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   Chapter 30

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Hey there guys! First, I apologise for the past chapters if they are a bit confusing but I promise this confusion won“t last long because I gladly inform you that there will only be four to five chapters left on this story and soon we will dawn into it“s conclusion.




I am downright pissed.

I stop the car and got out, unable to contain the guilt and anger in me. I was force by my consciousness to knock the hell off and grew some balls but when I finally did, Elle“s off to Neverland . All these things is making me all scrunched up. I mean, it “s far from what I had planned my life would be.

I never expected that all of this will just happen in the span of two years. I mean, are you even serious?

I know time is a tricky thing. That it could passed by so fast that it can actually break your speedometer and drive you crazy if you“re not so watchful of what is happening around you but it“s clearly far from what I had expected; far from what I really wanted.

I know that I cannot just build a bridge and walk past this situation and possibly hope that everything will be okay in just a snap of my fingers. I cannot run away from my responsibility from being a husband and a father.

But now that I finally could have the balls to be a father, my son had been snatched away from me by no other than my wife?

Can you even believe that ?

I don“t know how to approach the situation anymore. I can“t even think straight now! I really need some serious help from the big dude up there...

Hello? Can you even hear me? Do you even exist oh hail, ye ol“ man?

I pulled my hair and kick my tires. What do I do now? Tell me what?

With my usually confused self, I got inside my car for the second time and turned on the engine.

I think it“s time for me to finally be the man, grow some more balls and face the fucking jazz music. I really need to show Elle the monster she feared and hated. Even if that“s not what I wanted, she forced me to do so. I never wanted to show wrath on her anymore but her doing this to me?

She made me look like a fucking idiot! I mean, She fucking stole my son away from me because she never wanted for our son to grow into a house full of mistresses and dirty money! Is that even fucking reasonable?

I know it isn“t and I“m going to get my son back, the hell I would.

"God..." I groaned as I turn the car on reverse and continue my search for my wife and son who might be soon in London if I“m not that lucky enough.



I stared down at my son as I slipped in a shop to buy food.

God, I“m tired and famished.

I tried to soothe Jacob as we wait for our turn to pay, he never stopped crying ever since we“d left and his temperature have been shooting up. Damn the cold weather.

Sitting down on a booth I carefully laid down his car seat, spreading a towel on the bench next to me as I pulled him out of his carrier.

I was shocked when he suddenly threw up, yet he still hadn“t stopped his wailing, his tears mixing up with soot and vomit. I carefully dabbed a wet towel around his face and neck as he trashed on my arms, "Jacob, oh baby. Stop, please, stop crying now baby. Shhh..."

He never stoppe

stant when Eric is trying to save you but what“s the thrill with that? I waited for this moment, dreamt of it every night. I will torture you until you beg for me to kill you..."

"Victoria, please, let it be. You just need to move on...let us go. Forget the past..."

"How can I forget the past when everytime I tried to look for the right guy, I see him? All I want is him. There will be no other man but him. Can“t you understand me? You and this shit," She pulled the trigger and smiled, "Need to die as soon as possible so he will go back to me. And he will never leave me again..."

"No, please. Just, no...please. If you want then you can have Gabe for yourself, I don“t care anymore. I“m just a happy with my child, He doesn“t want me anymore."

"But he won“t go back that easily knowing that you, and this piece of shit--" She pushed the trigger deeper on my baby“s chest and sneered, "is still breathing down my nose and lurking around my precious territory!"

"You really need to have a very special medical attention now..." I muttered, standing up as I tried to pull the gun off her hands.

"No! Nothing can soothe me better than him," She pulled the gun back and hit my head. "There, " I collapsed down on the floor, grabbing my head with both of my hands as she leaned down, "Now, now...what am I gonna do to you?"


Guys! So what can you say about this chapter? Geez, I“m pretty sure that a lot of you got confused with Victoria and Cherry but to clarify things up, I wanted to say that Cherry and Victoria are the same person. They are not twins or whatsoever.

So guys, what do you expect of the next chapter? I know that the precious chapter is so dramatic and that Gabriel and Elle keep on fighting but this really happens in real life. Do you have any ideas in mind? Please tell me my dear folks! I“m really curious about your opinion. It really matters alot.


Love this book? Or this chapter?(even though it“s crappy and short?)


Love me? (even though I always leave you wanting for more because of the glorious cliffhangers?)


Anyways, thank you for your support guys. :)

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