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   Chapter 28

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I was beyond exhausted. I haven“t slept for the past week, and four hours ain“t enough for me. And now, I“n still here waiting in the old mansion in the outskirts of the city for Elle to come back. I guess the diary haven“t dropped from her shelf if she ever pulled out her canvass or maybe, Ryan didn“t calculate the probability that she might not paint because of depression.

But I know Elle.

Art is what she use to escape the reality. It helped her to live with me through those dark times right after my father died and I became a monster to her. It helped her to cope with my departure a few months ago so why wouldn“t it help her now? She just love Luke so much that she can“t even pick that f*cking brush and paint to let go of her anger!

With pure annoyance, I brush my hair back and sat down on the rocking chair. I“m currently inside Jacob“s nursery. The one I“ve decorated from the last few months I“ve been away from them, hoping that Elle would let me see my son again but with no luck, the toys remain sprawled out aimlessly on the ground as the cot remain cold because of emptiness.

I was brought back to the situation at hand when my phone rang. I fished it out of my pocket and answered, hearing Joe“s gruff voice at the other end, "You won“t expect this, Gabriel but I think our plan had failed. She“s escaping now! She is running away." Joe paused for a moment before adding the last bits of the information, "I think she“s going to follow Luke and ask him to let her join him back to London."

Joe doesn“t need to tell those words for me to make up my decision of going back to the city right away because as he tell me about her running away again, I was already out of the nursery, down to the stairs and out to the garage.

My car let out a beep as I unlock it, slipping down the driver side, I insert the key to the ignition and turn the engine on. The wheels screeched as I stepped down on the gas, gates opening as I swore under my breath.

"I“ll fucking get her back now, whether she would like it or not!"



I wandered aimlessly through the dark streets of New York, not caring about all these busy people talking on their phones and the cabs chasing each other on the road. I walked slowly as the drizzle lull my baby to sleep. I cautiously slip into another block from the dark alley as I spotted a black bentley that kept on following me.

Shit...paparazzi“s. Wouldn“t they just stop on dipping their nose on my business?!

I can“t understand why they still keep on following me. I made it clear that me and Gabriel are done, so why now?

I tug at the strap of the duffel bag wh

ike stupid ghosts of mine!"

She stood there with her mouth open wide. I guess she still need a minute or two to process that I know his brother“s dirty little secrets.

I shook my head twice and walked down the hallway, finding myself on the other room next to hers as I rummage through my bag, "I“ll stay here for the night and for Luke...he, he will return back to London tonight." I shrugged as she stood there, her eyes still wide and her mouth opened.

"He left you?" She asked, looking at me with her eyes shining with tears, she put the carseat down on the bed as she blinked her eyes.

"Kind of."

"But, Luke-he wanted you, he love you, Elle..." I just shook my head sighed, putting my now asleep baby down on the car seat and putting pillows around it so he won“t topple over and fall.

"No, I think not. He“s just confuse of his feeling because he thought that-" I was rudely interrupted when the balcony doors creaked and out came a hooded guy.

"What the-"

I snatch my baby out of the carseat and pulled the lamp off from the bedside table, swinging it infront of us. Neo stood awkwardly as I handed her my son; she look at me and the cloaked man with her wide eyes as she grab Jacob.

"Who the hell are you?!"

I swung the lamp on my front as the figure moved, the moon casting it“s light on this dark room, giving the man a mysterious glow. "Are you sent here by Gabriel? You know, I don“t give a freaking unicorn poop about his shizballs, okay? I“m done with all these so just please, don“t snatch my baby away from me..." I was surprise when the figure move, turning unto us with a smug smile.

Oh no...

He pulled the hood off his face and look at my boy and to me.

"Caught you..."


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