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   Chapter 17

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Late update, again! I“m so sorry guys, I got pretty sick and my head is killing me but I still chose to upload this chap for all of you.

The picture above is what Elle imagined her baby would look like. She“s positive that it would be a boy. Sorry I can“t find a more desirable picture for my opinion ;)

This is written in Gabe“s pov again! I just can“t get enough of this bloke




I stared back on the news flashing on the wide TV screen at my office here in my childhood home in Verona. It“s Elle, confidently striding or should I say waddling as my sister struggled with plastic bags on their hand as they ran out of the shop .

Elle“s clutching her now visible stomach as they went inside the convertible and drove off in a haste.

I was about to call for Joe and ask him about this when the female news reporter then spoke, “As you can see, we had just witnessed Mrs. Elleana Cassidy West, wife of the famous businessman and owner of Greene-West Industries, Mr. Gabriel Hugo West, shopping with her husband“s sister, Neola Dana West.

It“s been months since the said wife of the billionaire, Elleana, is seen by the media. It“s quite a mystery that she“s trying to hide her obvious baby bump when she“s spotted by our camera. Not only the bump proves she“s pregnant, what with the baby clothes and supplies on her hand together with Ms. West. It was almost a ridiculous sight. A billionaire“s wife shopping in WALMART?!"

The female reporter pathetically laughed at my wife that I have this sudden urge to portal inside the television just so I could ring her neck.

"Why haven“t I knew about this?! I“m blinded, shit! She just manipulated me!" I made a dash for the phone, but the reporter suddenly piped in after having her moment.

“Apart from this, the media saw that she is really protecting her baby bump from the eye of the crowd with her outfit concealing it very expertly. You would have to look very closely to notice this," I watch as the reporter zoom in and there, Elleana“s swelling stomach came into view, "No one knows why she need to do that but according to some of our sources, Gabriel West doesn“t want anything to do with the child. He even claimed that it“s not his!" The reporter said as she trail her eyes on the screen like she was really looking at me.

"What!?" I snapped while dialing on the phone on my desk, " I never said that!" The ringing of the phone interrupted me as Joe answered in the first call. "Sir, you“ve called--"

"Get your ass in here now, Joe. " I snapped turning my eyes back on the TV screen. "Sir, actually I“m handling a meeting with the securities--"

"I don“t have time for your excuses. I need you here, right at this moment." I ended the call without saying a proper goodbye. I“m pretty much aware on how being away with Elle effects my behavior. I feel sorry for Joe and Ryan but I can“t help it. It“s been hard for me for the past four months since I saw her, lying on that bed unconscious and now she“s there, live on TV, running with my sister as they load the baby supplies on the trunk of her red mini coper. I was snapped out of my thoughts when the reporter resumed her rambling.

God, get into the point already!

“Most of the interviews conclude that this is also the main reason why Elleana West have already signed the divorce papers delivered to her by his husband“s lawyer, Edmund Will. The said company, Greene-West Industries will continue to be partners but a part of Elle“s share will be given to her. Yet according to her family“s lawyer, she will just invest it into a local art school and donate the rest of the money to a charity. Now, let“s talk about Mr. Franco Gustavo, owner of Gustavo Incorporation as he--“ I turned off the TV as Joe stood in front of me, his eyes tired as he give me a glare.

"I told you so--“ I held out my hand sighed. "Yeah, I know where you“re leading this into Joe and I“m sorry if I acted like a jerk to you when you suggested to me that Elle might still be pregnant." I sighed, turning my back at him as I look out at the scenery, "I would like to go back to know if the baby is really my child and also I“d be glad to pull off the divorce papers ri--"

"You“re too late. Didn“t you hear it, sir? She already sign it; There“s nothing we could do besides waiting for the court to finalized it. It has been passed on the court two weeks ago, sir; Two weeks ago! That“s why I“m trying to reach out to you but you didn“t listen. There“s nothing we can do about it sir, we are too late. Any day of this week that contract will be official and there is no--" I interrupted his rambling by standing up and shaking his shoulders,"No. I run this game and there“s nothing that will make me lose it. If I need to cheat then so be it; I will win my wife back, Joe. And that is a promise." I wasn“t prepared of his reaction when Joe suddenly pulled me into a hug, enveloping me with his warmth. His grip is tight and strong like my father used to do with me when I“m still in preschool. The way he acted like him almost make me bawl like a kid, like I was still “the little Gabby“ who charmed his way with everyone.

I was about to wrap my arms unto him when he pulled away, grinning. "Yes, sir. We will win this game; we“re in this together..." With that he stroll out of my office, pulling off his phone as he whistle.

Oh, how I love my crazy old man.


"Joe, have you prepared my jet?"

"Yes sir," He nodded, his eyes shining with mirth as we descended down the staircase.

"And my car?" I wore my shades, staring back at the good old man.

"Of course, sir. All , including your pent house is clean and ready for your comeback. Everything“s under control. No need to worry, sir." I saw him nod gently as I stole a glance at my phone, its screen depicting my wife, Elle as she smiled at Choc.

"Good," The familiar honk of the limo cut my thoughts off as we stepped out of the mansion and to the blazing summer sun of Italy. I stared at the face of my personal guard as he opened the door for me. "Then lemme ask you one last thing."

"Yes, sir?" He look at me with worried eyes.

"Send her another mail for the last time." I said coyly, handing him a phone. He just look at me and sighed, pushing the phone back on my hand.

"I think that“s not needed anymore. You are going down there yourself, sir." He reasoned but I just hand him the phone anyway and wave my hand off.

I sa

se you“re eager to be with your other man that“s why this thing is in he--" He didn“t have the chance to finish his sentence when my hand suddenly made contact with his right cheek. I pushed him off me, using all my might to do so before I stood, my chest rising up and down as I fume with anger. I stared back at him as he sat there surprised by my actions, his eyes clearing up as he looked at me, "El?" He stumbled as he stood up, looking me up and down as his eyes settled again on my bump. "How many times do I have to repeat it to you, Gabriel?!" I pointed down on my stomach with angry tears flowing down my cheek. "There is no other man but you only. "

He just shook his head and sighed, grabbing the paper and pen with his hands he turned his back on me, ignoring my rant.

"This is him?" He stared at me before looking back down again on my bump. I didn“t hesitate to slip on the dress as quickly as I could but not as fast as he slammed his hand on my table and wave them on the side to my easel, knocking over the canvas and paints.

"How can you do this to me, Elle? You could“ve told me sooner yet you still chose to, to lie?" He turned around as I caught his eyes, gleaming with anger and hurt.

"No, I didn“t lie. It“s you...Cherry told me that you don“t want the baby–that you don“t believe that this is your child." I whispered yet I know he caught it.

God knows how many times we“ve repeated these words right at this hour. Same argument, same pattern but he still can“t he get it inside his thick skull. When will we finish these cycle? When will be freed?

I was distracted out of my thoughts when he answered, "Yes. I have my doubts, but you never told me that you and him survive. You could have called for me; ask for Taylor or Ryan about my whereabouts. You are known to be very persistent but you give up on me. I could“ve been there beside you all throughout the stages; waking up to see you pregnant with my child and tend to you but, it“s all done. You still lied to me, how could you do that , Elle?" His voice is so cold as he spoke. I watch him walk slowly, his blue eyes darken.

"What? Gabriel, I never lied to you. It“s all a misunderstanding! Cherry told me-"

"But you didn“t tell me anything!"

"Why would I? Cherry told me that--"

"That I don“t want the child? Fuck, no! I wouldn“t do anything to harm you or him. Even if he“s not mine..."

"Gabe, believe me. He“s yours! Why can“t you get it? He“s ours...our bambino." I clutch my stomach as I wince with pain, breathing in my mouth to avoid puking my intestines out.

"I won“t believe you because it“s impossible. The test, Doctor Jackson“s diagnosis--"

"It“s not them, Gabe. It“s you who is impossible." I ran out of the door as fast as my pregnant feet can carry me. Not paying any last glance at the door, I got inside my car and cried before I stepped on the pedal to drive off. Pushing down it as I reach a desirable speed, rounding up the corner as I bit my lip, my vision blurred with tears as I look up on the rear view mirror, hoping to see that familiar black lambo with the devil inside it.

He never followed me.

I don“t know what happened next as my mind goes out of control, my hands clutching my bulging stomach as another pain arise.

I can hear the tires skidding as I lose control with the steering wheel as a loud blare on my right woke my senses, making me gain the control back as I stir the car away from the truck who almost collided with my mini cooper. Though I didn“t see the stand as the tail of my car crashed unto it, shattering the lights as the car jolted on the left because of the impact.

I didn“t die but the pain on my left intensified, almost unbearable.

My waist burning, blood tricking down my thighs...No! It“s all too soon,

I can“t breathe.

The contractions are making me dizzy, I can“t do this...





Now, what?

Stop throwing your kleenex box at me and oooOOh?! I“ll need some bar of soap to clean your mouth for all the swearing up there. And hey, I“m pretty much aware that a lot of you here are ready to give me a death penalty for what I have done.

I“m sorry for that

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