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   Chapter 24

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"Perhaps there will be only one boy that I“d love until the day I die..." I was surprise when Neola suddenly stood, "Neo?"

"Uhm--I probably should be going, I needed to-" She stuttered but I just lean and enclosed her hand with mine.

"Neola," I smiled at her and sighed, "I“m talking about my boy, Jacob. There will be no man on earth that will receive my love more than my angel. Only him, Neola. Only him..."

"But, how “bout me?" A blonde head suddenly peered out of the door as I spoke; Luke came in and sat beside me, resting his head on my shoulder

"Luke," I can“t help but give him a smile as I reminisce the day I woke up which was a week ago from what I thought was an endless sleep, a peaceful state on this bed where I was situated right now.

It“s been a week since I saw my child for the first time. There“s no doubt of him as a “West“ since he is a spitting image of his father which reminds me -- Gabe haven“t payed me a visit since the day I woke but I“m informed about his daily visit to Jacob making me completely aware that he was the one who brought the roses.

Many things had happened in just a week like meeting my savior, Luke Stevens and how he felt so familiar to me that I am drawn very close to him in just a short time.

I was charmed. I guess Neola, too.

You“ll never deny that this man is from Europe; with his blonde hair, blue powdery eyes, enigmatic smile and the undeniable british accent-he“s hot and perfect and I“d like to have him all for myself except the fact that I don“t feel like that towards him. I treat him like a family, like a brother.

I“m just happy to be with my son and the fact that today, we“re going back home to my apartment in New York.

"Luke!" I push his head off before his snot spill on my shirt. "You love me, right?" He smiled, snuggling his head deeper on the hollow of my neck.

"Don“t be so ridiculous, Luke." I frow at his puppy dog eyes as I tried to push him off the bed but his fat arse wouldn“t barge.

"But, I love little Ela" He stated before pulling me down and tickling me.

"Luke, Stop!" I tried to get away from him but he just tackled me, "Luke!"

We suddenly stopped when I heard the door closed. "Neola?" I look around and found no one but me and Luke, lying down on the bed,


I stared at Luke, showing my tongue off before I kicked him out of my room, "El-"


Neola might have thought that something is going on between me and Luke. That gal, she clearly misunderstood everything.

Luke, is like my brother. I treated him and loved him the same way I did to my lost or dead brother; I really don“t know who or where he is.

I can“t even remember his name...



"You heart; you stupid ignorant idiotic dumbass organ inside my chest..." I stated as I walk out of the room and to the hallway leading up to the neonatal unit. "You just don“t learn your lessons don“t you? You just want to follow what you want!"

I screamed to no one in particular as I jogged, "I just want to rip you off my chest so you“ll stop beating and maybe then I can throw you down on the cliff where no one can find or even retrieve you!" The nurse momentarily stop as she stare at me with wide eyes, but I just shake her off and continue my rant.

With pure annoyance and irritation, I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and called, "Neola, why did you call? Is Jacob--"

"No, idiot. Jacob“s fine." I sighed, leaning on the staircase to catch my breath. "You know what, Gabriel? I“m very pissed at you. You just don“t care right? Or maybe you just don“t mind what“s going on around

party prepared by my father.

I shook my head as I continue to follow her inside the suite. She fumbled with a few more keys and we entered her room, "Just put the bags on the side, near the drawers." I do as she said as she enter the room adjacent to hers.

I followed behind her and was surpise to see the inside. It“s a nursery, painted green with a tree on the side holding off his name, JACOB.

So Neola knew it all along that she“ll name him Jacob. I watch Elle as she pulled Jacob out from the car seat and settle him down on his cot. She attached a machine on the side and turn to me, "We need to talk. We need to settle the following agreements and I“ll tell you my rules."

She didn“t close the door on our way out. She led me inside the kitchen as we both sat on the barstool facing the counter, "I want it to be limitless..." I stated before she even spoke. " I want to visit my son whenever I feel like I want to."

"You could," she shrugged but I do anticipate the but to see her lip popping on the “b“ "But, in one condition; you need to call me first. You aren“t supposed to come barging in early in the morning or late in the evening and demand me to show you your child. I“ve my job and I have my clients so if ever we are not here, don“t follow us. Understood?"

"Yes." I nodded, expecting the answers I anticipated to hear from her.

"Second." She held out her two fingers to me and continued, "I want you to stay far from me as possible. I don“t want to engage in a relationship again if you“re saying that it“s unfair. We“re not going to happen again, Gabriel. Please consider my heart, are we clear?"

"Crystal." My eyes hardened themselves as I clenched my jaw, restraining myself from trashing the kitchen because of my disappointment to myself and also because I didn“t expect for her to say that to me like I was a dog or something?

"Another thing--" a knock interrupted the next word she was about to say. Finding it hard for me to concentrate of the things that she“s saying, I push myself up and opened the door; not expecting the one who is standing there, his hands halfway up as he is about to knock again.

"Luke! I didn“t know that you were coming," Elleana let out a chuckle as she stood behind me. She let out a sigh again before whispering, "He“s the next thing we should talk about. Really need to talk about..."


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