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   Chapter 47 NO.47

The Billionaire's Wife By XxBlueBlusherxX Characters: 1978

Updated: 2018-08-02 22:00

?????! ?? ??? ???!

Hello my friends!

I just wanted to advwrtise my new story which is entitled : I FOUND YOU



"Look at me, baby…"

I could feel his arms encircling my waist, his hands lingering on my stomach.

"JK, don't. I mean, I've never done this before." I grab his hands and made a few distance between us.

The sun have been long gone. My eyes adjusted from the slight darkness as I stared at him.

He pulled my hands, grab me by the waist and whispered, "Come on, baby. You can do it." He slowly guided me towards the bed and sat me down.

"JK, I a

dive right in. Not caring about what the others will think, not caring about what others will say...


This is specially made for my fellow ARMY's. I hope you will enjoy reading the story as much I enjoy writing it. I promise, before this month ends, I will make a few chapters for the billionaire's wife

If you have questions, just comment below or PM me, ???? ???

Love youuuuu

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