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   Chapter 36

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I stared back at my son as he giggled in delight. I"m very glad that he"s able to survive the things that is thrown on his way, even before he was born. I let out a breath as I hug myself again. I felt quite cold for a May evening, unusual for me even if the sun sat up on the sky, gleaming brightly.

I never wanted anything but to have a peaceful life, away from danger and chaos and I"m glad to have it now.

The conflict between me and Gabe is now done. I agreed to keep things slow as we restarted our relationship as husband and wife. The marriage happened in a small garden back in Verona, it was simple and romantic and I love Gabe for granting my request on keeping it private. Neola attended with a few of their relatives on tow, mom and dad are also there with a few of our business partners.

I"m a bit disappointed though because Luke wasn"t there to hand me over to Gabe. He wasn"t able to attend my wedding because he have special errands to run. He apologise for it but still, even though it"s quite okay for me for I understand him, it"s hard to accept that the only family I have that I"m related in blood with is not there on my special day.

Even after the wedding, me and Gabe spent the honeymoon at one of our summer houses in California while Jacob stayed with my mom. It was just a week though, as much as I wanted to spend a month alone with Gabriel, I have a son now. And he is the apple to our eyes, our little prince.

The days passed by so quick that before I knew it, Jacob is turning five today. FIVE. Gabriel spoiled his son so much that sometimes it worries me. As much as possible, even though Jacob is born a billionaire, I want him to live a simple life although it"s most likely that he will soon be swarmed by the media. We now live in Gabriel"s childhood home in Verona and I am happy to watch Gabriel grew warmer with Jacob. They have this special bond that even I cannot understand sometimes. Gabe always try to be there for him every waking moment, every bit of Jacob"s existence that he even asked me to not transfer Jacob to his permanent room for he doesn"t want him to feel alone but I declined. I worry that he might grow dependent to his father, and that would be very hard to be refrained of because of Gabriel"s doings.

Jacob needs to learn his way in the world without our help. He need not to be dependent for I cannot guarantee that we will always be there for him. I started accepting job after job from other people as they asked me to teach them the ways of art and it"s technique. Gabriel didn"t want me to work, of course, but I know what he was trying to do and I wont be so stupid this time. It"s pretty obvious that he wanted me to just stay lay back for him to just work his arse off all day so I can stay with our son but I"m not letting him do that. He"s done so much for us already that it just fit me to return the favor.

I don"t want him to fend for me forever.

I carefully dip down on the indoor pool as I watch them play; Gab

but take pictures here and there.

Ice cream and cake is served. Candies distributed, games played...even the clowns performed well.

And lastly, the highlight.

"Jacob! Jacob, time to blow the candle..." I called out as I lit the 3-tier cake designed with a batman theme. "Ma!" Jacob bounded on my back as he hug me from behind. I pulled him in front and sat him on top of the table.

"Kids! Okay, settle down now. Settle down, you munchkins!"Neola screamed at the microphone as she stood on the stage. The kids immediately halted before they sat on their respective seats facing the table.

"Good. Now let"s sing a happy birthday for, Jacob!" She waved her hands on the air before placing a party hat over her head "Happy Birthday to you..."

"Happy birthday to you..." I whispered at my son and he giggled in response. "Happy birthday, Carlos Jacob..." Gabriel sang as he snatch Jacob from me.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..." We concluded as Gabriel put Jacob down. "Make a wish, son." Jacob nodded his head and closed his eyes.

"I wish, I"ll have a baby brother soon!" Jacob gave me a grin as he opened his eyes.

"Don"t worry, son. That will happen very soon..." Gabriel winked at his son before turning his eyes on me.

"So, Elle. Ready for a Jacob no. 2?"?

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