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   Chapter 38

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Updated: 2017-12-13 12:04

Guys, as you can see this is not another bonus chap for the billionaire"s wife (Although I am planning on making another one in the future but not today), well I just want to promote my new book The Cupid"s Mistake.

It"s a different story than my usual but I assure you, this is more sexier. I include the first chap as a preview. Hope you would like it.


I rolled over to my side and angrily punch the alarm clock to silence it. Gods! I have just fallen asleep.

Frowning at my ceiling, I picked myself up from the bed and trudged my way to the bathroom. Not caring that I am fully naked.

It was my room, my house, my rules.

Glancing at my reflection, I noticed the hickey"s covering my neck and that instantly made my little friend to get excited.

I have a good lay last night.

Smiling to myself, I shove a handful of water to my face before changing into a fresh pair of boxers.

Not bothering to put on a shirt, I padded down the stairs and was surprised to see an almost naked, wait that was wrong. I should say, a very NAKED woman with her butt cheeks swinging as she flipped something on the pan.

"What the fuck?!" I exhaled, trying my very best not to appear enticed at the blonde beauty who was now smirking at me. "Mon amour! Bonjour" (My love, Goodmorning)

The blonde was french! Bloody hell...

I cleared my throat and tried to even my breathing out as she slowly made her way to me. My eyes lowered down to her supple peaks, continuing down her south region. I gulped.

Caressing my chest, she looked up at me with her blue doe like eyes, "?a va?" (Are you okay?) I bit my lip. No words come to my rescue as I stayed there, glued on the spot as the little sphinx continue her slow seduction.

"Je veux faire l"amour avec toi..." (I wanna make love to you) her voice on my ear surprised me but that isn"t comparable to her lips that had captured mine as she pushed me on a stool. My lips are frozen as she tried to push them apart trying to gain an entrance. Frowning, she said seductively, "Embrasse moi, Daemon"

(Kiss me, Daemon)

She do not need to force me to do so as I take full control of the situation we are in. I slide my hand over the countertop making the pancake batter spill as the now broken bowl lay smashed on the floor together with the eggs. She ran her hands on my hair and tugged on it as I kissed her neck and suck on it. "Mon amour, mon amour, arrête!" (My love, my love, stop!)

"Oui?" (Yes?) I stared down at her and she smiled, before she utter the question I have hated in my entire existence.

"Tu m"aimes?" (Do you love me?)

My lips folded into a thin line as I let go of her, muttering "Non" (No.) Worried, she straightened her clothes and hold my cheeks, forcing me to look at her, "Tu m"aimes?! Daemon, tell me..."

"I don"t lo--" the words I had had to say were cut off as a slap momentarily left me dumb. I stared down at her, noticing her now wet cheeks. I assume that she is crying. "Look, I told you before. I"m not the ideal man to--"

"But we"ere perfect last night! Tu have me believe zhat you luv me and I believe zhat, too."

"Too bad, princess. Je ne suis pas un prince charmant (I am not a prince charming)". I wasn"t

it drift through skin to skin as I make my way to the middle. I am close to attaching one of the arrows to the chest of my selcted victim when suddenly, a golden arrow drifted an inch away from my nose. It embedded itself on the chest of my supposedly victim and blossomed.

Angered by this, I didn"t dare to look around the room in case I spotted them. Putting the arrows back on my pocket, I huffed as I step out of the club.

I didn"t even had the chance to accomplish my dot. I bowed again at the butler who had opened the door for me again and loaded the elevators. Annoyed, the scent of adultery and jealousy did nothing to improve my mood as I kick my own door open. I throw the arrows on the couch together with the love potions and my pipe. I collapsed down on the carpeted floor facing the television and munch on the apple I had stolen awhile ago.

I was momentarily dazed, playing with the core of the apple on my hands as I go over the events that had happened today. I was too distracted that I didn"t realize the knock coming from my window. I frown. What the fudge is thay? I think this is the same fucking bird I have tried to kill last month but it bloody gotten away.

Pulling myself up, I hastily ran to my room and was surprise as I open the traditional window covering my glass ones.

There, smiling at me as the gold glitters on her skin contrast with the freckles sprinkled on her cheeks was a girl. The dazzling green eyes and the ginger locks wasn"t helping the situation at all. She happily waved at me with her golden arrows and spoke, "Hello there, can I come in?"

I felt her breath fand my face nd the intoxicating scent of vanilla made me dizzy. I need to act fast or else this freaking thing will overpower me.

Snarling, I stuck my tongue out at her and pushed her with all my might, smiling as I hear her scream.

Well, that my folks, is a cupid.

The end

What? Nooooooo!

Of course not.

This is only the beginning of the story and I hope that you will stick with me until the end.

So, what are you waiting for? Check it out on this link :D



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