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   Chapter 16

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Jon kortajarena as GABRIEL


Guys! It“s been four days, lots of request for an update making me cave in and so sorry if it was late. I have my midterm exam and reviewing for almost a day, kills me! So, this is what I did for a break. Lav ya

I“ll be putting this chap on Gabe“s pov, again. Yep, I“d like to hear more from his thoughts ;) Maybe if you hear his side, all of your perceptions to him will change.

And @XxloveisapoisonxX thanks for defending me, babe ;) and also NAIMAH hallo there




I stared back down on the files at my hand and sighed. I“ve been going through the different records of performances of my company for the third time since my heart still can“t get over the fact that I left Elle. It wants her back, but I need to let her go. She needed her life and I“m supposedly happy to free her out of this misery.

Even though it pains me all the time.

I barely get a good night sleep in the span two months ever since I left New York for Italy. I“ve been staying in my childhood home near Verona as I keep tag on the new business venture I“m starting up with the Franco“s. Working always has a way of getting my mind off things; It makes me forget her but not completely. It“s like she“s a worm that is wriggling inside my brain every 60 seconds much to my distress.

I tried to get away from the idea of entertaining my long time therapist because of the fact that I“m going crazy, but it“s really hard for me to keep my cool now that I“m away from her. It“s hard to control my irritation everytime I see couples kissing at the park; containing my guilt as I see children running around them.

Supposed that the child Elle had carried is mine, I can“t even be more thankful. Albeit I still can“t believe that I can produce a heir and the fact that I have killed him or her–God, I do not care if it was a baby boy or girl– before he or she was even born, crushed me. I don“t even had the chance to contemplate whether the child is really mine!

I guess I“ll never be a father after all because God above can“t even trust me with my own child. Maybe he thought that I“m not worthy of it seeing as I am responsible with the death of my mother and also my cousin, Emma, including her unborn child.

I am such a horrible and heartless cow as Elle would put it.

Without paying much attention on the papers at my hand, I silently drifted back to my past; how everything suddenly stops being in peace and in place resulting to the weight I need to carry on my shoulders until I probably end my own life.


I can remember my Ma trying to prepare my blue pancakes as I got ready for my first day of school; Her stomach round as she stood beside the stove, singing to me.

"My little Gabby goes down the stairs

Giving me a glare as his blue eyes flare

School starts early, and Mama will blare

Calling out, waking up, her little Gabriel

Pull him, Bathe him, change him like a bear

But he“ll still stand there, still giving me “the glare“

With me still preparing his price from a dare

Blue pancake in a rush, as he sat there"

I just laughed her off as she continue to squawk like a bird, teasing me with her butt as she rub it off to me. The morning was great and the pancakes too but I didn“t expect how it would turn so wrong. Or worse.

Because of my own doing.

I can remember how we chase each other; she holding a spatula and I, my robot. Then all of a sudden she scared me from behind making me accidentally hit her back because I was surprised. My five year old mind panicked when my Ma suddenly collapsed. I can remember the way I asked her what“s wrong and she instructed me to just call Papa. I thought she was kidding at first but water keep flowing down her eyes as she look at me, pleading. I can remember my struggle as I tried to push myself up so I can reach the telephone in the kitchen; how my mom wretched in pain as she cried for my Pa, still gripping the spatula as the smell of burnt pancake fill my nose.

It all happened so fast and I can still remember it all.

The different questions 911 asked me, sirens blaring as we took the ambulance to the hospital, me playing with my favorite robots while we waited so long and how I saw my father crying for the first time as he held unto the little bundle which is my sister.

I can even remember how stupid I am, asking my Pa why my Mama is inside that box; Why she was dressed in a white gown with her hair curled on the side as she continue to hold on her breath, eyes tightly closed.

I can remember the guys lowering the box to the ground as the clouds continue to cry, dripping my coat as I held on my Papa“s thigh.

I can remember how Pa punished me that moment when I told him about what had really happened; of me accidentaly hitting mama. That“s the beginning of his wrath at me. He punished me with his belt and I cried for ma, but she never came to my rescue. Papa said it“s all my fault. Papa said I“m never gonna pay this price of losing my Mama.

And there I realise, I lose both of my parents because of my own fault.

If I didn“t hit my mama, if I just let her squawk like a stupid bird then there will be

g him with sweets on his special day.

Then the years will come and soon he will be running around the house with Choc trailing behind him. He“ll come barging inside my office, interrupting one of my video calls with the stockholders. I will apologize to them and end the call, scolding my son as we strutt down the hall.

He will scream at me though, and have one of his tantrums. He will tell his mom about it and won“t talk to me and I“ll have this sudden urge to spoil him.

I will be the one who will put him to bed that night and talk to him. Then we will sneak down to the kitchen to get his favorite chocolate cake and all problems are solved, not with a promise of a new remote control car, of course.

He will reached five year old and soon enter the preschool. Me and his mom dropping him off for his first day and he“ll hug my thighs, not wanting to let go.

But soon this will all change as he enjoy every waking moment on his school. Then he“ll begin to tell me about his crush, about that little girl the same age as him; How she is so cute with her pigtails on.

Then Elleana will laugh, saying something about our son is not a baby anymore and soon, I“ll find myself lying back on our bed with her on my side, whispering to me about her being pregnant with our second child.

All of these possibilities ran inside my head continuously, repeating themselves again and again. I can“t help myself but feel the guilt of being responsible of her accident, causing her to lose our baby.

The baby who could“ve changed everything but now is gone.

After grabbing my suit jacket, I stood turning off the light to my office. I made my way up to my childhood bedroom now refurnished. I took off my dress shirt and trousers and lay on my bed with only my boxers.

I wish Doctor Jackson had the wrong diagnosis at me–that everything he reported is false and let someone prove him that I am very capable to produce an heir.

I could“ve been a happy father. I could“ve been warmer and not bitter. If she didn“t loose the child, I“ll be estatic even with a doubt. I can work with the paternity test but never for a child again, the divorce papers are now being processed and are on her way. And I am thankful for doing so, I couldn“t hurt her again.

But even if my desire is impossible, I just wish that the child is still there inside of her womb right now, protected by her delicate hands as she sleeps.

I will return and love that kid and spoil him or her like what I had imagined. I will work for the better and give him a home. But I know, the baby is gone and there will never be a chance for me again.

With that I turn my night light on and drifted off to sleep, still dreaming about the instances.


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What can you say about our Gabriel? Isn“t he so sweet? And for those who are annoyed because the plot kept on tearing on Gabriel and Elle“s relationship well, You need to be patient because I have a great way of patching things up. I still luv you though-For the comments

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