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   Chapter 21

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"Gabe? How come you are here?!

I screamed to no one in particular but to the man who is sleeping beside Elleana, the man whom, unfortunately I was related in blood with.

"Oh, I-uh-sort of...fell asleep?" He stared up at me looking like a ripe tomato because his face is so red.

I could“ve laugh at him in a different situation but not right now.

"I just came to see her before I go back to my office but it seems that I dose off before doing so," I was surprised when he suddenly bowed his head down, hiding his face.

", you are here now? You are taking tabs on her now? You care for her now, huh? I“m guessing that you wanted them back, now?" I let out a humorless laugh before looking back at my brother. "Are you f*cking serious, Gabriel?! Or you just really want to f*ck her up then leave?" He stared at me his eyes hard as his jaw clenched.

"You accuse her of cheating on you. You insulted her, called her names. That did not satisfy you though, you even send her tons of that blasted papers, I mean, the divorce papers." I shook my head at him, having this sudden urge to throw the vase at his face, "How can you even do that, brother? How heartless for you to do that? You are a monster." I spat, my anger boiling up as I walk nearer.

"So, we are having this talk now?" He glared at me, his fist bawled up as he let out a sigh.

"Yes. I want you to tell me why you need to do all that to your wife. Not because I want to intervene on your business but I“ve grown to love her; I am concern of her! She doesn“t deserve all that, Gabe. She love you so much to suffer the consequences of it on your hands." I bit my lip and look back at him. "Why did you do all that, Gabe? Why didn“t you just talk to her about this problem?"

"Because I was hurt, Neo! I was. " he stared at me and down at her, "I have my doubts, my reasons. I don“t even know if she really was genuine to me. Come on think about it, if it really is my child, why would she lie about it five months ago? She should“ve at least, told me the truth, that they are still alive. She would“ve tried to reach out and-"

"Would you believe her then? That it was your child? The reason why you are here in this room, is that you finally have the proof that Jacob is your son. If there“s no test, would you still claim her as your wife? Much worse to the part of your child. That baby is suffering because of you, Gabriel." He just stared at me, his face unreadable.

"Do you know how Elle felt when you left her? Do you know how she cried every time she“ll see me because she remember you? How she just let out her anger on her paintings? How she eat her cheeseballs alone while watching pretty little liars repeatedly because she just want to stop the crying and laugh? How she bawled her eyes out and snuggled up to Choc for warmth because she feels too cold and alone and rejected?" I throw question after question at him as his frown deepened, "You don“t know all her sufferings! You are not there to witness it all; She force herself to accept the fact that you rejected her and your unborn child so she can finally have the closure."

He sighed, his eyes lowering down at Elle, "I know that and you don“t need to repeat it for me. I“m not there for her because I thought they are gone, how many times should I repeat that to you, Neola? And it“s not easy for me at first to accept that Jacob“s mine. Without those proofs, the test...then I won“t believe anyone. Dr. Jackson--"

"F*ck that Doctor. F*ck all those doctors including that Cherry girl..."I muttered, interrupting him. "Can you just stop blaming them,

to change things between us...this is the last shot for us, a chance for a better life."

I leaned closer and caressed my brother“s cheeks, rough with stubble and quite wet with tears. "You can change it if you stay, brother; If you stop running away. You don“t need to listen to your mind for now, brother, listen to your heart for once. There“s still a chance, it“s not the end yet, brother. Cancel the divorce, be with your wife and child. Give it all a chance."

"But it“s done, Neo. It“s already stated by the law, and by next week we“re legally separated. She will hate me as soon as she open her ryes..." I pulled him closer to me so I can give him a hug, remembering the old times on which this situation are reversed, "Gabriel-"

"Uh, Neo-I don“t want to be rude or something because of interrupting you two but, is that...normal?"

Okay. I tell you this. I“m quite annoyed when brit lad interrupted me and my brother in our little bubble of confessions we made but I“m partly thankful or else I won“t see her opening her eyes.

Yep! She did open her eyes...











*note that this is just an interruption of the psycho author to her following readers :) *

(Running down the street and returning back with a chocolate)

“Ahhhh...okay. Where did I stop? “



"Don“t-ever--make-usworrylikethat again, Elle!" I screamed at the peaceful girl who is now back to its sleeping form.

"Neo, stop twisting your panties “cause that“s completely normal." I blush as I stared back at Eric, "Some may even move their hands or mouth or may even speak, or in this instance she opened her eyes. It“s part of our body reflex." Eric concluded as he sipped his coffee, blinking his eyes in order for him to stay awake, "That“s a good thing though..."

"What do you mean?" My brother asked the same question I had in mind.

Almost, jinx!

Eric look at him and took a sip on his cup, "She opened her eyes, next is she“ll move her hands or speak out loud and then," he look at us with her droopy eyes as he offer me a cup.

"....she“ll completely wake up"


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