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   Chapter 23

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I stared at the man as he struggled with the ropes; His coat drenched, face ashened as he frown, holding my hand, "Go to your Mama, Ella!"

"But Papa-"

"Now!" He pushed me as I stumbled off the deck and down to where my mother sat on the bed, comforting my brother, "Mama! What“s happening?" My mother never answered but instead she pull me unto her lap and hum on my ears.

The scene shifted and I found myself cold; water lapping on my body as I keep on floating, "Mama? Papa?!" I scream, my voice quivering in every repetition, "Brother? Where are you?" My voice echoed but there“s no response.

And then there it is, that familiar tug on my stomach. I fling my arms as I try to keep myself from sinking; struggling with the waves as far as my arms could. I keep on pushing the darkness but I don“t have enough strength. It“s too heavy but I manage to push up a bit and--


"Elle?! Ohmygosh--" I stared at Neo for awhile before my eyes droop again, drifting off to another scene.


"Ella, hold my shirt!" I stared at my brother as he help me up, pulling me through the waves and to a floating debris of our ship.

I was about to pull my legs up and slung it unto the debris when thewater suddenly turn violent; splashing, nipping at my legs with its liquid fang, "Ella?!"

"Brother!" I didn“t have the time to register what happen next when I was again pulled from my dream and back to the real world.


"I“ll take Jacob to my place, tonight" There“s some pause before someone spoke, "Elle won“t like it, Gabriel! You need to wa-"

"But he“s my son too! As much as possible, I want to be with him." I turn my head to the side as I struggled with my eyes to open. "But, Gabriel--"

I know why Neo stopped talking again because now I“m fully awake. My eyes drifted from her to Gabriel, scrutinizing him. I was about to speak when Neo rushed to my side and gave me a hug. "Elle!" She then let go of me before returning with a glass on her hand. "Here, drink it."

I finished it off before turning my eyes back to my ex-husband, "What I heard awhile ago... is Jacob--?" I asked, my voice quivering as I await his response.

"He“s our son." Gabriel answered, before he walk nearer.

"You named him Jacob?" I asked, cringing as the sound I let out scratch my dried throat. "I sort of suggested it?" Neo answered before she shrugged, "I thought you would like it since it“s your fath--"

"And what are you saying about moving him to your place, huh?" I interrupted Neola before she blurt everything about the facts of my past, turning my gaze back to my husband.

Gabriel gulped, looking down he said, "Jacob will be released tonight and I“m hoping that he“ll spend his first night outside the hospital...possibly with me?" I clenched my fist on the sheets as I struggled to sit myself up.

I momentarily laugh before I spoke, "Now you wanted him? What happen to “never going back“ and “that bastard is not my son“. What about those papers you sent me, huh? What are those for, Gabe?" I wipe the tears off of my eyes with my wrist, sniffing." You don“t care for us! You just don“t trust me enough to believe that he is really yours. You still need to have test right? Maybe, you need to compare everything from your nose to those lips, those eyes...he“s always been yours!" I sighed as my eyes grew tired of the tears that are falling down my cheek.

"I know that and I“m sorry for being an asshole. I know

itself irked me as I proceed to end the call.

How can Victoria do that to me? To betray me behind my back?

I guess Love“s not all good; it can be evil too, considering that it pushes you to do stupid things.

Like what Victoria just did.





"Arrgh," I pulled the cream colored towel off the rail and carried the basin unto the tap, "You Gabriel, you ignorant stupid moron..." I rambled, applying soap on the rag before rinsing it. "I wish you are not my brother. Why am I so lucky to be even related to a skunk like you? Urrgh! You just don“t learn, don“t you? You just want to do what you want!"

I screamed to no one in particular as I applied more soap on the rag, "I just want to rip your head off your ass so you“ll stop arguing and see the world!" The water splashed everywhere as I throw the towel down on the basin, carrying it up as I proceed next to Jacob“s bed.

I pulled his left arm as I slipped the towel on his armpit, careful not to pull them so hard. "You know what, Jacob? I“m very pissed at your mom and dad. Your mom--She is, I don“t know; very insensitive now, like she just don“t care. Ever since your father left her she doesn“t care of what is happening around her and I hate it and your father...he“s so ignorant that he don“t realise how he needed to work for their relationship. Those two, I just don“t understand them." I rub it back up on his arm only to proceed with his other arm.

"And the worse thing here is Luke, the stranger who save you and your mother. I am falling for him but I think he likes your mother. I know it“s a bit impossible yet my heart wants what it wants. It“s only been three weeks but I“ve been falling hard for the lad, and I can“t do anything about it..." I sighed; putting away the basin as I whisked him away from his bed, settling him in the warmth of my arms.

"Oh Jacob, I wish you“ll be the light that will guide us; that you“ll be the bridge between us. You are our only hope..."

With that I settled a kiss on his forehead before I walk out of the room.


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