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   Chapter 13

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I smiled as I sat up on the bed. I“m close to ending this secret and in less than an hour, he will know about the existence of our child.

All I know is that when I finally finish this confession about the whole truth concerning our child all his principles will change.

After waiting for another hour to past, I decided to get off the bed and walk out of his room, strolling on the living room as I tried to find him. We are still on his penthouse, and I“m pretty glad about that. In this way, he“ll be comfortable on whatever I will say to him.

I passed by Taylor-I mean Joe in the kitchen and decided to just ask him about about the whereabouts of my dear husband instead of getting lost in this modern cave. I sat beside him and stared at his sandwich, "Hello, Joe..." I smiled at him as he nodded to me, murmuring a little “hello“ as he tried to swallow the remains of his sandwich. I waited for him to speak again but he just continued to munch on his sandwich so I decided to do the best way.

I confront him.

"Where“s Gabe?" Tay-I mean Joe, stopped eating only to make an eye contact at me. He made a pathetic effort to gulp the remains of his sandwich but it just made a huge lump on his throat. He start to cough it out as he struggled for air, making me panic as I made me a dash off my seat and grab him a bottle of water. I opened it and pushed it on his lips, glaring at him as he happily swallowed the rest of it with his sandwich like it wasn“t a big deal awhile ago.

I thought he wad going to die or something because of the very reason that I ask him about my husband“s whereabouts.

After finishing the whole bottle of water, he avoided my gaze only proving to my that he“s hiding something from me.

Something that I, should know.

"Joe..." I snapped at him as he continue to stare at me with those weird gaze. "Just tell me where he is," I pleaded, giving him my best puppy dog look. "But I“m given strict orders that--"

"Just, please..." I pleaded, gripping his hands on mine as he sat there his mouth wide open. I watch him as he cleared his throat, frowning at the half empty bottle as he discern on his decision, "Plea-"

"He“s on his study, miss.." He blurted, turning at me with his eyes wide open. "Good. And where is it situated on this cave? Would you mind leading me?" He just nodded at me as I stood beside him. He started muttering, chastising himself about the things he said ,"There, I said it...I“ll be dead"

He brush the crumbs off his suit as he stood from his seat. He marched off the kitchen and start to lead me into one of the hallways that I didn“t know have existed. Well, what can I say? The door fooled me as it look more like a closet door rather than something that would lead me to my husband.

Him and Harry Potter!

We took a flight of stairs and I found myself standing outside of my husband“s personal space. It felt kind of cold and creepy that I have this sudden urge to hide behind Joe and go back to the kitchen to get my own bottle of water but that thought evaporated as Joe push me towards the door. With one last nod and a good luck, Joe left me there ruffled like a pink tutu .

I know I have to do this now even though I“m alone. Our discussion from awhile hasn“t been finished and I“m itching to tell him about our baby. Though I have so many things that I need to settle with my husband, I“m still curious as to why Joe is so afraid to tell me about this and how Gabriel is so secretive pf this place. Is he hiding something from me-A mistress or current lover maybe? Or those past models that he just can“t get rid off?

I didn“t think twice as I made a move to turn the knob only to be surprise that it wasn“t locked like I expected it to be. I guess, my dear husband trust his guards so much that he doesn“t even bother that I could, sonehow, trick them.

I watch my husband as he snatched his phone at the deck and answer it, "Gabriel West." His posture have gone stiff making me leaned on his open door.

Who is this caller that could make the almighty concrete crumple down into rubble?

I can“t help but lean closer only to hear a girl“s voice on the other line."Victoria, stop." He whispered making me clench my fist as I bit my lip.

So it was that ugly witch! She“s the witch who still wants to ruin us.

"Victoria. You know I can“t--we can“t," I wonder what that bitch is telling to my husband. He seems so troubled that his frown deepened as his forehead creased, "Victoria, as much as I want to, you know I can“t. Not now. It“s--"He whispered some more but I already stopped listening.

How could he do this to me?! Darn, he really is a fucking cow! And a pig.

Turning around I made a dash out of there but not before the door creaked, groaning as it closed.

Damn you ancient fucking door! Now he knows that I“m there listening to him.

I ran back down to the kitchen and to our room, cursing as I hear him call out my name "Love..." I can feel his presence on my back as he laid a hand on my shoulder, "Elle, look at me, please.." He pulled my chin and force me to look at him, "that“s nothi-"

"No! Don“t tell me that SHE IS NOTHING...." I snapped, pushing him away as I went inside the closet, snatching random things and slipping them in a suitcase when he suddenly pulled me, and push me against the door.

"Listen to me, love. I-" I raised my hand and turn my head on the side." First, don“t ever call me love, again, because you don“t have the right to and will never ever have the chance to call me that again. You promise me, Gabe. And you“ve broken my trust again and I know now. I know that I can“t give you my heart because you can“t even keep your promises." I swallowed back a sob before glaring at him. "That Victoria--She“s your past and maybe...your present mistress, right? One of those million mistresses you have; Models, actress and the like. Maybe you are out screwing most of them while I“m here crying for you to call me back or even send me a simple message like “hi,“ or “hello“. Maybe she is the company you are talking about-the company you“re spending time with, all this time..." I paused, trying to catch my breath as I wipe my

el Gabriel“s hand brushing my hair as he whispered in my ear, "Elle, I“m sorry. Please, please stay..."

And then he shouted orders, every individual hovering, scuffling, and making me even dizzier. I felt his hand under my knees as he carried me up, my head lolling from side to side as he busted out of the door, shouting some more.

"Elle, don“t leave me hanging. I need you, Elle....please wake up," the fading sun casted a five o“clock shadow, making him look like a sculpted form out of the clay, his chiseled jaw, his dark eyes, his lips, the Italian complexion of this man that belonged to me. I am lost in my own land before I was pulled back again in the presence, heard some engine starting as we settled in.

I was limp. Like a dead, lying on his shoulder, as I groaned. The sound coming out of me is unfamiliar and it pains me to hear it. "Elle, hang on, please," He whispered, his voice soothing me to sleep.

The motion stopped and I found myself being carried again with Gabe shouting orders. The white building welcome me with its highly sterilized scent which is making my insides turn, trying to push what I had this morning out of my mouth. I can feel him lowering me down into a soft and cool surface as they wheeled me into another room.

"Help! I need an immediate assistance, she“s already losing it," this one didn“t come from Gabe but from the doctor I“ve seen from my very first check up, Doctor Eric.

He“s very kind and very considerate with her patients, I guess seeing me in this state breaks his heart, especially now that he knows my story, that Gabe doesn“t want this kid.

I tried not to scream as I felt another pain in my lower abdomen. "Elle, hang on. Please, I“m begging you..." His voice is full of hurt and I can imagine his frown, deepening as he spoke. "Elle, don“t."

But how can I hang on?

I watch them with my dull eyes, my fingers, my feet, my whole body is screaming in pain yet I felt numb. I cannot even move my fingers nor blink my eyes. I cannot do anything.

I cannot save myself, how much more with my baby...

My little angel, she or he is suffering in me, being sandwiched by stress and pain. I can already imagine him crying, asking for me as his mother, yet what can I do?

I“m useless...

I want to hug him and assure him that everything will be okay but how would I do that If I can“t even caress him there and save him?

I can feel the tubes and slices cutting through my body, I feel myself tearing up, trying to protest, trying to say that they should save him first but my husband is here, and holding me.

He cannot know, he shan“t know anything about this.

I can feel this little thing slipping off, and this stubborn one is taking me with him. Now I“m torn.

Am I going to stay? Is my little angel going to stay? Do we need to stay?

A tug on my stomach answers it as a pain make me double over, clutching my stomach as I found the switch on how I can finally move.


I look on my right to see him, his eyes wild with confusion, "What“s happening?!" He boomed but I“m lost in focus.

I heaved and heaved but there“s nothing, my body instantly collapsed as the pain in my lower abdomen worsen, making me whine as the tears flow freely on my face, my mouth moving in their own accordance as my final thoughts settled on them, "Please," I pleaded, reaching my hands to the only doctor I knew who could do this, "Save him..."

And with that, I can feel myself slipping into a deep slumber but instantly regretted closing my eyes when I heard my husband say,

"Save who?"


Okay....I“ll stop right here again, what“s up folks, a little cliffhanger? Yep. A li“l bit bored here; need to find some entertainment so....yeah! Until the next update folks! Hope you like this one...

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