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   Chapter 18

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I was shocked to see the blue convertible swerve on the side of the road, its tail making contact with the lamp post. I almost swallowed my heart as I witnessed all of it. Thanking the heavens because the blue car didn“t collide with the truck.

Lucky driver.

I“m pretty sure that if my mom is still alive and is here, this driver will receive an earful from a complete stranger. The driver must“ve been drunk out of his mind to even pay attention to all that had just happened.

I push down the brake to slow down beside the car which is lucky to have been missed the sharp edge of the curving road. Staring inside the window of the car, I was surprised to see a very pregnant woman, her eyes closed as she bit her lip; blood is gushing down the road, from under her seat.


"Are you okay?" Nice question mate! My conscious screamed at me as I just realise how stupid my question is. I watch as she opened her eyes, looking at me with her powdery blue eyes. She looks very familiar and also peculiar to me, like should know her. I inspected her face: The chin, the lips and nose, but those broken eyes....

I leaned down and tried to open the door, watching her as a river of tears flow down her cheeks, moistening them.

"Oh, don“t cry, I“m here now. Wait..."I pulled my phone off my pocket and called for 911, silently watching the beautiful woman covered in her own blood but still manage to look so stunning on her white dress and blue coat.

An angel in need of my help, a damsel in distress.

I tried to open the door but it was tightly closed, "Gabe," She whispered her eyes drooping as she continue her mantra, "Call Gabriel..." I watch her writhe inside as we both waited for an ambulance to arrive.

After ten awful minutes of watching the woman wretch in pain, the ambulance arrived, "Excuse me sir, do you, by any chance, know this woman?" I look at the older man, who is asking me before I return my gaze on the lady strapped on the stretcher, "I am not. I just saw the incident and--"

"Oh, okay." They pulled the bed off and carried it in but just before they closed the door, "Wait!" I look at the man and down to the lady who“s face is contorted with pain, "I“ll be with her."



I stared back at the lad as he went out of his car, checking the blue convertible out as he hover around it.

Wow. Elle should be nominated as a director. It“s a nice screenplay; Nice shift on a story.

I“m sure she is just doing this so she can blame the child being at risk because of me.

I watch as the lad pulled his phone out of his pocket and start to talk on the phone. After a few minutes, the blare of the sirens broke out on the air. An ambulance came rushing down the street almost scraping my black lambo.


I sighed running my hands on my hair as I watch them work their way on the car, pulling Elle out of it and asking questions to the lad. After a few minutes, the lad then went inside the ambulance with Elle.

Damn! My calculations might be correct. Maybe, he is the father of the child Elle is carrying.

With that I fish my phone out of my pocket and called Joe "Hey Joe, I need you to do something for me."

"What is it, sir?" His voice low as I hear him shift on his seat.

"I think I know now who“s the man that might be the father of the child Elle is carrying!" I snapped turning my eyes back ok the ambulance as It rush past me.

"Come again, sir?" He asked in his way polite voice. Oh, Taylor.

"Nevermind. Just tell me who the owner of this car is." I squinted my eyes through the window and read the pate number of the car "2453-QIT" (a/n: I“m not sure with the plate number I have given. it“s just a made up one)

I waited for Joe to speak again as I start the ignition of my own car, "Sir, it seems that it belongs to a british guy named, Luke Stevens. He is an archi--"

"Save it. I“m going down there for a bit just, uh-please save the informations for me. I“d like to know more about this, this Luke. He might be the secret lover of my wife and father of the child..."



I bolt out of my bed when my phone rang on my bedside table, freak

hairs leaning on the wall.

"Unfair? Don“t be ridiculous here, Gabriel!" I pulled Luke closer to me and he stared back at me and to my brother. "Luke save your wife. He did not impregnate your wife or have an affair to her or whatsoever! Why don“t you believe that the baby is yours?"

Gabriel just glared at me and Luke before he turn his back and groaned, running his hands to his bronze hair. "I don“t know what to believe anymore. I“ll just wait for that kid to arrive and--"

My brother stopped rambling as Eric stood infront of me and Luke, his face ashened as he bit his lip, "Ms. West, Mr. Stevens--"

"What happened?" My brother cut off, staring at Eric. Eric took a gulp before acknowledging my brother. "Oh, Mr. West. You are here. Well I-uh-I hate to say this but your wife and baby are at risk and..." Eric stared back again before closing his eyes. "And, what? Tell me, Eric." Gabriel urged, his face looking a bit pale and guilty as his voice broke in the end.

"You need to choose, Mr. West." Eric sighed, turning at us as he remove his gloves. "You need to choose on who will be saved. The baby or her?"

The question hanged on the air like it weighted a thousand pounds. I do not know what to say or how I should answer.

"What? No." Gabriel was fast to recover as he grabbed Eric“s shoulders and shook him, making the poor doctor pale. "Please... don“t tell me this. Do everything in your power to save them, Doctor, I will pay you--no matter how much the cost, just save them." My brother, sobbed, his voice breaking as I slipped down and cried my heart out, "Doctor, please..." He beg, turning his eyes up on Eric“s gaze. "Y-you of all these people should know that my wife, Elle, won“t let this happen, I-I can“t just let the baby die, no matter how impossible that he“s mine and I ca-can“t let her die, too. I JUST CAN“T..."

My eyes are to blurry to see the doors closed in front of me as Eric nodded his head to my brother; I feel so weak to feel my body numb as the hand of Luke continue to give me comfort, "Luke, I can“t bear this anymore," I“m pretty sure that if this scene is being taped, I probably would“ve been burried six feet under the ground because of embarrassment.

I was shocked when I felt Gabriel move as we watch Eric walk back to the door of the operating room. He was mumbling to himself, eyebrows furrowed only to hear Gabriel calling out again and register that his answer is...


Ah. Ah. Ah!

Hold there, a little cliffhanger, again? Yep. Because I love you, you and yooooouuuu. And, I just want you to have some fun. I also want to add some flavor again to this story for it seems to be going around in circles.

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