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   Chapter 14

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God, what is happening? I“m confused as hell...

I pulled my hair and stared at the doctor who is pumping Elle“s chest, trying to pull her from death yet I can see Elleana slipping off and it“s inevitable. I close my eyes once again, biting my lip as the beep continuously blare on its monotone sound, matching my breath as I took a deep one.

I know that this is all my fault. If I haven“t snapped at her, all of this won“t have had happen.

"She“s breathing!"

I was snapped out of my thoughts only to look down on the doctor who is furiously connecting tube after tube on Elle“s mouth.

"Quick! We need to connect her into the tank. Someone hand me some blood type A negative. We need to perform more tests."

I was surprised when someone pushes me on the side, pulling me away from her and out by no other than the securities. "What are you doing!? That“s my wife in there. You can“t just--" But the door was closed right at my face before I continue for my next word.

I stared at the wall for like million years but it seems that the operation is not yet done. I tap my foot as I raked my hands on my hair, groaning as the seconds tick on my watch.

After a gazillion years, the door burst open and out came the Doctor--Which almost made me double over. Well, not because of the very reason that she“s beautiful and sexy but because she looks exactly like Victoria--except that this girl has a blonde hair and Victoria was a pure brunette.

"Victoria?" I uttered still looking at the doctor as she checks the data on the board on her hand. "Victoria, what--"She cut me off by looking up at me with those striking blue eyes not like that of Victoria“s gray ones. Making me doubt that this doctor and Victoria are the same "I“m sorry, sir, but my name“s Cherry Woods. I“m the substitute doctor of your wife and I“m also in charge to tell you the results seeing as Doctor Eric needs to rush off to his other patient on the maternity wing." I just stared back down on my hand and sighed. I guess I just embarrass myself further by not apologizing.

"Okay. Well, I“m glad to tell you that she“s now stable," She looked at me and sighed "But the thing is that--" She casted her eyes on me again before wiping a stray tear that slid on them, "She lost the baby."

"What?" I pulled my hair and bit my lip, "I cannot understand this. I mean, I just, I--" I was frozen on my place as I tried to put two things together, thinking hard as I barely gripped on my consciousness that was slipping on. "No, you are mistaken. That“s not possible. How could I possibly be--You know Doctor Jackson? He“s my doctor! He knows my medical history. He knows what had happened to me five years ago--The fatal accident that killed my cousin and her unborn child. He operated me, gave me my diagnosis. He said that I cannot reproduce. You could be mistaken. I mean, it“s actually not possible. Look, maybe she--"

"No. Don“t accuse her of that, Mr. West. She already told us about you not wanting the idea to have a child. You knew full well that she“s been longing for it since, since forever." She waves her hands around her and pointed an accusing finger at me, "Now that this happened, maybe you are happy now, Mr. West." The doctor left with her hands shaking on her side as she gripped the door handle before entering inside the unit. I kicked the bench and scream out of pain as I throw a punch on the wall.

No, maybe it“s not mine. Maybe she went off one night, drunk and got pregnant. Though, I am her first and she“s not that kind of girl. Silly me... why am I even thinking things like this about her? I knew her like she was a part of me. I know she won“t betray me, but what if she did? She wanted to try with me and I rejected her. It“s not like she is easily swayed by my decisions and I don“t know her that well. I“ve been gone for months, not having any contact with her or anything. Maybe that“s why she was all over the place-diverting her anger at me as to forget about her own sin.

Albeit I want to believe that it“s my child, the reports, my diagnosis and also Dr. Jackson say neither. I“m a bit ecstatic about this news, that I can possibly reproduce an heir but the fact that the baby is gone now, I know there won“t be any chance for me and Elle to be back again. I ruined all of the chances she has given to me....all because of my own doing. It was all because of me and my fear; the responsibily that will be added to the weight I“m carrying.

And now this. I can“t believe that Elleana is in the brink of death because of me.

My wife and I have only been together for just a year. I haven“t even showed her much in my world; I didn“t even open up to her. We are making a progress but much to my distress, I chose to shut myself off from the moment my father died.

My father is my remaining model and anchor even though he act so cold at me. For me, he is my hero albeit he strictly raise me to be the next heir and then, all of the sudden, he died when things finally are slowly falling into place.

How could someone expect me to just forget, live life and move on?

And now this happened. She“s the only thing that keeps me on the ground; she keeps my sanity in check, placing me in my position. Though, what she just did right now-keeping me on the dark almost threw me on the edge. How would I know that what she has carried is mine? I know she“s loyal and all but this is different. I clearly am not capable to have one so how can I be sure that the baby is mine ? It“s not like it“s all a miracle! Maybe that“s why th


"Please, take a seat." She waved unto a chair and I gladly took it, "Is there something you want to tell me because seriously, you look like someone who wanted to confess. ." She stated, scribbling some notes on her book and muttering something about an appointment tomorrow.

"I just, uh, needed to absorb all of what you said-what had happened–and I dawned into a decision that I should be," I cleared my throat and stared at her, catching her death glare before she returned back to her notes, "I should go back to Italy and never return. I shall let her have her normal life back–let her achieve her dreams as I book her a flight back to France. She deserved another shot."

I waited for her to say something but she didn“t. She just look so surprised that I just decided to stand up and leave, yet "Wait, Mr. West! What did you just say? Did you just--"

"Yes. I am leaving her, and that“s final. Tell her that she can have thr mansion. Half of the company will also be transferred to her name Please inform her too that the divorce papers will be sent to her after a week. Good day, Mrs.--" I look down on her ID and realize that she looks more and more familiar to me. Why does she have to smile like Victoria does? It can all be accidental, right? I look back on her ID again as I take my eyes off her face, correcting myself on that process."Ms. Woods."

I left her office only to find myself walking down the right wing and into the recovery room; brushing my hand on hers as I listened to different machines beeping, a significance that she“s still holding on, "Hello, Elle."

I pulled my hand away as I took another deep breath "I“m so sorry for what happened. The very reason why I don“t want you to have a child is that, I--" I look at her and kiss each fingers on her hand, before saying, "I don“t want you to die like Emma did, like my mom did. I don“t want you to leave me. You are my sanity, my anchor. You are the one who keep me on the ground or else I“m long gone to the clouds, carried by the wind..."

I wipe my tears, hating the fact that I have cried for so many times in just two days time rather than I did in my last twenty-seven years of existence. "I love you, Elle, but I do not want to be the reason of your pain and sadness, so I“m letting you go...even though I don“t want to-It must be done. We just keep on destroying each other, playing with both of our feelings. There“ll never be a chance of us because we can“t even sort ourselves. Both of us will just suffer if I don“t let you go now. So here I am, saying my goodbye“s..." I gave her a kiss on her forehead and was about to lean for another kiss on her lips but I realize that I can“t, the tubes were hindering me so I settled for her cheek. "I“d rather watch you from afar than see you die. I“d rather get a glimpse of your pale cheeks and your green orbs than never see it again as you go down the ground. It will be better if we stay this way. Away from each other,"

I leaned down again for another kiss before I whispered on her ear, "Goodbye, Elleana Cassidy Greene-West. I love you. Always remember that..."

That was the first and maybe the last time I will confess my love to her. With that I closed the door and faced that there will be no chances of us again...


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