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   Chapter 25

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"I need you to settle my appointments for tomorrow with the Bueno“s," I glance at Joe as he sat across me, his form stiff. "And I need you to update me more about Cherry and Victoria. Have there been any different happenings or it completely ceased?" I shoot questions at him, not wanting to waste any moment as I start to phase.

"It has been half a year or so since we heard about Cherry Woods." He cleared out his throat and nodded like he need to do that to convince himself that it had been almost seven months. He gripped the arm of the chair and sighed, looking at me, "It seems like she“s not connected to Victoria or whatsoever. She only did her job, to protect her patient. She did it because of the patient“s request that“s why we can“t press any charges to her lies...As for Victoria, she“s now in Paris, taking up fashion and design to one of the universities there. She“s still attending to her shrinks though, Mr. Atkinson, remember?"

I just nodded my head at him and sighed. No trace of threat; just perfect for my son and wife. I can now focus on giving them my full attention because of not worrying about problems that might arise though my agents are there to tend to these crisis, especially Joe. I was about to ask Joe about the deal to one of our clients when someone knocked and a mop of brown hair appeared by the door.

"Uncle Joe, you are needed in the office today at 3pm. Fox needs to talk to you about some case with the Hilton“s..." Ryan look down after saying this. Joe shot me a look before telling me a goodbye.

With that, it“s my cue to work my arse off and wait until six pm to see Jacob.

Damn, that“s seven hours of waiting!


I smiled, tapping my pocket as to make sure that the present is still there. Getting off my car, I click the button and hear it beeped. I didn“t waste my time as I shot a look at the valet and run the remaining feet to the half closing door of the lift.

I clicked five and waited patiently. The teenage boy smirked at me as we ascended, tipping his hat as he went out on the third. Hmm, he might“ve known me or seen me somewhere. The elevator door opened with a ping and I walk off.

504 EJ West.

Oh, well. It still haven“t fail to surprise me everytime I look at her address. It“s just cool to know that my surname is where her room is located. Not to mention that it“s her first name initial and Jacob“s also. Shaking my head, I knocked on the door and smiled as the door opened, revealing Elle with a half asleep Jacob on her arms.

He“d grown.

It“s been 3 months since they were release from the hospital; Three months since they went home from there. It“s been three months since I started my routine of spending three days and a night with them every week. Three months of taking care of my son, constantly changing his diaper, making his milk, dealing with his cries, waking at his smiles. Three months of convincing myself that I still have the chance. Three months of surpressing my impatient self to make a contract again and threaten Elle to sign it or else she“s not going to see Jacob ever again. Albeit I am tempted to do that, I can“t risk my chances of being with them again.

Three months....

Of course, anything can happen in the span of these days; Unpredictable days of weeks, of months...

I can barely remember the details of each day except for the occassional unexpected happenings like Jacob“s sudden giggles and sneezes and blabberings or Elle“s rant about our son“s poop smelling like it“s some milk that has been stocked in the fridge since the 80“s “til now.

"Gabriel." I am momentarily distracted as she pulled me inside the living room, hastily and pushed Jacob on my arms. "This might“ve surprised you but I really need to go now."

I frown at her words, not really getting her point as I stare at my son. He had my eyes and I am mesmerised as I watch my reflection dance on his cool cerulean eyes . "What“re you saying? Are you ditching me?" I stared at Jacob and stated, "Us?"

She sighed throwing her hands up in defeat as I carefuly held my son with my left hand, "No. I“m just going to attend some really important exhibit and I can“t bring Jacob there." She sat down on the couch an pulled my hand down. "I“ve been wanting to go into that event to talk to an artist who could help me showcase my art for their next exhibit. And also, she can help me to join into their guild, making it easier for me to sell my work and not rely on you...or your money." She whispered the last words, carefully pulling them out of her thoughts. I can“t help but feel hurt when she said those words; l

eek, the contact stinging my skin. "How could you even assume that? You and Neo are wrong! Luke is just my friend. Nothing intimate!" She waved her hands on the air before pointing a finger at my chest. "He serves as my rock, so I can surpass your blows. I wish we really had that special relationship so I can get over you and your stupid cold self!" She prodded her finger before pulling away, speaking as she turn her back at me. "I can“t help but wish we never happen. Maybe life“s better with Luke..."

I cringe at her words, holding myself off to remain standing even though my body wanted to collapse of physical fatigue and emotional breakdown. Ignoring her last few words, I spoke, "But it“s not what I see; “tis not what people see. Even if you want to deny it again and again, it“s useless. Even though you completely stated that we are done, my heart doesn“t believe it because in here, no matter how cold it is, there“s a special place you invaded that warms my whole being..." Thought it“s slowly turning frozen again.

I want to punch myself for being so cliché but it“s my heart that is talking, not my conscious mind.

"Elle, I know I hurt you more that I could ever count with my fingers, hands and feet combined. I have scarred you for life and I know that but you, being with that-that Luke, hurts me even more. I never did look to other girls, I don“t even have a contact with Victoria since the day that you heard the phone call. I remain tranquil and waiting for your love but you never return it too. I might“ve acted like a beast in the past but it“s because I need your tears for me to be saved." She turn towards me and frown, opening her mouth though no words escape from them.

"Hearing you talk about Luke. Your plans of being with him, having a life with him hurts me more and more that I just want to punch him but I can“t . I can“t do that because of you. I“m really trying so hard to change, but this?"

She look down before she let out a breath, "Well, maybe we should just accept the fact that there will be no us. No matter how hard you tried to piece it all back, you can“t recover the lost pieces “cause they are gone forever..."

I frown down at my shoes deciphering the meaning of her words but it seems that my mind can“t function anymore. I bit my lip, looking at her one last time before I opened my mouth. "I guess it“s my cue to say goodbye," I didn“t blink as my feet work themselves, closing the distance between us before I settle a kiss on her forehead, "Goodnight, amore. Remember, I will always love you..." I hold my breath as she sniffed. My feet moving in autopilot as I half run out of the door, closing it behind me as I leaned on it for support.

I never have cried this hard for a girl before.


Seriously, I cried.

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