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   Chapter 29

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I gawked, unable to process that he was here, right here. Standing in front of me, in his glorious stance and cloaked hood, dressed in his faded blue jeans and a simple black converse, a very cold smile plastered on his face as he lowered the lamp off my hand.

"Elle," his breath fanned my face as he leaned closer.

"Gabe?" I look down on my child who is slowly opening his eyes, smiling up at me as I snatched him back from Neo.

"You“re running away and you“re taking Jacob away from me, am I right?" I stared back at him unable to comprehend the words he is saying.

Me? Running away?

"I“m assuming that Luke would be there waiting for you in London already. He will be there for you and Jacob. Maybe then, you will find your happy ever after with the guy you love, the end." He sighed, leaning close to touch Jacob“s forehead with his outstretched hand.

"You know what? " He stared at me with his fingers still caressing my son“s curls as he began to speak. "I was about to confess to you I was so sorry about everything. I really don“t know what I should do to keep you. It“s like everything I“m doing is just making it all worse." He pulled my chin up and stared at me, "I want a real chance for us, that“s why I“m following you around the city. I didn“t assume that you will feel so trapped...I just wanted to make it all up to you again, even just for Jacob“s sake."

I huffed, looking at him I spoke in a low voice, "I know. It was justabout Jacob that made ypu stay and I know I“ve been so hard on you-on treating you-but maybe if you didn“t left us for the second time, all this things won“t end up so wrangled up. And for you to even accuse me on running away? I am about to go back to you!" I push his hands off me as I phase, trying to keep my cool.

"Impossible. You are just making a pathetic excuse because you are already caught redhanded. I am very aware of that! But the fact that you are going away, and with Luke? You really are something aren“t you?" He shook his head, his voice cold as he stared down at me.

"First off, let me just inform you that I am not running away and don“t you even accuse me of being in relationship with Luke! How can you stoop so low to even think of that?" I pointed a finger at him, feeling my anger rising with each accusation he throw at me.

"No, really. It“s always been Luke inside your head- that--that man" he shook his head before continuing, "You wanted him so badly and treated him more like he“s your husband than me." He snapped, eyes blazing as we glared at each other.

I was the one who first broke contact with his blazing eyes. "It“s the same with you and Victoria. How can you even accuse me on being with someone when you yourself is meeting up with that whore? If I haven“t caught you talking on the phone with Victoria, maybe you and her are still having your secret rendezvous on your penthouse!" I yelled, looking at him with so much anger running on my veins. "Maybe it“s better that I met Luke. He cared for me, cherished me...make me feel loved. Sometimes I wish, I just married him instead of you." Albeit he is my long lost brother--the one I“ve been looking for from the past two decades.

I jabbed his chest again with my pointer finger and let out a yelp when he suddenly pulled my upper arm, leaning in, he whispered, "No, Elle. You don“t know his true identity..." His voice dropped, getting colder and colder as his stance changed; His shoulder tensing as his muscles ripple under his shirt.

"You“re mistaken with that. I think I know him better than you..." I snapped at his face as I vent my anger and frustration on every word as I glance down on the floor, staring back at the open patio door- the wind blowing, making the curtains flutter. I tried distracting myself off his words as I put my baby on the carrier, instructing Neo to bring him on the other side of the room.

He waited for them to go out before he turns at me and smiled, making me shiver. "Which means you know that he“s your brother?" He look at me as I stood there, my shoulders sagging. Leaning back, I tried to distance myself away from him.

"I-"I mumbled, still trying to wrap my head on that information that Luke was my brother, that he trully was my brother.

I didn“t know that at first, but the feeling is there and the pictures. Even from the very first moment I saw Luke at the accident. Maybe that“s the reason why Luke feels familiar, like he is somewhat, a missing piece on my jigsaw puzzle, a breath from the past, my ghost.

But Gabe knowing about it makes me wonder--how would he know? Unless...

"It“s you--"He stared back at me, his eyes hooded, as I jab a finger at his chest," You planned all this to ruin me again, don“t you? Make me develop a bond with Luke then command him to leave, huh?" I look at him as he let out a groan, "That“s not what we are talking about here , Elle. Don“t lure me into one of your stupid little stunt of ditching this...we“ve been stalling for too long, we really need to talk."

"So y

bout my offer but we really need more time. We need to sort our difference first." I stared at him and sighed. I don“t know, but you can either do this with me, or I“ll do it on my own.

"Oh, fuck this!" Gabriel bellows dismissively and holds his hands up in a gesture of defeat. "I can“t take this anymore, it“s just too much. I thought I will succeed on winning you back but seeing you and Jacob right now–thinking about our future, bringing him to school using my car before I go to my meeting...I realise that I can“t do this, Elle." I stared at him, not believing on what he“s saying . He stared at me, his bright blue eyes pleading, gleaming with tears. "I thought I can. I thought it was easy to be able to distance myself, to be away from you, but, fuck! I can“t...I-I love you so much that“s why this is fucking ridiculous!" I was shocked when he abruptly punch the wall before phasing down on the floor, his shoes echoing on the deserted hallway as he opened the door, turning at me called, "Neo! Take Jacob back to his room. I will need to call some people first before we go to Italy."

"Gabe, what are you saying--?" I stared at him, unable to comprehend the flow of the conversation we are having right now.

"Elle, just shut up! You“re staying here .... I will take Jacob with me. I promise you that this won“t be the last time for you to see him if you would ever change your mind butI“m never going back to you. I“ll stay out of your life and I will take Jacob with me. It will have a better life for him if he is with me." I just stared at him, my voicebox not functioning as I sat there, frozen on my seat.

"If I need to be a control freak and be a monster for you to get your pretty little brain intact inside your skull, then so be it. " He sighed and stared at me, pulling his jacket from his body, he remove it and spoke, "Forgive me for doing this Elle but I“m tired of fighting with you." He leaned down and gave me a swift kiss on my cheek before his fleeting footsteps echo off the wooden floor as he disappears through the door. He went out into the balcony, slamming the door behind him, making me jump once more.

I am alone with the silence-the still, silent emptiness of the room. I shudder involuntarily as I gaze numbly at the closed doors.

I collapsed on the bed, letting my head sink into the pillows while I weep. The uncontrollable sobs coming out of my mouth.

"Elle?" I stared at Neo as she peeked through the doors, carrying the car seat in and settling it beside me.

"Neo," I hugged her as she offered me her back, wiping my tears with her hands. "Neo, can I ask you a favor?" She just nodded and stared at me and my child.

"Can you please help me and Jacob escape? I can“t live without my son..."


Aww. That hurts.

Gabe is very impulsive here that he finally dawn into a decision to be in control again but for me he did the right thing. It“s just right for him to act like this so Elle can understand him though the end of this chapter shows that Elle will go.


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