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   Chapter 26

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It“s FRIDAY today and I“m REALLY BUSY doing my take home projects. Pssh! Why would they even give us long weekends if there are still a lot of things to do, right?

Actually, I“m just lazy to go to finish my projects or even go back to“s MONDAY soon, after all :/




"Yeah," I stared at my son and put the bottle of milk on the bedside table.

"Mmhmm," I pushed the blanket off me and carried him, "Oh, right. It“s 6 in the morning now, maybe I“ll just meet you there at 9?"

"Okay..." The other line bleeped as I put the phone back at the table. "You my little prince will finally go out with me," I smiled and carried him in the bathroom, laying him down on the high chair as I throw the towel on the hang and let the hot water flow down on the tub.

I removed my clothes first and next is his, getting into the tub as I rub the liquid soap on his back.

It“s been five months since we“re both release from the hospital. Life was good now that I am with Jacob.

No, you thought I was with Luke? Bunch of bull, I only see him as my brother.

Though that boy is very persistent, wanting me to be his girl, I still didn“t agree. I told you so, I love him and treat him as my brother.

Nothing more.

Well, in the other way around the divorce papers is approved and sealed and me and Gabriel are officially separated. Like really. . Though, sometimes I“m still hoping that he will still fight and win me over. I guess, my words really hit home this time.

Considering myself harsh and rude, I can“t help but act like it because I was deeply hurt by him. I can“t just let him into my heart so easily then let him trample it again, right? I gave him a challenge but I think, I“ve overdone it all.

When he hadn“t return the next day after our fight, I thought he“s just cooling off but then he sent off Joe; he talked me about terms on when he could see his son and I asked Joe about why and he simply told me that Gabe wasn“t feeling good at all and that he“s too busy to ever come for a visit.

Indeed he is.

What with the news telling about all the ventures he will start up later this year and the upcoming events he“s been invited to. Not only did they pester his schedule but also our relationship. The papparazzi“s are not satisfied with him not saying a word about our divorce. I“ve always been trailed around ever since Jacob“s birth but the other tail on the shadow makes me feel kind of, safe.

I know that it“s Gabriel, all along.

He“s stalking me. I“ve seen his car parked down on the next block of my apartment a couple of weeks ago. Joe, his bodyguard, is the one who visited us about a day ago, asking me about how is everything going. He acted as the mediator, telling me about Gabe and how he“s not coping up. He even asked if he can borrow my child for just a split second for Gabe“s sake, but of course, I didn“t agree.

I still don“t know what that monkey is cooking, he doesn“t show himself but I know he“s just trying to wait for that particular moment to ruin me.

Probably kidnapped my child or worst, take me away from my son...

Even though I“m currently alone with my son, I still long for that familiar musky, woody and very intoxicating but calming scent that made me arouse. I long for him and his annoying presence; those arms that I grip, his tousled hair, those ravishing lips...

Oh, wait!

I stretched my left arm for the towel and carried Jacob up before putting him down on the changing table, slipping unto my bathrobe I laid his clothes down.

"You cuttie cuttie!"

I craddled him on my arms before going out of the bathroom only to enter our closet.

ure my heart though it“s not here, He have it.

I glance down at my plate, completely losing the appetite I had a while ago. Staring at my son, I close the space between us and snatched him off his chair, "Elle, I know it hurts you but this is all wrong. I know I promise that I won“t leave you but the fact I gathered out is so complicated. I have explanations, reasons, that I can“t tell you right now but someday I“ll come back to you. I just need to let it all sink in and verify it. Please, I need you to understand me-"

"No. You promised me."

"I know Elle, it“s so sudden and confusing but you should understand me. There“s a reason behind it all."

"How can I understand you when you won“t even tell me the reason behind all these? Make me understand that you will come back to support me until I recover because right now, it felt like you are ditching me. You are just like him. I treated you as a family, I treated you as my brother," I wipe a stray tear as he look at me, his eyes shining with guilt before he look down and spoke, "But I“m not your family. I am just the guy who saved you and Jacob. Nothing more than a substitute to your Gabriel..."

"Is that what you really think you are?" I asked, standing up from my seat with Jacob on my arms, "Then you are f*cking wrong. All of you," I pointed at those lads eating with their girlfriends on this small diner and sobbed, "All of you, are the same. You are all ignorant of what we , women, really feel. You just always look at us as your toys, not human beings." I stared at Luke and nodded at him. "I hope you will really go back as you promise me and tell me the reason behind all these. Have a safe flight..." I lean down and kiss his cheek, momentarily lingering to hug him before I stood up straight.

With that, I grab my bag and push the door, walking down the street with my five month old child on my arms, wondering in the cold spring on what LIFE will throw at me again as I tried to walk pass my past...again.

Freaking Life and its Lemons.


So, what now? Quite confusing I know...especially on Elle“s case. She wanted to be with Gabe again, too late though.

Both of them are just too late.

And for Luke, well.

I know you want to kick me or hit me but really, I“ve got something prepared for our british lad.

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