frame him with that woman?

"Wait, just wait a second. Hear me out..."

Linda Xia tried to make an explanation while kept wriggling, but Charles Mu would hear

None of it. The way he felt it, the harder she wriggled, the more tempting warmth and refreshing fragrance she gave off.

All Charles Mu could feel then was this momentary void. He could feel the smoothness

Of her hands by the palms of his clutching hands and he lowered down to kiss her petal-like flaming lips.


The cry of Linda Xia was overwhelmed by the intruding warmth all over her lips.

This shameless man!

With her mouth wide open, Linda Xia was ready to bite him, but Charles Mu deftly blocked her offensive and started rampaging on her lips.

Just when Linda were having a hard time breathing and her whole body began to get hot, a remark soaked her from top to bottom like icy water.

"That woman earlier seems like a pro at seducing man. "But with you...what is with the hard-to-catch trick?"

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