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   Chapter 33

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"Enah..." I got out of my car and stared at her.


I ran the remaining distance and knelt down infront of her as I hug her knees, "Oh, Gabby...." She caressed my cheek and pulled my chin up. She smiled at me but no matter how I tried, I cannot help but frown at her.

"I“m done, Enah. I“ve screwed up my chances. There will be no us, again. No chance for me to be happy...Elle doesn“t want me back," I pulled away from her and pulled my hair.

"You know what? All this is just so, so, I don“t know...stupid? It “s so idiotic for me to act so impulsive on times like this; it“s very unlikely of me. I can“t--" I sighed, looking at her, "I just want for us to work but she clearly is long gone. I can“t do something to make her stay again with-" the buzz on my bottom made me still. Enah watch me carefully as I fish my phone out of my backpocket.

"It“s her..."

I stilled, not knowing what to do as I stared down on my phone completely awed.

"Answer it, now!" Enah screamed, snatching the phone out of my hands, pressing that circular green button on the screen, handing it back to me as the angelic voice rang out from the speakers of this tiny device on my hand.



"Gabriel...Gabe, I don“t want to give you a false assumption or something about this call but I really need you now, Gabe...."

That“s the only statement that shattered me yet made me feel so whole.

I bit my lip, trying so hard to stop myself from bursting into flames. I“m still assuming for that three little words, the “I forgive you“ or maybe “I love you“ But the “I need you“ is enough to lit that little candle of hope on my dark world.

My ears perked up, waiting for the next statement; another mind blowing simple sentence that will come out from that smart little mouth.

"How“s Jacob? Is he okay? Look, I“m so sorry about awhile ago, I do not-"

"Gabe, stop. Just get your ass here at the hospital as soon as possible. I need you to be there for our son, Gabe. Just for once, please, be a true father to him, and a husband to me..." The line went dead as she ended the call.

My son needed me. She needed me. They needed me.

"You know what? If I were you, I won“t just stand there with my mouth wide open. I“ll rather move my pretty little arse out here, insert the key on my car and start the engine now to rush off to my family at the hospital rather than stare on the space infront of me like a freaking stupid arsehole..." Enah pinched my upper arm as she snatched the car keys from my pocket and threw them at me, "Go now, Gabby. Don“t let them down, again.."

That made me snap as I bolt inside my car and speed down the street, rounding up unto the left heading back to the City.


I open my car and jog up the dark hallway of the hospital and to the lobby. The nurse sitting behind the desk eyed me hungrily but I just shook it and climbed up the stairs. I was about to head unto the left wing where I think they are situated when I suddenly bumped unto someone.

"Elleana..." I stared down at her, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks as she gripped the phone on her right hand, so tight making her knuckles turn white.

"Gabe," I don“t know if I just imagine it or something but I“m pretty sure that I saw the longing on her eyes, and the tone of her voice is making me feel guilty as hell. Her other hand gripped my shirt as she reached up at me and leaned, making our lips collide.

The kiss is full of emotions; anger, longing, guilt, hate that still love?

She pull away making me catch my breath as she suddenly slapped me, releasing me as her other hand prepared for another contact on my face.

"Okay-?" I gripped both of her wrists and leaned in to smack my lips on hers for a quick peck. Her cheeks flared as she tried to burry it on her curtain of hair. "Gabe-"

"Elle, I know, I know... I screwed up. Hey, don“t hide from me, love. " I pulled her chin up, making her look at me.

"Gabe-I-" I interrupted her again by putting my index finger on top of her lip.

"No, Elle. Look, let me speak first...I was such a jerk for rejecting such a beauty from the start. I“m an

se," She pulled my hand and stared at me with those white powdery blue eyes, "Explain it to me, Gabe! Don“t leave without you explaining yourself; I need to hear it now. Please, I had a bad feeling that you won“t come back...that you will leave me hanging again..."

I just pursed my lips and look back at her, "Don“t think like that, love. I“ll be back sooner than you can blink."

"No, please. I won“t let you." She grip my arm as she cried, "I don“t accept this kind of scenes. You always run away. I know you will run away again!"

That made me stop as I took a step back, "First is that you should know that this is not a closure and second, I ran because you chase me." I turn to her and pulled her chin up, "I do not know how I“m going to fix all these without going insane but I assure you, I won“t run again. I“ll be back on your side sooner than you could think, okay? I just need to attend to something that is really important. Please understand..."

"How important is it that you are willing to risk a discussion that could probably change your whole life? " I clenched my jaw as I stare down at her, "Elle," I sighed before continuing, "Victoria has escaped and she had already killed Ryan. Did you hear me? She killed Taylor“s nephew. Victoria is in a killing spree and I don“t want any harm to dawn on you or Jacob. I don“t want anything to happened to the both of you..."

"Then, stay. Just for a moment and tell me all about it. Please, I don“t think that we will ever get the chance to talk again after this-I--"

I cut her off as I pull her into a tight hug, "We will have all the time in the world as soon as I“m finish with Victoria," I smiled and kiss her forehead. "I“ll be back soon, love"

With that I pulled away from her and walk out of the door, not before looking at her as she muttered, "Be safe..."

And I know then, as I took a step out and left her, I still have a chance-a chance to get this tight knot straighten at last.


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