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   Chapter 34

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I momentarily stared back at the door, imagining her body leaning on it on the other side of this room for support. With a gulp, I stir myself on the opposite hall and entered the lift, biting my lip as it descended down on the hospital parking lot. I got inside my car and stared at nothing as I analyse the situation.

The wrinkle is almost straighten.

In a couple of hours I can finally get my life back on track with my family that is if she“ll accept my proposal. I“m planning on marrying her again, and this time, I“ll make sure that she will enjoy every part of it. There will be no rush or anything. It will all be her choice.

It“s a very simple wish and I can“t help but get excited and anxious. She“s the only girl I have loved and will still love no matter how confusing our life is, no matter what the heavens will dawn on us; even if it takes all my power just so I would not murder the living daylights out of my psychotic pair that God had given me.

What can I say? We are a match made from heaven. A perfect combination of psycho“s.

Drawing the car in a reverse I got out of the parking lot and drove on the location not really far from the hospital as stated by Rico, Joe“s second-in-command.

I shuffled a couple of times on my seat before reaching the destination. Rico rush off on my side of the car, handling me a vest and a gun, as I got out of it. "Sir, we calculated that she will be here in less than thirty--"

"Foster at exactly two o“clock!" The man beside me shouted as bullets went off.

I didn“t know how my body suddenly crouched as my hand hold the gun, pressing the trigger. I watch in horror as Victoria collapsed on the ground, her feet unable to support her limp body as the firing seize. "Victoria Foster, I command you to surrender your gun and kneel with your hands on the back of your head"

Victoria groaned as she struggled to kneel, her body shaking. I feel an ounce of sympathy but I remembered the things she did to ruin me and Elle. I didn“t realise that I was about to pounce on her when I felt Rico“s hand on my shoulder, drawing me back.

"Sir, be cautious. She“s unstable. She might harm you!" But I wasn“t listening.

I am already pushing Rico away and as I did, I raised my hand, aimed and shoot. Victoria“s scream filled my mind as I stood there frozen. "Arrgh! Oh, ohhhhh...Gabriel," I stared at her as she gripped her shoulder that“s now bleeding. Reaching her bloody hand out to me, she continued, " are real! You are here. You“re here to redeem me, right? And oh!" She pointed but I just shot her other arm, the bullet ringing off, echoing as it was released by the trigger under my fingers.

"Owww..." She moaned before staring at me, "How can you do this my sweet Gabriel, you love me! Why are you doing this to me? Arrgh!" She shook her head furiously before standing up, staggering she said, "That Elle bitch has been teaching you a wrong trick, my puppy Gabe! Let me kill her so we can both--"

"No one will be killed but you, Victoria. You are crazy! You don“t know what

ouldn“t know what will happen o her and to my son but still, another thing should happen when everything is finally going down in their right places, Jacob had been shot because of me.

But who could“ve think the our son being on the brink of dying will make it easier to work my way back to his mother“s heart?

She already forgive me and I also forgive her. We are about to have a peaceful and happy life again. Though with a few bumps here and there, I know that we can make it through for the problems we“ve faced made us stronger.

In just a couple of seconds....

I can see the hospital not too far away from where I“m at. I pushed down on the gas and switch my gear to 3, pushing the engine closer and faster towards my destination.

50 seconds....

I swerve on the right to advance from the blue Chevy and grin to myself. I can easily pass the fast and furious test. Hello, Dwayne!

43 seconds....

I can feel my face splitting in a wide grin. I“m coming home my wife...and son. Daddy is coming home, Carlos Jacob. He is coming home to you both.

35 seconds...

I tapped the small box containing the ring on my left breast pocket keeping it safes and tucked on my chest, feeling my heartbeat quicken as I think about the things I will say later.

I am momentarily distracted that as I look up on the road, I swerve back on my track as a truck passed through.

28 seconds...

I sighed. I could“ve died if it happen to be that I have collided with the truck. I“m so close to the hospital now, three vehicle away I guess. I“m that close...

19 se---


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