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   Chapter 7 6 Girls day Out

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I was bored like crazy.

I am in my studio for quite an hour now since I woke up, eating my cheerios with nutella as I stare at the empty canvas. I couldn't seem to find the effort to paint or how I can focus or even be inspired.

This is because I miss him.

He still wasn't here. He's on the other side of the world doing God knows what. He left me here floating and cold. He didn't even bother to send me a text or even call me or send Taylor to my aid.

I did try to call him a few times and it just directed me to his voicemail with his very sexy voice saying: 'I am quite busy at the moment, please leave a message'.

It's quite disappointing that my effort of preparing a dish for him last night is wasted. He didn't even bother to make time for an excuse, I mean it was better than having no reply from him at all.

With pure and utter disappointment, I push myself off the floor and covered my canvas with cloth. Strutting out of the room, I was surprise when the phone buzz on my pocket.

I pulled it out in an instant expecting that it was Gabe but I was mistaken.

It's Neola.

'Hey, are u free?'

"Yes, Y?" I typed back as I descend down the stairs. It didn't take long before the phone buzz back in my pocket.

"I'm heading over 2 ur house"

My eyes almost bulge out of their sockets as I read her message. I recover after a minute and type back, "Seriously, like right now?!"

"Yep ;) "

I didn't even had the chance to finish my way down the stairs before the door bell rings. I opened it up only to be knocked over by the female version of my husband.

They look almost the same. Same blue eyes, perky nose, stubbor

front of an italianreataurant and Neo ordered for us while I wait in the car. She decided that a take out would be a better choice considering the situation I have. Ryan drove us back to the city and to the mansion. He was silent and I am glad for he didn't ask the reason on why I am crying like a baby.

I opened the door to our house, delighted because now, I feel safe. I'm inside the comfort of Gabe's compound even though he's not here.

Neo set the pillow and the blanket on the couch as I search through the rack of movies beside the speaker. Wanting to cheer myself up, I pick, legally blonde's and watch Neo roll her eyes at me.

I happily popped some pizza inside my mouth and my stomach cheered as it receive some of the pasta. "You like it" I stated at my tummy, before I eat again. After finishing the movie, she choose another one, then another until I doze off.

I didn't know but I swear I heard her say goodbye but the most heart stopping moment here is that, I felt Gabe's presence in the room as soon as Neo left.

I can smell his cologne and as his hands touched my bare shoulder, I shivered. I peek through my eyelashes and felt his head brush my cheeks before he kissed my forehead. Then, he did the most unexpected thing I never thought he would do--He carried me up from the couch and to the stairs to our room.

He laid me down the bed before following, stretching beside me as he collected me on his arms. But then the best feelings are short lived because now, I don't know how I'm going to say to him that I'm pregnant and that it is true. Whether he would believe me or not.

I can give him the proof after about a two to three months.

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