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   Chapter 9 8 Everything I have Wanted

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Chapter 8


"I could see you are happy now" Gabriel muttered, his face shining with sweat as he collapsed on the mat-covered grass. He snatched off the sandwich on my hand and bit unto it.

"Cow." I waved a hand at him and shrug before taking another sandwich from our picnic basket.

"So, how much time do you need to get your energy back? It's not like you drained too much with just giving me a piggy back? I--"

My thoughts cut off as I sat there, my eyes unfocused as he continue to lean closer and closer, kissing me.

"That would be enough, " he smiled.

Pushing himself up, he held a hand on my direction and I took it, pulling him back. That action alone made him laugh as he return the same force to me, making me collapse unto him as he staggered.

I am about to let go of him when he carried me up an twirl me around whispering, "You are one crazy girl."


"I'm your crazy girl." I muttered back, showing my tongue out at him as he laugh at my crazy look. I let him put me down as I blushed, my cheeks feeling hot. I know I am glowing red like a cherry tomato.

Embarrassed by my unusual behavior, I quickly diverted my attention on tidying up our things when suddenly, I was caught into a wave of dizziness.

"Elle, are you alright?" His arms steady me as I began doubling over. Covering my mouth, I panicked–'What if he finds out I'm pregnant? What should I do? Would he like it? Or hate me because of this? Am I ready to tell him? Is he going to accept me and the baby or reject us? Is he going to divorce me?'– these thoughts swarmed my head like bees.

Pushing a stray hair back on my hair, I simply said, "I'm fine. It's just that, I'm not used of getting pulled so suddenly and the little twirl you gave me is just..." I sigh, touching my forehead. "Maybe I just ate too much ice cream. "

"Are you sure?" His brows knitted in worry that I bit my tongue again. I hate lying to him but I am only being cautious.

Oh Gabe, how should I tell you this?

"Yes." I sighed. Grabbing the basket, I pushed it on his chest and smiled, "So, do you still want to finish our deal with the puppy?"


It was hard lying to Gabe about this but then, us sitting comfortably on the couch with his head settled on my lap, makes me do it anyway.

I don'

co!" Gabriel, whisper shout and the silly dog just made his barks louder. The kiss was quick, really. Quick enough for me not to savour it.

I am about to fall asleep again when Choco's bark slowly muted only for me to realise that we are now inside the room.

With a dip, I felt him lower me down on the mattress and settled beside me. His body giving me the warmth I've longed since I've known about love.


"Erf, erferf! Wererererrrrrf!"

I turn to my side and rub my eyes. It's only two in the morning and Choco is barking like crazy. Looking back at Gabriel, I slipped carefully from the bed, removing his arms that are holding me like a vice grip.

"Where do you think you're going?" He whispered in those very sexy sleepy voice of his before opening an eye at me.

"Bathroom. I need to pee." I did not get any reply besides his hands lying down on his side now and not of my waist.

Inching closer to the door instead of the bathroom, I twisted the knob and closed my eyes tightly as the little ball of fur happily entered the door. I could swear that I have not taken a breath as Choco jumped up to the bed and began licking his face.

Leaning closer to the both of them, I was surprise as Gabe began pouting his lips as Choco happily lick it. Oh, no! I can't help it anymore. I burst out laughing.

With his eyes wide open now because of the sound that I made, Gabe asked the question that made me double over in laughter, "Elle? Did he just do what I think he did?"

I laugh harder.


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