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   Chapter 31

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"What do you mean she have them?!"I snapped at both of them as I stood.

"How can you be so careless to such things like this, Joe? I trusted you..." I throw the envelope down my table and watch the pictures scatter down on it.

"And, you." I pointed, staring at the younger man as old as me as he fumble on the button of his shirt. "You told me that she“s being taken care of by some shrink in Paris? How come she“s here? Tell me now." Ryan glance down on the picture, then to his uncle and finally, at me.

"I“m so sorry but I didn“t know it was really her, sir. I“m not that familiar with her face. She looks so different to that picture you showed--and-and Uncle Joe-"

"What?" Joe protested rather suddenly as he stared at his nephew, "I appointed you there providing all the informations you should have. I even send you thousands of pictures and recordings of her voice with-"

"Shhhhh. Let him finish, Joe." The old man grumbled as he settled back on his seat, turning unto his side, preferring to face the wall instead of his nephew.

"I only assume that it wasn“t her on that picture." Ryan answered in a small voice as he continue on fumbling with the button on his shirt. "She dyed her hair blonde, and she“s paler and older than what is on the picture. She also got bright blue eyes instead of gray."

"Wait, wait--so..You assume? What is this, a guessing game? I just can“t believe you two." I stared down at the pictures and I was surprised when my hand landed down on top of table, crumpling every picture down on it.

"I-I am not that one hundred percent sure, Sir. So, all I did is ignore her. I didn“t expect-"

"You didn“t expect? Okay. So someone who is not so suspicious to you, who does not look familiar or criminal enough, will be ignored. Just like that..." I sighed, not knowing what I should do to solve this problem. I stared back down at the pictures and realise that the face felt familiar, like I“ve seen her somewhere.

"Sir, it was just recently that I found her trailing behind your wife and I realise that she was also the doctor of your wife. I did not-"

"That“s why she looks fucking familiar!" I snapped, picking the picture up from my desk, "She fooled me on believing that my son is dead!" I sighed, turning my back on them as I tugged my hair, "Why didn“t you tell me that you have these same assumptions as I do? Why didn“t you confide to me? Why didn“t you investigate farther by simply following her? Why did you let her go like that? How do you think we can find her now?" I fire every questions as they pop inside my skull, clenching my fist as I close my eyes, counting one to ten to keep myself in professional mode.

Yet, I“m telling you. I“m close on losing it. Just a little more push and-

"We are so sorry for what we“ve done, sir. We are working hard on it and hopefully we still have the chance to, to save them..." Joe estated. His voice lowering as he sighed

on my ear and stared back on my phone, "Of Course. Just a bit flustered but alright. Follow me back here in ten."

I ended the call and waited, glancing down at my watch as I let the scene roll in front of me: Victoria dragging the limp body up the stairs and returned with the carrier, slamming the door behind her.

God! What have I done? I made another psycho because she fell crazily in love with me

"Ryan," I acknowledge them as they walk nearer, giving me a gun and a vest. "Sir, put it on."

"I won“t need this," I push it back unto his hands and but Joe handed it back, "Sir, you do-It“s for security measures. We need to protect you."

"I can take care of myself. We“re here for my wife and child, not me." I stood from my crouched form, walking a few steps before Joe put the vest on me.

"I said, I don“t need it!" I remove it and start to walk taking a few steps up the stairs.

"But, Sir-"

"No Buts. Come, we still need to save my family." I push the door, quietly and glance back, nodding at Joe and Ryan.

Rounding up the corner, I was surprise to see the place clean, no sign of anyone being here, "We must have entered the wrong place, sir. There is nothing in-" The floor creaks which made me stand still.

"Hold," I pointed my gun down on the floor which Ryan had previously steped on and crouched down. I laid my hands on the board and look at Joe. He just nodded his head and crack open the floorboard only to hear a bullet goes off.

"Sir, your wife!"

"Or my son...."


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