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   Chapter 10 9 Yellow Cursed Thing

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I've been 11 weeks far in my pregnancy. Morning sickness is still there and my husband still doesn't have a clue about it.

He always comes home though he still arrives late; but in the mornings he makes sure to join me at breakfast. It's been our routine now. I stay at home all day doing paintings for my clients while he works his ass off in his office. He'll arrive past ten at night, slip inside the comforter and cuddle me, comforting me with his warmth. I know he's making so much effort to spend time with me but how I wish I could get the chance to spend a whole day with him, again.

Yes. We get to see each other every day but all we say is, 'Good Night' and 'Good Morning'. But the fact that I still didn't have the chance to tell him about the baby inside of me, is the reason of my frustration.

Because I'm dying of boredom and frustration inside my cave, I called to inform my customers if I can just work here at home and not in my studio in the city. I'm glad that they've agreed.

I moved most of my art stuff in the room next to ours and made it my studio. It wasn't much of a work since most of my things are already there–especially my brushes, canvases and easels. I just have to arrange it near the window and there, I'm satisfied.


Gabe and I are still working through our relationship.

Sometimes, he still avoids to share with me. But at least, he still shows that he cares by simply hugging or kissing me. Somehow...he still has a heart and I will strive to win it.

I hope that soon, I can tell him about our baby. No matter what his decision would be, I'll accept it...even though I'm pretty sure that he'll be clearly pissed about this news but then I just can't understand why he doesn't want a kid. He just despises them with no concrete reason. I mean, he acts like a very complicated math problem.

I hate math, but I'm sure as hell that I love this problem.

But even though I love him, he just has to hit that one particular nerve in me that made me want to rip his head off. Like what he did about a week ago...


"How could you forget that, Gabe?! I barely have any request and this? I messaged you a gazillion times, I called you even--and you just, you don't care!" I hugged Choco closer and nuzzled on his neck.

The dog turned to me and licked my tears before he began barking at Gabe.

Gabriel just sighed and run his hands through his hair again. "Look, I'm sorry, okay? It totally slipped my mind. I'm really sorry." He just looked at me with eyes like that of Choco but I just turn my back at him.

"You're i-impossible! How can you forget that minion? I want that thing so much! I'd rather trade you to have a real life minion." I pulled Choco and hugged him. "It seems that all you cared for is that stupid company. Maybe you should marry that company of yours and I swear it will cook for you and pleasure you until you go crazy. That I could really guarantee!" I snapped as he shuffled on the other side of the couch, trying to pull me unto his lap.

"I'm really sorry, love. It's just-I focused on that million dollar contract for a couple of months regarding Greene industries and now that I won, I could finally gain the trust of your past suppliers. I can even order you that minion right now–if you really want to– I could order a ton of them! I'm just so sorry that I forgot about it, " he sighed and grab my elbow, "Love--"

"Don't call me that and don't you dare touch me!" I scooted farther from him and buried my head deep on the ball of fur I am caressing, "You can now go and celebrate with your dear wife-company and have sex with it for all I care! You should even consider taking it to a fancy restaurant first and there you could feed both of your foul mouths with your dirty money!" I was surprised when he suddenly turned to stare at me with a murderous glare.

"There's no one that can satisfy me more than you! And it's not dirty money. I worked hard for it. I've had enough of this, why are you acting like a kid over some stupid toy I forgot to buy?!" He thundered but I didn't dare to say a thing.

I stood and gave him the cold shoulder. He can rot in hell with that f*cking company!


I know it's the most stupid fight we've ever had and I do not know how to make it up with him.

We've dawned into a decision of not talking to each other and now here we are about a week past that happening, still not talking to each other.

I know that it is all about my pride. I wish I didn't yelled at him in the first place. I wanted to tell him about our baby but I couldn't find the right time to say it.

I mean, I can't just blurt it out randomly, or can I?

Swimming out of my thoughts, I entered the kitchen, washing my hands on the sink and scrubbing off the paints on my fingernails, deciding that I should start making dinner s

ening his grip on my hips, snaking his arms on my right side, the place where our child lies.

"So that's the reason why you don't want a kid?" I stated on a ridiculous tone. "But then, the technology now is more advance than the past. I am not gonna die just because of a stupid childbirth plus, that's not even a concrete reason. Surely that's not the only reason why you despise the idea of having a baby, right?"

He gave me a death glare but I stood my ground, squinting my eyes as he scowled at the ground, "I can't tell you now. It's complicated, I-"

"What is it, Gabe? What is it that you do not want to tell me?" I forced him to look at me as I stood on my tippy toes, "C'mon, tell me now, please?"

"I---I just can't." He looked away and I can feel his warmth leaving me as he moved. "Not now, Elle."

The wind blew my hair making me shiver, but that's not the only thing that made me shiver. "Look, there. Isn't that a pegasus?" He pointed as I shivered once again.

"I-I can't see it, " I closed my mouth to stop my teeth from chattering, "W-where?"

"There, look." He pointed but I forced myself not to shake so he won't notice. I was about to excuse myself to go to the bathroom when he slipped his hand on my back and held it there, "Are you cold? Let's go inside. You're shivering." He said while dragging me back in his penthouse.

Yes, we are in his penthouse–The one that I've been dreaming to go to from the very first moment we married–welcome me with undeniable gloom.

After he broke the door awhile ago, he drove me to the nearest Mc donald's, buy me that happy meal and then proceed to bring me here, in his sanctuary.

I look around the dark room. Black and gray colors dominate his furnitures including that of his bed and carpet and the curtains framing the glass slides on the far left. On where I stand, I can see a door on the right, assuming that it's a bathroom, I looked down and sworn.

I really need to pee, like really.

"Gabe, I, uh- I really need to pee." I blurted, looking at him as I tried not to wiggle and pee right then and there. I was surprised when a chuckle rumbled deep inside his chest, "What? Why are you laughing, Gabe?" He just looked at me before answering, "I don't know, it's just that if you didn't know better, I would think that you are pregnant considering the frequency---"

I just look at him, frowning, not knowing what I should say as his words died in his mouth. He raise his hands up and pointed at my left, "That door is the way leading in the bathroom." He gave me a slight push before opening the door.

I entered, not looking back as I closed the door behind me. Okay, so, what am I going to do now? Like really. I can feel my cheeks warming up as I let the scenes awhile ago, play jn my head. He had meant for it like a jokw right? But then, how am I going to tell him? How am I going to face the moment when he finally knows about the baby.

After doing my business, I went outside the bathroom only to face a whole room, lit by candles everywhere, but with no Gabe in sight. I was startled of course; did he really planned this, for me?

But before I look for him, I can hear his footsteps making his way nearer and nearer and...


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