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   Chapter 19

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That, on top is no other than Luke, the brit lad.

Another thing, I“m gonna put this chap in Neola“s point of view




"Gabe, you can“t do this! H-how could you?"

I glared at him as I take a sit on the plastic chair, "Neola, you know and I know, that she is more important. She can have a child again if she wanted to. Don“t blame me for this. I can“t lose her on this." He stated, narrowing his eyes at me.

"But the baby! It“s too precious for her. It would kill her to know that you, chose her over her angel." I cannot help the sob that escaped my mouth, shaking my body as I cried harder, "I cannot lose my unborn nephew or niece nor can I lose my only sister!" I screamed, turning my eyes at my dear old brother. Luke sat across me, his lip locked tight as he watch the exchange between me and Gabriel.

"Neola, I understand that it is hard for you to accept my decision but I am his husband. I decide what“s going to be the best for the both of them." I glared at him, not getting the point.

He can just choose both of them, right?

"No, you didn“t. It“s like you already gave them the permission to kill your child. You just don“t accept him don“t you? You don“t care about that--"

"Stop. You don“t know how I feel about all these. You don“t have the right to question my decision." His jaw clenched as he closed his eyes. "I--I just" He sighed, running his hands on his hair before turning to me and Luke. "Just call me later when it“s finally done. I need to sort something back at my office." I watch my brother half run through the exits like a scared puppy, his tails in between his knees. In a moment, I thought he“s just going to stand there out on the cold and return back again when Taylor appeared with Ryan, collecting my coward brother.

That“s right, Gabriel, run and later you“ll trip.

After he left, I look beside me to see Luke staring at me, his blue eyes studying me as a slight frown appeared on his face,"Luke?"

He was startled at first but he then gave me a smile, biting his lip before he spoke, "Uhm-I“m just having thoughts about what your brother had just said and for me, even though I do not know what the real story is, he completely sound so lost in this mess. I mean how come all this has to happen so tragically? Is your sister delusional? I mean, why is she driving around like a maniac when she knows that she“s carrying a child?! And why did your brother let all this to happen? I mean, he should have just appointed his guard to keep tabs at her and-"

"Luke, can you just stay out of this mess? I know you are concern but really?" the lad look at me with a shocked face as I stood. "I think, even me as his sister, is already interrupting their business. I shouldn“t have intervened. And you? Why are you still here? Shouldn“t you be gone after you help Elle? It“s not like you are needed here," I stated in a non challant tone but soon regret the words I said when I saw him stood from his seat and shook his head. "Right." He sighed before leaning down as he stated his point, "You know what? I“m just concern because I pity her. She looks so...broken, and the baby, it would hurt me too, to see one of them die..." I was surprised when he suddenly hugged me, a tear escaping from his eye, landing down on my own face as I felt the liquid. "I“m so sorry if I“m so attached. I just feel like something is, something lead me to her. I-I shouldn“t be trespassing into other people“s business. I should leave now..." He leaned down and I was surprised when he suddenly brush his lips on my cheeks.

Omfg. Quit acting like a lovesick bitch! I screamed inside my head as I momentarily stopped breathing.

I pulled back and stared at his retreating form. Confused of my feelings, I jogged down on the opposite hallway and out to the veranda.

I need to breathe.


"Here," I was surprise when Luke suddenly appeared beside me, offering me a cup of coffee before settling on the seat on my left.

I thought the guy left?

Settling my emotions, I took the cup from his hands and said, "Oh, Thank you." I take a

etty boy is with her now...she can survive." Not contented on seeing that destruction, I picked up my glass and throw it on the other side of the room,

"ELLLEEEEEE!!!" A sob escape my mouth as I reached out only to throw the empty glass of wine across the room, following the beeper.

I shrugged off a shoulder as I thought about our wedding.

I can still remember that day clearly; picturing myself as I stood infront of the altar, staring at the woman who is walking down the aisle, her face breath-taking as her cheeks glowed with a light tinge of red like that of the color of her lips. Rose petals fell down on her as she look at me, her smile, her hair, her eyes....capturing me in every way; making me forget that for a moment, I am the reason of her misery. Her sadness. Her earthly damnation.

Yes. I am angry with myself for doing this to her---For making both of our souls suffer from that very day until the contract is done.

I can remember the way my lips let out the words, our vows echoing and I leaning down to press a kiss on her supple lips.

She“s beautiful, elegant, smart and so, innocent.

For once I let myself be lost unto the depths of her soul; forgetting what I“d done just for that very moment, the worse of the things I“ve done, whereas to sign the damn contract.

A groan escaped my lips as I blink furiously, dabbing my fingers at my eyes as I tried to stop the tears flowing. "Elle, why does it need for all of this to happen? I just wanna go back in time, back to everything“s in order. But now, I don“t know what to do! Or how I am gonna fix this..."

I stared back at her picture and touched her face" Elle, Why do I love you so much that I chose to hurt you so you won“t fall to me? That you won“t be lured in this pit I“m in?" I shrugged off a shoulder as I lift myself up to the bed.

I was about to retire on the bed when the ringing phone blared on the bedside table, squinting my eyes I swipe my hand and answered it.

"Gabriel, mate...why aren“t you answering? Come right here now. The baby“s about to go out!" The phone call ended before I register that it“s Luke who is on the other line.

Without much hesitation, I bolt right out of my door. Not waiting for Taylor or Ryan to bring me to the hospital, I got inside my car and drove.

Now I“ll finally know if that child is really mine...or not.


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