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   Chapter 15

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I sucked in a deep breath before looking at the Cherry who is staring at me, her expression unreadable. "What happened? Why do you look like that?"I cringed as I hear my voice, looking at the tubes that were awkwardly inserted on my arms, "Seriously, you are asking me that question? You are the one who just fell off the stairs and got a concussion.

My throat got dry all of the sudden as I slowly process everything. "I fell off the stairs, I know. The baby....?"

She looked at me before distracting myself by checking my pulse, "Oh, God. I know this will upset you, but I --"

"Tell me!" I tried to sit up but I end up falling back on my bed, "Did I lose him?"

"Well, if you are talking about the baby..." she gave me a half smile before giving me a hug, "No. You didn“t. The baby is safe yet the sad thing is that--"

"What?" I asked. Irritated that she keep anticipating on answering me–taking cautious steps, choosing her words very carefully that she is anxious of dropping the bomb.

"You lost your prince charming."

At first, I didn“t realize what she just said but I was surprise when I suddenly feel myself crumbling, sinking deeper on this bed, "!" I bit my lip to stop myself from crying but the words slip slowly "NOOOO..." I grab the sheets and trashed around my bed, crying as the pain eat my heart out, my brain unable to function. "He can“t. I thought everything will be alright. He promised me..." I drift my helpless eyes at her. "This is my fault. I should“ve told him about our baby, earlier. None of this would have happen, Cherry, if I told him."

"Elle...El. It“s okay. Everything will be okay. Remember, this is not your fault. Besides, both of you are not ready. He wants you to have your best chance-to live your life out there without him." She stroked my hair but I just push her away and yanked at the tubes, "I don“t believe you! He knows how I yearned for him to comfort me. He won“t say something like that. We“re gonna have a family, Cherry. We--"

"Believe me or not, he told that he wanted to be away from you so you could get your life back. He you to be able to pursue your dreams by going back to France and he bought you a new apartment. Not only that, he even offered to give you your part of the company!" She waved her hands in front of her as she tried to prove her point but I“m not listening. I don“t want anything to do with his money; all I want is him on my side raising our child.

"So, he did all that because he want me gone? I bet, he“s currently processing our divorce," I look at my doctor and sigh. "You could“ve told him about our baby! Maybe, he will finally change his principles and accept us! Cherry you could“ve done something for me and my baby! You could“ve convince him..." I wipe the tears on my cheeks as I turn my back on her.

"But you told me to protect the baby. That“s what I did. I tried to hide the truth about the baby but he was very persistent! He questioned me so I told him and you know full well how he hated them. But still, you won“t believe the words I say." I turn back to her and glared at her face, which is flushed with annoyance. "Look at what he“s done? He left you..." The way she said the truth made me flinched. Yes, he hated children and no matter how hard it was for me to accept it his actions are enough for me to understand. He hated his own child, too.

I cannot help myself as I sank on the bed, trying to curl into a tight ball and cry my heart out, "Elle, Elle, stop this. Calm down." She said with a stern voice that I cannot help but oblige, forcing the sobs to go down.

"But you do not understand, Cherry. It hell! He promised me that he will be there no matter what..." She pulled me on her arms and cradled me, "Shh, everything will be okay, trust me. You“ll be okay," I look up at her with a ridiculous look before I snap, "But nothing“s okay! He“s going to sign the damn papers; I“m going to be alone raising our baby." I cannot help but wrap my arms tighter as I hang on her for dear life, "What am I going to do, Cherry? I can“t do this alone. I need him." I was surprised when she suddenly pulled my head up and forced me to look at her, "You can do this, Elle. I believe that you could but it“s only you who could make the decision. It is in your hands on how you can surpass this barrier and continue with your life. You just have to move on–get back to your apartment in Paris and forget about all of this. Trust me,your life would be better off without him..."


I was released before the end of the week. Neo was the one who drive me home seeing as my mother doesn“t know about all these. I“m still not ready to tell her about what happen to me and Gabe and I“m pretty sure that my dear soon-to-be ex-husband will do the honor on informing them.

Especially my dad.

My parents treated him as their own son and they care for him like they do for me . I wonder what dad would do to my husband once he knew about all these. Maybe dad will cut Gabriel“s willie off? Or maybe his berries first?

We finally reached our villa on the outskirts of New York City in the total drive of about half an hour. I was exhausted to all these stress but I can“t help the tears that are slowly making its way on my eyes, again. Neo made a move to go down and open the door for me but I just sat there--contemplating on the events that happen in my life in jus

his is just as simple as that.

"Honey, I noticed that you“ve lost weight? Have you not been drinking your vitamins? How “bout eating healthy goodies for your child? That babe needs nutrition." my mother babbled on and on about my pregnant state as I chopped my peas in a half, finding it amusing how the knife cut through it, "Elle, have you been listening? My daughter, we can“t let that little heir inside you starve to death."

"Mom, don“t lecture me about these things because I know what I am doing!" I push myself up and cringe as I felt pain on my left side, "Maybe you should go now. I need my rest." With that I ascend up the stairs and close the door behind me. Making my way on the bed as I flopped myself in, not bothering to change into my nightgown.

Like I care.

I turn unto his side and grab his shirt. The only shirt that he left, nothing more. The pain intensified that I cannot help but groan, crying silently as the blackness overtook me.


"Elle..." I opened my eyes and stared at his ocean orbs, so blue that I can almost feel myself getting lost in them.


"Shh, I“m here now. I won“t leave you," I was surprised when he suddenly leaned down, his lips touching mine as I blink. "I love you and him..." He smiled, getting on his knees to give a quick peck on the baby on my arms.


"Shh," He smiled up at me before snatching the baby on my arms, standing up from his kneeling form "Hush now my son, daddy is here...I won“t leave you my bambino." He smiled back at me before the dream shifted.

The room went dark. The rocking chair I“ve sat upon disintegrated into ashes making me land on my butt.

"Gabe?" I saw him walking down the dark hall, the hall that“s leading to his study.

"Gabe?!" He turned around and smiled at me, his eyes glinting with an undeniably evil light.

"You could“ve told me about him, love. We could“ve lived together as a family but now I“m having what is mine. And that is him," He looked down on the bundle on his arms and smiled at me, "My heir..." He chuckled, entering his study.

"GABE! Open the door; give me back my son...."

But I know the moment the door had close, they“re already gone...



"NOOOOOOOOO!" I bolted up from my bed as I cried silently, hugging myself.

"Elle?" Someone called up, shaking the locked doorknob. "Elle, are you okay?!"

I didn“t responded nor did I stood from the bed. I just continue to lie down and weep, trying to forget the hideous dream.

I was surprised when the door suddenly opened up. "Elle, " The figure loomed from the light outside of my room, casting a shadow over me, "Oh, my Elle... " She scooped me up from my bed and hugged me.

"Don“t cry, my baby, don“t cry..." My mother whispered on my ear as she continuously rubbed my back.

"He“s going to take my baby away, mom... he“s going to take him," I cried out, grabbing my mother“s arm as I tried to stop myself from breaking.

"What? What are you saying?" She look at me with her eyes shining with confusion.

"It“s Gabe. I lied about him going to the other side of the world to have his meeting. The truth is he left me for good, mom. He doesn“t want me, not ever..." I cried at her, holding her arms as she comfort me.

"Shh, he won“t do that to you, Ella. We will make sure that he won“t do that...I promise. "My mother vowed, caressing my cheeks as she hum my favorite song.



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