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   Chapter 20

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I“m really sorry for the cliffhangers but as promised, Amigos, a chapter on the plate. Enjoy!!!




I am now standing in front of the door of the operating room, my eyes puffy and foggy as I look back again at my sister and Luke. I just nodded at him but before I say sorry to Neola, the doctor approach me.

He gave me a small smile before saying, "We“re about to pull the kid out by force now when you came. We tried to ease the clot of blood and the scarcity of oxygen on their system but we can“t prolong this anymore; we cannot let her give birth naturally because she is so weak to do so. Additional to that, she“s unconscious so we decided to just force the baby out of her by performing the caesarian section, come on inside then if you want to cut the chord." The doctorn return back on the door without waiting for me. I stole a glance back at the two before going in.

A nurse appeared beside me and handled me a hospital gown, a hair cover and mask. She also instructed me to remove my watch before I went inside and settle beside my wife.

Elle looks so pale under the surgical lights and I glance at the concussion on her head, the bruise on her cheek. Her eyes are closed as she breathe through the tube on her mouth. She lay so still that I“m afraid she“s already dead. With my heart wanting the reassurance of her still fighting, I didn“t realize my hand gripping hers as the doctors continue working on her. After fifteen long minutes, the doctor earlier called me out, handling me a scissor, "In about a minute, your son or daughter will be out. I asked you to be prepared and cut the chord quickly...."

I zeroed out on his speech as I stare back at my wife, repeating the words of the doctor inside my head “your son or daughter“. Son or daughter--She wanted the gender of our baby as a surprise but she“s not awake to see it for herself.

I focused back on the two doctors as they spread the skin on Elle“s lower waist, the incision is bleeding out so fast as the nurse wipe the blood from our view. The next few minutes came in a blur as the doctor pulled the baby“s head out.

They need not to make the baby cry as to make sure that the baby is alive, and to do that they have to hit the baby“s bottom. The act caught me off guard as a loud wail filled the room. I stared down at the baby as my tears spilled down my cheek, "Mr. West. It“s a boy." The doctor smiled, putting the baby on top of Elle“s stomach before I cut the chord. I was surprised when the baby soon stopped crying as he lay peacefully on top of her mother“s stomach.

After a minute or two, the doctor handed me the boy and asked, "What could be his name, Mr. West? Do you have anything in mind?" I didn“t answer back as I glance down at the face of the cherubim. I was surprised when he suddenly open his mouth and suck on thin air. After that he wailed, his face turning red as he continue to cry but what surprises me is when he suddenly stop again and made this little gurgling sound.

"Oh, geez." The doctor snatch him out of my arms as he instructed everyone inside the room, making them bustle and hustle as the doctor lay the baby inside a small bed and connected machines in him.

"Sir, I“m so sorry to say this but we need to transfer your son on the neonatal unit. His lungs are not yet fully developed and I“m afraid that his cries awhile ago are signals to us that he“s struggling for oxygen. Now, if you“ll excuse us..." Before I knew what the doctor was saying, I was kicked out of the operating room again.



I stared at the nurses as they rushed inside the operating room, alarms blaring inside it as I watch my brother went out of the door.

He look so disgruntled as his jaw lock themselves tight, his left hand playing wringing his fingers on the right as his scowl deepened; he walk for a couple of feet before settling himself down on the seat closer to the door.

"Gabe," Luke muttered as we approach my brother, "What happen inside, mate?"

Gabriel just frown at us before biting his lip. He didn“t give me an answer for awhile but as I leaned closer to him, I can hear him sniffing as tears continue to flow down his eyes, "Neo, I almost killed them. I almost killed two lives again,"He stated before looking up at me, "She hit her head pretty hard and is in coma and the baby he-he“s suffering because of me..." I reached out as he grab my arms, flinging himself to me as he hang for his dear life.

"No don“t blame yourself for that, Gabe. You feel so guilty about everything that“s why everything is falling around you. It“s like you are attracting negative energy which is trapping you in your own doom." He glance up at me and reasoned, "But that child, Neo. The boy...he could not be mine. I really want to believe but it contrasted with my diagnosis. It will be completely absurd to even think about it because Dr. Jackson--"

"Stated that you are not capable to reproduce. Alright." I finished his speech before turning down to him, " You“ll never know unless you prove it, Gabe. Now get you pretty little ass off that chair and strutt inside that door again to ask the doctor if they could perform a paternity test for you." He just look at me and scowled, "I should go inside now, then." With that he pushed open the door and closed it.

Bruh, I can“t wait for you to stick your head off your arse; You“re just so stupid for someone who own billions.

And to think that he could al

collapsed on the floor, "I“m going crazy, Elle."

The machine bleeped, making me look back at her bruise face, a gash on the side of her cheek. "I“m sorry, I mean, I don“t want all this to happen so wrong--the divorce, the accident...everything! This wasn“t supposed to happen if I just believe in you." I pulled my hair and stared at her unmoving form," I“m so fucked up, Elle...."

"I“ve ruined you and myself," I want to touch her so much, pull her up that bed and to my lap. I want to hold her close to me that it“s killing me to watch her there, lying so still like a corpse. I held my hands together avoiding any contact with her nor that blasted machine.

I“ve done enough chaos to last forever.

A century have passed before I stood, standing beside the death bed of my beloved wife, watching her life slipped on my grasp just because of my own doing.

"Maybe you understand now why I wanted the divorce at first, why I wanted to distance myself away from you because I hate to lure you on my misery. I thought I killed our son that“s why I feel so guilty. Do you hear me? It“s a baby boy! We have a baby boy. You both are very important to me. Very, very... you don“t understand how it pains me to send you the divorce papers but it has to happen anyways. I need to let you go, so you can live your life back but seeing you on the news, with your baby made me furious. I thought it“s all your cover up to protect the baby whom I assume is not mine." I sighed, confessing my feeling to someone I love so much is worth it albeit it“s hard, too.

"This is all my fault. I shouldn“t have agreed to marry you. I shouldn“t have agreed to that damn contract. I shouldn“t have migrated here in the first place just to use you. I“m just the dumbest idiot in the whole galaxy. Even though I own billions of money and thousand of properties, even if they worship me for being so wise and controlling in terms of business, I“m always a fool when it comes to you." I look at her and look for signs of that dimple on her left cheek, the one that shows off every time I make her laugh.

"Elle,"I cannot help myself as my hands moved, slipping down on her wrist, warming the cold veins beneath her skin; both flesh in contact, friction making the temperature rise in this room, "I still love you. It pains me to see you like this, to hurt you. I“m confused but it“s done..."

"The contract is done. I forced you to sign it because I want all this to end, but the boy," I pulled my hand off her and stared at the beeping machine, the thought of ripping it off the table altering my conscious mind, "he“s my child...I finally saw the results and it“s all true. He“s my miracle, my heir. Seeing as he trully is mine, then I“ll do everything in my power to make the contract, void.

Even if it means that I have to make you another deal...."


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