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   Chapter 32

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I hurried down the stairs just on time to see Victoria and Elle fighting over the gun.


She stared at me and for the slightest second, I thought she was going to come running back to me, but then her eyes darted back again on the gun as she yanked it off Elle“s hand, pulling the trigger, "Nooooooooo!"

I throw my body on her only to see the bullet shooting out from the gun, slashing Elle“s shirt as it makes its way across the room.

I blew a sigh of relief as Joe assist me up and pulled Victoria off the floor and up the room. Ryan nodded to me and began his inspection around the basement.

Looking down at Elle, I pulled her on my arms and frown,"I thought I“d lost you again, I-" She struggled out of my hold and look up at me. "You are taking Jacob..."

The four words caught me off guard, blowing off my ego to zero as I stared down at her broken soul. "I don“t know what I“m saying last night, Elle but I think it all through. We can fix this, we can face this...I know it“s crazy but please, you just have to trust me-give me this third and last chance I ask from you. Elle, please..."

She just look at me, biting her lips as she twiddle her fingers, slipping them on the side of her shirt as she stilled like a corpse.

"Where“s Jacob?" I just look at her and realise that she chose to look for our son first rather than answering me. I momentarily stopped as my eyes searched for the carrier, dawning back to that blue blanket and black car seat on the farside of the room.

I trace the remaining four feet and stared down, not believing my eyes.


I only need to blink, to feel her presence beside me and her gasp to kill me again for a thousandth time.

"No, no, nonono....Gabe it can“t, I, ..." She snatched away the bundle and gradually stood, fresh tears dripping down her face to her shirt, "He“s alright, yeah?" Her eyes glistened with hope as she ran up the stairs, me following her trail as my mind tried to catch up.

"Elle--" She didn“t look back as she push open the door, running down the street with the crying baby on her arms.

"I“m the reason of that." I told them out loud as Ryan fumble with the keys on the other car, ushering Elle inside.

Joe pushed a struggling Victoria off the apartment and to the pavement.

I was surprise when another bullet goes off. I turn just on time to see Joe, collapsing down the pavement as Victoria escape, running away from the crime scene.

Ryan pulled the gun out of his back pocket and shoot her, making her topple and fall in an instant, screaming like a mad woman.

Yet she“s, indeed, a mad woman.

I rushed off to see Joe struggling, trying to move and stand up yet his chest is bleeding profusely. Elle look back at me and tried to go out of the car yet I pointed back, glaring at her, "Stay in the car!"

I tried to stop the bleeding but Joe is turning paler by the second, "Joe,No. No, no, no..." He stared up at me and smiled; blood is slowly coming out of his mouth as he spoke "Sir, attend to your son, now. You came here so you could save them, not me."


ry ashamed of the things I“ve done. I am hurt by him a couple of times in the past but now, with the things he did for us, I think he only deserves a chance, except that I don“t know how I will ask him, especially on this moment but I don“t have much choice.

It“s my Ego, or my son...

I look at Eric and sighed, "I know. All I can do now is to beg, beg Gabriel...for the sake of our child," Eric reached out and gripped my head, pulling me closer as he gave a kiss on my forehead.

I can“t help but to cry harder. Eric acts so much like Luke, making me remember my long lost brother and how he“d left me right after he knew that he was my brother.

I open my bag and reached out for my phone, "Hello? I would like to speak with Mr. West, this is his wife speaking. I would like to say that I want to--I mean, I need him now...we need him now."


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