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   Chapter 22

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-I dedicate this chapter to @Destinywarriors . HEY, very curious gal ;)

So, it“s been three long days and my exams have killed me, partially. Albeit I just wanted to lay my head down and sleep, I still made a chapter done for you to read.

Enjoy amigos!




I stared at my watch and waited some more...

10 more seconds and---

"Mr. West, you“re early again," I smiled at the elderly nurse who watch the neonatal platform. She handed me the usual costume. I shrug off my watch and my phone before getting dress with the hospital gown over my suit, haircover on my head and mask over my mouth.

It“s been a week after the accident. A week without another response from Elle nor an update from Joe who“s still searching for Cherry.

I bit my lip, silently opening the door as I followed the nurse“s trail. I quickly walk beside her as she guide me into the back portion of the barely lit room. I smiled when I reach him, sleeping soundly as the nurse stood there, checking his chart. I was surprise when she began to remove the cover then the wires before she lift him off his cot and make a move to hand him to me, "Wait! Are you seriously letting me hold him?"

"Yes, sir. It really helps on the improvement of physical as well as emotional development of the baby," With that she made a look and urge me to fix my hand before laying the baby down on my arms.

I probably would have look ridiculous with my eyes and mouth wide open and my body stiff. Teresa just chuckled at me before she put a hand on my shoulder, "Relax, sir. You“re not going to break him by holding him and you do need to pay attention to his moves because he might fall. All you have to do is to adjust your hand like that and tada! He“s secured. You“re fine now..."She smiled again as I look down at my son. "Maybe you“d like to lay your hands on his head too," I do just what she told me and smiled, his hair is so soft and light and brown, a little bit curly too.

I smiled and caress his cheek, surprised when he move closer to my hand. "It seems that he already knows you, sir. He know“s you“re his father..." I glance at her as she nod back, clasping her hands as she chuckle once again. After a few minutes, I have gotten used to him being on my arms that I didn“t see Teresa escaping through the doors. "Just call me when you need anything, Mr. West, I“ll be on front."

She smiled again at me but before she completely left at the door, I spoke, "I insist that you call me, Gabriel, Teresa..." She turned back again and look at me in the eye, "Well, if you do insist me to do so then okay, Gabriel..." She turn back around and chuckled again, closing the door behind her.

"Hey there, son..." I smiled at the baby in my arms before I lean on the wall, not so far from the left side of his bed; careful of not pulling the wires.

I caress his cheek, glad to receive a respond from him when he lean again, "I really don“t know what to say to you, Jacob. Maybe I should start by saying sorry to you first." I sighed, leaning my head down on his own as I rocked him from side to side, "I never believe your mom when she told me about you, Jacob. I am without a doubt, doesn“t have any trust at her that I won“t even believe her. I thought she was lying–that you are a product of her unfaithfulness but it“s not true–she“s very loyal to me and I hate myself for not realising that sooner."

"I know it“s clearly wrong for me to accuse her of doing such things but I am doubtful...the doctor“s told me I can“t have a heir so I believed them but now here you are, the very proof that they are wrong. So wrong..." I kissed his forehead and smiled as he nuzzled his head on my chest, "I will be the best dad for you, Jacob. I“ll do everything in my power to make you and your mother happy. I“ll fight to win her back again, son--and this time, I“ll make sure that I won“t fail." I whispered the last words on his ear before humming to him, rocking him from left to right.

I never realised that it had b

No need for a tank and those wires, an IV maybe but he“s completely okay now..." She smiled pulling me closer to the right corner.

I was surprise when I saw my son again for the first time in three days of being away from him. If not for the urgent company meeting in Italy, I wouldn“t have to leave his side, even for the slightest bit.

I can say that he has improved. From the way he move his arms with more force and kick his legs in the air, no one will even predict that he“d almost died.

The nurse resumed her rambling.

Telling me about my son“s witt which includes him always having a knack of interrupting every conversation she have with other employees because of crying so loud. Not only would it make her to attend to him but to also check the triplets who will cry with him every moment they get the chance. She also told me about his appetite finally improving and in just a few more days, he“ll be fine to go.

To where? I“m not so sure, Elle“s still not awake to argue with me about that nor did she have to protest when I“ll finally take him home to mine.

I zoned out of Teresa“s ramblings as I picked him off his cot, kissing his head before I hum to him. He might“ve memorize my scent because he suddenly snuggled close to me, his body trying to warp itself on mine.

I stayed like that for a while, holding him close to me as I rock us back and forth. Teresa had returned to her desk, leaving me alone with my son as I talk to him anout my business; apologizing for being gone for three days because I have to work.

I just continue talking to him like he can somewhat understand my situation; telling him about his mother waking any time now and soon would meet him with her comforting arms.

With one last kiss to him for a good night, I settled him down, went out of the door and remove my costume. Teresa collected them telling me her own set of goodbye as I enter the elevator. It dings as I reached the ground floor, opening up to the parking lot.

I was about to settle inside my car when someone called my name only to register that it was actually my sister. Neola jogged up to me, her breathing coming out in pants. "Brother--it“s Elle."

"What?! What happened?" I asked, shaking her.

"She-" She stared at me before blurting out those three words, "She“s awake now..."


Dun dun dun! Finally, Elle“s awake! :D. You know what? I love Gabriel“s caring side; He“ll make a good father and baby Jacob is really growing close to him.

So, what can you say about this chapter? Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Opinions?


Love this book? Or chap?


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