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   Chapter 27

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"Everything“s being monitored, sir. We expect that within 24 hours, they“ll be back." I stared at Joe“s nephew after listening to his report.

"Good, you may now retire the rest of the ni- I mean day, Ryan. Good day." I hear him shuffle through the door as his footsteps fade out of the room back to the hall.

I stared at the picture and scrutinize it. My chin, my eyes, my hair, my nose...everything.No one will doubt it that he“s really my son.

My boy have grown already and it“s been two months since I saw him for real. I never even get the chance to hold him or speak to him. I miss his gurgle and hiccups, his laugh and his giggles. Even his cries and snorts makes me tear up a little every time I remember him.

I miss him so much...

I turn my attention to the other picture and stared at his mother, holding him closer to her chest while she covered his face.

She just finished arguing at Luke, walking out of the restaurants.

That arse! I“ll break his neck in any chances I“ll get.

Urrgh, but I...can“t .

Though I“ll win them back, both Elle and my boy.

The next picture shows her walking down on the street carrying a bag and a small bundle strapped on her chest, I cannot resist the way my hands grip the side of my desk, counting to ten as I tried to ease myself down on my chair, I want her back but she hurt my feelings. She doesn“t even listen to my explanations.

I tried so hard but she still won“t be please. I“ve stoop so low to win her heart but it seems that she“s challenging me to let go of all my possessions and stripped off my clothes so I can be with her.

She should“ve known that she didn“t marry a simple guy, she married a billionaire, for freaking out loud!

With that, I stood from my seat. Turning off the lights on my office, I walk down the hall and to my room. Staring back at our wedding picture, I whispered, "Oh, Elle. What am I gonna do to you?"



I wanted to call Gabe, like right now.

I wanted to go to his penthouse and knock on his door tonight and bother him and maybe, I“ll force him to let me crawl unto his lap, settle there and cry.

I want Gabriel to comfort me, to tell me that he“ll never ever leave me again; That we“ll work through it and everything will be alright.

But that chance is never gonna happen.

All because of me and my selfishness and bitterness of not wanting to give him a chance. I never really give him a chance to prove himself to me. I chose to consider my side of the story and not his. I never listened to his explanations and the worst is that I always blame him for everything.

As I inhaled Jacob“s scent, I looked out of the window of this yellow cab, and can“t help but be angry at myself for all that is happening around me. It“s my fault that Gabe and me didn“t work. All because of my immatu


I kiss his forehead and hugged him closer to me, crying silently as I realised that he“s not going to meet his father again because of my doing.

The pain in my heart is unbearable, the hole spiraling in me, swallowing me...I can“t believe that history is repeating itself. Me, and my child, fatherless.

I can still remember those nights I sleep trying to forget this things, trying to make myself comfortable with the new family I“ve got, the Greene“s. I“m their only child, adopted... so I“m all alone.

I tried to look for my brother, but I can“t remember his name...and now I almost had Luke.

With a determine look on my eyes, I put Jacob back on his cot and entered the closet, preparing to pack off everything else that we would need for my trip to Paris.

I“m on the run again.

Even though I wanted to stay here and continue my life with my son, I“m not sure about being happy again. The fact that Gabe is a couple of kilometers away, makes me want to just go back to him and plead him to forgive me. I wanted to go back and try again and this time, I won“t focus on just me, I“ll consider his feelings. I won“t screw it all up, again.

But too much wishful thinking it was.

With a sigh, I grab my stack of canvas papers on the shelf and was surprised when a book slipped, only to see a tattered picture float down on the floor from it. I picked it up and squinted trying to recognize the face...

I can“t believe this!

I turned it on it“s back only to see a faded handwriting.

March 7,

Gone fishing in the North of London together with the City Mayor and his family, still missing my little sister. Mia“ll always be in my heart.

Lucas (Hansel) Stevens

The words are written on a dark ink, blurred due exposure but I can still see the Hansel on top of the Stevens, and the eager line which tried to erase it.

Lucas Hansel?

I mean Stevens,



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