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   Chapter 12

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I looked up and watch him raise from his seat and make his way nearer, he held up his hand and I took it. Interlacing our fingers as I look on his eyes, "Gabe, Why are you doing this?" He gave me one of his crooked smile and I try not to melt under his gaze.

He didn“t answer me but instead he offered me a hand and made me sit on the pillows on the floor, a small table was placed on the middle of it. He smiled once again as he settled on his place across me.The candles are flickering as the wind blew from the open patio, casting a shadow on his face making him and the room look like they were from a distant dream, unrealistic and impossible. He offered me my favorite dish, which is lasagna and a slice of chocolate cake. Oh no, he really exaggerated this time.

"Are you trying to make me fat?" I give him a playful grin before leaning in to kiss him. I was surprised with my actions and so is he. His body have gone stiffed that I am force to straightened my body and look away.


"Y-yeah?" I turned my gaze at him only to meet his dark orbs. He lean closer and gave me a light kiss, moistening my once dried lips. "Thank you..."

"Hmm?" I frowned at him, confuse with the sudden change of the subject. Why is he thanking me? God, he“s really so confusing and WEIRD!

He“s my kind of weird though...

My thoughts cut off as he spoke, "Thank you because you already forgive me. I“m so sorry if I just take your request so lightly. I just don“t know how to please people but still, thank you for being there; For sticking up for me, for reminding me that I“m still a human--That there are people around me that will suffer the consequences of my action even if I do not know them. You -"

"Stop," I put my finger between his lips and smiled, "I know that, Mr. West. And please, don“t flatter me so much, I don“t want to look like a cherry tomato." A giggle escaped my lips making me cover my mouth.

"Oh, Mrs. West...I“d love to flatter you and hear that sound, again. It“s very cute. Though we need to eat." Before I can even protest, he shove a spoonful in my mouth and another.

"Who prepared this?" I asked in between each shove he gave.


"What?! Are you serious? Are you sure that you didn“t put any poison in here? Maybe you are planning to kill me that“s why it“s only me eating that! You should eat, too!" I grabbed his plate and piled spoon after spoon of lasagna and two slices of cake on it.

"Here!" I demanded.

I can“t help but giggle on his astonished look. The way his eyes turned into big saucers, gleaming with amusement, as the light of the candle flickered in them.

"Elle," He held my hand and forced me to look at him. "Elle, promise me that you will always stay with me, okay? Don“t leave me, ever. I need you beside me, all the time. I“m sorry if sometimes I just don“t realise the importance that you are-"

"Stop!" I pulled my hand and stared out of the patio--My moods suddenly shifting into a wild turmoil as I register his words. "Gabe, I shouldn“t be the one who will make the promise of staying here because you are the one who always leave me. Once you are back in the office you forget me--you just zone out!" I removed his hands from mine and wave my arms above my head to emphasize my point before I continue . "It is always you who push yourself farther, making an unreachable gap that I wanted to cross, but it scares me!" I lean on the table and stared at him.

Astonished by the way I acted, he just stared at me, his mouth wide open as I continue my rant. "It was like you are a bomb wrapped around me that I“m so afraid to move or else it will burst and consume me. You are killing me, Gabe, can“t you see it? I am so furious because I can“t do anything to stop it. I keep trying for us, you know? But once I am close to winning you over, everything blows up on my face and I have to start all over again!" I push his hands that are slowly creeping up on mine and continue.

"I know, El." He held my hands again and gripped it, "I“m just, I“ve been through a lot and I wish that you will bear with me til the end. I just needed someone to hold me, someone

organ. The doctors told me that I cannot reproduce. It“s very degrading on my part, you know."

"But, it“s not. Believe me, we can try. They have the methods–In vitro and the treatments–yeah?" I stated, lying my hand lightly on his upper arm.

"None of that will work. I“ve tried, I swear it, right before I met you with those models and girlfriends I“ve had. I“ve even used some of them without protection “cause I know that I cannot reproduce".

"WHAT?! Which means you could have STD“s and herpes?" I exclaimed, my eyes darting down his lower torso and back to his face.

"No, I“ve my doctors checking me. And those gals, many of them tried to fool me but I“ve had their products tested. I mean, nobody from their children match to my DNA. It only proves that I cannot have a child. I cannot have a heir, and I have given up." I pulled him down and wrapped my arms around him, "But that“s wrong. They could all be wrong..."

He looked at me and frowned, "How can you say that? We have tests...and the in vitro? I“ve tried that before, too."

"They are really wrong, Gabe. They are...believe me, I--"

“Mr. West, your ten o“ clock is now waiting down on the conference room, they await your presence for the meeting to start, sir.“

Well, talk about f*cking coincidences interrupting the perfect moods! This is just freaking hilarious...

I watch him as he made his way on the machine and press a button. "I“ll be down there in five, Genevieve." He look at me before entering his closet.

I huffed, trying to control my temper as the machine beeped again. All I want to do now is to rip the machine off the bedside table and beat it senseless so it will just turn into some useless chunk of metal.

Instead of stressing about that beeping machine, I just distract myself by watching my husband enter his fabulous closet. I watch him as he pulled his suit off the rack and wore his shoes then pants before he settled his head on my shoulder, "This discussion is yet to be finished, I“ll be back before you know it, love" He vowed, giving me a kiss before he goes out of the door.


Another Cliffhanger, I know I know but it“s what keeps the story exciting and fun. I don“t want to give it all to you because if I did, some of you will just stop reading this because I know they“re in for the thrill.

So just hang on for my next update! (Promise it won“t be that long before I upload the next)

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