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   Chapter 37

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Updated: 2017-12-13 12:04

Well Guys! It has been soooooooo loooooooooooong since I updated here and guess what? I miss you! Do you miss me too?

Since I was bored out of my mind watching my friends shop for a new clothes and I eating ice cream right now-oh geez, don"t glare at me like that- I decided to give you a bonus BUT SHORT chapter.

AND ALSO I HAVE ANOTHER STORY WHICH IS THE CUPID"S MISTAKE! hope you would check it out and give it a chance. Pretty please?

I hope you will still like it though, luv ya all :*

First Day

"Baby, "


I stared at the spitting image of my husband; his blond curls catching the rising sun peeking at the drawn curtains making them appear gold in the dimly lit room.

"Jacob, " I pushed open the curtains to let more light shine on his room. The sight of it overwhelm me. What with the lightsabers shining green as it caught light, a couple of batman action figures littering the floor with his lego blocks and the new addition to his toy paradise--lightning mcqueen.

I shook my head in exasperation. Well, what do you expect of a billionaire"s child? He would grow spoiled rotten like tomatoes.

Making my way near the bed, I slipped on a toy car and nearly cussed out loud. I thank my lucky stars as I gripped on the poster of the bed to support myself up. "JACOB, " I whispered on his ear, annoying him as my voice tickle him which also made him turn and say, "Mommy go away..."

Although he looks so cute and adorable right now, he still need to wake up right at this moment to prepare for his first day of school. Leaning closer, I said once again, "Carlos Jacob, are you forgetting something, my darling prince?"

With that, he faced me, his blue eyes shining as he frown. "Are we going to see Gran Pau and Gran Annie?"

I shook my head at him as he guess. "Visit Aunt Nee?"


"Watch movies then buy a toy?"


He sighed, before he suddenly bolt up, almost knocking me over. I waited a moment for him to answer.

"Are we going to Itly again with Daddy?" I just sat there, gaping at my son. In a matter of few seconds, the little imp suddenly errupted with laughter, his little hands capturing my awed face as he say, "Mommy, I"m just kidding!" He jump off of his bed and pulled at ny hand.

"Come, I wanna go to school right now and meet my classmates. I will play batman with them!" With the ever demanding trait he got from his dad, Jacob pulled me off from his bed and drag me to the bathroom.

It doesn"t take long for him to bathe and change into his unforms but our biggest problem is: his hair.

"Why is my hair like this?" He complained, tapping at his curls as he tried to tame them down. "They look like snakes. Mommy, help me!" He rushed unto my side and I sighed, pulling a beanie from his drawer.

I fit the beanie on his head and smooth a few curls down on the side of his hair. "You need a haircut, baby, so your hair won"t look like snakes."

"But I love my hair, " He muttered, his hands still busy trying to put the rest of his hair inside the beanie.

I assisted him on putting on his shoes before we went out of his room to the stairs. I stopped short when suddenly, he was tugging at my shirt. "Mommy mommy" he pouted, his lower lip sticking out as he raised hus hands, asking for me to carry him down.

I crouched down and carry him up. Boy, he was heavier than I thought! While descending down the stairs, I told him how he shouldn"t act lik

tting his hands with stick."

"That"s very cruel." I whispered, running my fingers on Jacob"s curls as Gabriel unlocked the car. I carry Jacob and strap him on his car seat. I was about to lock the doors when suddenly, a little girl with wild red hair and face full of freckles came bounding in, "Hello Carlos Jacob." She look at me and Gabriel before saying, "Hello mommy of Jacob and you too, daddy of Jacob"

Jacob"s eyes turn wide as saucers before he struggled on his seat, reaching for the doors. "CJ please!"

Piper stuck her shoes on Jacob"s door and smiled, missing four front teeth. Geez, someone loves chocolates and candies. "I just want to give this to you!" She held out her hand and in them are dragonflies and little bits of nerds.


Piper just look at Jacob and me before her face scrunched up as her eyes bwcome teary. She ran and dove under the bushes. I look at Jacob and undo his straps, carrying him out of the car and said, "That"s very bad, my prince. Say sorry to the girl."

"But I don"t want her. I hate her! She keeps on following me and she is weird" Jacob crossed his arms but Gabrirl undo him as he make his son look him in the eye. "Your mommy is right. She just want to make friends with you. You should say sorry to her."

With that, Jacob nodded, trying to find Piper from under the bushes. Waiting for him to get far enough of earshot, I whispered to Gabriel, " I think, I"d have to make arrangements for our son"s wedding." Gabriel just chuckled.

We watch Jacob cringe as he stood there with Piper gushing over candies and dragonflies.

Isn"t this perfect? I really love Piper. Geez, she will make a really good character and Jacob, the little West master.

He really took after his father, doesn"t he?

Anyways what can you say about this bonus chapter?


Well, let"s see :)

Guys, I would like to inform you that I am going to hold The Heir"s Bride. I am currently very busy on my studies and I also am intrigued of working on a new story because this book make me feel suffocated. I need to distance myself away from it for awhile and try to find my inner author. It seems to me that she was currently on a vacation. Anyways, I have more surprises for you on the coming months so please stay tune ?? I love you all

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