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   Chapter 8 7 Moving Closer

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I was here again. On this moment where I was staring at my husband's beautiful face-trying to imprint his face on my head and hoping that the tiny bean growing on my womb would have the same godly face.

He is really beautiful when he is sleeping.

Casting another glance at him, I couldn't help but frown. This angelic face did made me irritated and disappointed for a month. He deserves a proper payback.

Inching myself off to the side of the bed, I grab the digital clock on top of the table and adjust his alarm. Snickering, I carefully laid it back on the table and waited a few more minutes before--


Gabriel bolted upright knocking me over to the side as he rolled on the edge of the bed, falling face first on the floor. I rubbed my arm where he knocked me over before stealing a gaze down at him. Good, he's not yet dead.

"Urrggh, " he tried to claw his way back on the bed but he's way too heavy, making the sheets tumble down, drowning his form into a mountain. "Ellleeeeeee!"


I covered my mouth to prevent myself from giggling and in a split second he was there, all glorious and sweaty in front of me, wearing only a boxer shorts and those hard sculpted chest that my tongue ached for me to lick those--

"Why'd you do that, Elle?" His voice dripped with venom but I am cleary petrified. I just can't take my eyes off of him at this very moment.

"Do what exactly, Mr. West?" I asked in a flirtatious tone. He continue to frown down at me but his act of trying to display a pokerface failed as his hard on stood victoriously.

He sighed, looking down at me with an impassive expression."You know what? Nevermind. I'm going back to bed." He snatched the comforter off the floor and a pillow from the bed before dragging them out of the room, leaving me slack jawed.

"Hey! I wasn't finished talking to you, Gabriel." He turned swiftly at the mentioned of his name, making me regret that I called him. "What do you need to say, Elleana?"

I blushed, irritated at him for mentioning my full name. "Where were you last month?"

"I finished the preparation of the restaurant last week. The branch in Italy got caught in a tangle that I have to spend another week longer just to make sure it could stand on it's own while--"

But I didn't give him a chance to continue his explanation. I hastily made my way to him before I snatch the pillow in his hands and hit him with it. "You stupid excuse of a man! I really can't figure you out." hit "you just made a promise to me that we'll try to improve this relationship to change ourselves, to make time for each other but then after that promise you left me!" Hit "you left me floating, again! I do not know what to do. " Hit "I do not know how I can endure this." Hit " I've even prepared for your arrival. I cooked your favourite dish. I waited for you until midnight and you don't even care that I am waiting! You didn't even inform me if you would even go home." Hit "What about those texts, emails and calls, you did not dare to return them?I would have considered you making excuses and now all I feel is...hate. "

I let the pillow hung for a while before hitting him again, " I hate you!" Hit "I hate you I hate you I hate youuuuu" hit "I wish--"

"Stop it! Just, stop it." He held my hand on his and pulled the pillow away from me. "I know, I know. I left because I am scared." He pulled ne closer before looking at me, "I made did this because I do not know why I feel these emotions. Believe me, I was really looking forward on arriving earlier. I wanted to talk to you, to make you understand why I was away for a reason." He held my chin up, making me look at his sleep deprived blue eyes. " I was raise by my papa believing that work matter more than family. He never really see us as a family. He treat us like one of his charity work, an achievement and a beneficiary he nee

of eye-raping me?" He suddenly asked, snapping me out of my reverie as he turn on the side and began eating. He used just his fork, arms folded on his lap as he munch.

"I'm not eye-raping you. It's just that-"

"Lame excuses. Just because I told you that I would do anything you want me to do, doesn't include you eye raping me though, we could make some arrangements with that. Later at noon at our room, maybe?" He popped a grape on his mouth and chewed, lips pouted.

"But you promise that you would take me to the park and that, we will get a dog!" I throw another spoonful on my mouth as I watch him groan with his head slapping the counter dramatically.

"Oh, right. A promise not to be broken." He scratch the back of his neck before standing up, taking a step back and another before he turned, marching off to the exit. "Where do you think you are going, mister? You haven't finished your meal." I asked, puzzled by his actions.

"I am full, mother." He craned his neck to look at me before disappearing on the flight of the stairs.


"Faster, Gabe" I squealed, before biting into my ice cream. That act alone made me scream more, not realising that my mouth is to close to Gabriel's ears.

"Love, " he huffed. "Love, I've already rounded the park for about five times now. Would that be enough? I'm so damn tired."

" 'Elle please give me another chance. We will do everything you want just so I could make it up to you' ". I quoted in the most deepest voice dripping with seriousness that I could master.

"I didn't say please, just sorry." He muttered making me force myself down and smile as he grunted. "And I really am serious about saying sorry. Look, I've got more surprises that is in store for you to believe. I am sincere."

"Really?" I leaned in close just to see his face, my hand holding the cone inching closer. "Yes, I am."

"I still don't believe it." Smirking I pushed the cone unto the side of his face and laugh at loud as I tried to move down from his back. Yet all of this actions led to a cliff as he gripped my arm, catching me.

"Lick it."

"Gabe!" I screamed in protest but he just smiled. "C'mon, Elle. Everyone's is expecting for the billionaire's wife to court her husband. Come on now."

"I'm not courting you; you are courting me!"

"Oh, don't be such a party pooper. Lick it now or I won't get you the dog." Closing my eyes, I began to inch closer and closer and lick the ice cream of his face yet I didn't expect what had just happened next.

He pulled me in and kissed me as everyone cheered.

I did not even notice that we have a crowd.

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