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   Chapter 35

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My hands are sweaty and cold as I wait for Gabriel. He"s been away for almost an hour now. I don"t know what to expect, is he going to come back alive? Or is he going to come back as a corpse? Or maybe he will come back alive but wounded?

Oh, jeez.

I grip the armchair and stared back at the heart monitor connected to my son; my heartbeat matching his in almost a synchronise manner.

Being the impatient person as always, I went out of the room, not able to tolerate the growing anxiousness in me.

I push a stray lock of hair that is blown on my face by the wind, tucking it beside my ear as I glance out of the window only to frown. A couple of cars and a bunch of people are crowding at the hospital"s entrance, sirens blaring afar as an ambulance pulled through the crowd.

I didn"t know what I am doing at first but I realise now that I am running, out through the entrance and to the sea of people. Some of them parted but some won"t barge. A look of sympathy is painted on their faces, almost matching the gloomy weather we"s almost spring. I can"t help but remember last spring, when I was left alone by Gabe because he though that he killed Jacob. I shook my head an focus on my task, feeling the cold wind on my cheek as I tug at my cloak. For all I know, it could be Gabe lying down on the cold pavement wounded....or worse. No, that won"t happen.

He"s alive. He"ll come back to me. He"s alright. He"s perfectly fine.

I chanted these words on my head, repeatedly before sending off a little prayer up above. Oh God, I might not be the kindest human out there but will you spare him for me? Please do hear me, God. Just this once?

As if expecting for an answer, I bit my lip and stared forward, sighing as I finally reached the middle on which the crowd had circled upon. The place is in a tangled mess as yellow warnings separate us from the three cars that have collided with each other; I can see a blue Chevy being opened up by the rescuers and a man on his forties being pulled out of it, eyes closed as blood trickled down on his chin from his head. The second car is a mini van, a cry of a little girl inside made me close my eyes, that could be Jacob in other instances. The rescuer used a huge cutter and split open the car door.

I was wrong when I said little girl, it should be little girls. The both of them are crying as two of the rescuers pulled their car seat from the wreckage. Another rescuer worked through the driver"s side and pull out a woman, whom I assumed as their mother.

But before I transfer on my position to see the other car, a man beside me spoke as he was being interviewed by a reporter, "It was all a matter of a minute. It was an accident by chance, I never would"ve seen it if I wasn"t the one cleaning off the pavement today. If you saw the happening, you couldn"t have expected this, this outcome, " he pointed at the cars and shook his head, "It happened like this: The other lane was clear; the black Mercedes is going fast, must be rushing off to the hospital or something but then, a truck from a construction site beside the hospital went off, making the Mercedes swerve back unto its lane;

the both of them, I smiled as Jacob silently gurgle as he lie beneath his father"s arm. He"s tucked safely and curled up as he reached out one of his chubby hands to his father"s face, touching it tenderly.

"Papa, " I pointed out at him as he look back at me as if asking about the same word again. It"s been a routine; every time I placed him next to Gabriel, he would look back at me with his curious cerulean eyes as if asking about him. I"ve been waiting for him to talk since he"s almost one but Eric told me that it still is normal even if he still is not talking.

Jacob went back to his business as he continue to touch his father"s face; his eyebrows furrowed with his lips pursed, looking like a mini-Gabe in concentration.

The thought alone made me almost cry. Gabe will be happy if he only see this, "That is Papa, my bambino. Pa-Pa..." Jacob turn his wide eyes at me and smiled at him, he returned the same one albeit he only had four pieces of teeth.

After a while of smiling, he turn his eyes at him again, gurgling but before I went back to my thoughts, he surprised me when he suddenly spoke, "Pa"

He smiled back at me before pulling his other hand that is tucked underneath and using it to slap Gabriel, "Jacob! Oh my--" I pulled his hands away but he forced his way out of my grip

"Pa!" He yelled, repeating his word before he slap his hand again on the side of Gabriel"s face. "Pa...."

I pulled Jacob up from the bed and to my arms as I whispered, "Baby, Papa is asleep, ok? Don"t hit him on the face again..." Jacob just look at me before turning his head on the bed and pointing at it, "Mmppp-Paaaa!" He grunted, shaking his head.

I was about to take him out of the room and by him a chocolate as a cure to one of his tantrums when I heard a deep intake of a breath. Turning around, I am almost happy that Jacob did why he did awhile ago, Gabriel"s awake now.

I rushed off to his side with Jacob bouncing on my hip, "Gabe..."

"El---" He whispered in a hushed tone but I cut him off by saying, "Yes. Yes, I"ll marry you."?

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