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   Chapter 6 5 Tiny Thing

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I gripped the toilet bowl tighter as I hug it closer to my chest only to heave without having anything to let go.

I've been like this for the past week and was getting weaker by the second. Gabe never had the chance to notice this because he's been away for Italy for almost a month now. I do not know the exact date on which he will be back. Maybe next week? tomorrow morning? tonight?--It was pointless to bug him about it because he wanted to surprise me.

But then, what am I going to tell him once he arrives and see me like this- like a zombie that has just resurrected?

That I got a stomach flu, a bug or something I've got because of eating too much ice cream? Or wait...

I momentarily stopped blubbering and went rushing back inside our room. I rummaged the bed side table and open the lock on my phone.

I just knew it!

The red sign on my notification just quite confirm it. I think I know why I am having this sickness yet it's not considered as it is.

I should've got my period last month, and I never have been late in my whole life. With desperation in my eyes, I hoist myself up, struggling to keep my balance as I stare at the girl in the mirror.

"I'm going to take the test."


I smiled at the three pink positives grinning at me.

I'm pregnant!

I danced around the bathroom and giggled some more. Who knows that I will be a mom after a few months? Have a little Elle or maybe little Gabe running around here.

Only 7 out of 10 women who have this result is as happy like me. One of them is underage, or have three kids already and doesn't want an additional problem or the other, which is a single who have a one night stand.

Like I care, I'm gonna have what I ask for and it's right in front of me now. Literally.

Out of habit, I begin to bite my nails as I think of the consequences of this. I'm a little bit nervous of what is going to happen to me and the baby when the contract is done but I forced myself to just shut it out and relax. I don't want stress clawing at my very face and make the baby feel worst. I can handle this.

Like super duper, I'm strong like a bull.

I put the three pregnancy test in my bag and smiled. This will be the second happiest day of my life. The first one is when I married the love of my life of course-which, I'm not sure -if he will be happy with this news but I want the baby.

I won't let him do anything to this little bean.

If I need not to tell him until I'm showing, then fine. I'll do everything in my power to keep my baby safe. Even if it requires me to leave the love of my life just so this little bean would live happily.

The thought of having a life inside of me is clearly a joyful moment. Especially that it's from Gabriel and me, but I really need to be careful to everything that I do, and I won't have any coffee anytime soon. No stress also and more rest, and lastly, I really want to have some pistachios, salted caramel kisses and vanilla Ice cream right now.

I snatch my purse and decided to meet up with someone I haven't seen for a long time.


"What? You're pregnant! I'm gonna be an aunt!" The female version of my husband screamed around, slapping my face playfully before she hug me back. It was almost painful for me to stare at Neola the same way as she do to me. It's hard for me to see the same reflection of my husband on her face and smile.

I just miss him too much.

It has been a month since I saw him and she just looks a lot like him, except that she never grew a beard for she is a female.

I was suddenly distracted when she piped in, "But you clearly know that my brother will be shocked to know clearly is unexpected" she pointed an accusing finger at me and smirked.

I slap her finger and pouted, "Neola! I know that all he's going to say to me is N.O. and I won't have any say but

He has to deal with it.

he went home, Darn it! I really miss him.

I can't help the tears as they fell down on my cheek. Can't he see that I long for his presence? He's been very focus on making our relationship work from the moment he stayed with me all day after our anniversary. He's determined. He showed me that he can still be human, that I can be love by him but then, as he leave for Italy, I know it will change again.

I sat down on the stool and stared at my work on the plate, a lot of thoughts clouding my mind again as the next batch of tears flow dow like a new floodgate opens. I cried my heart out and screamed, lashing out. I can't help myself as I lay my head down on the counter, swallowing back a sob. I'm tired as hell. Hungry too. I cannot wait some more and the smell of Chicken Alfredo is making me drool like I haven't eaten from the past twenty-five years of my existence.

After finishing a plate full of pasta, I wash it up and made my way in our room; Keeping the leftovers in the fridge so if he ever arrives tonight and gets hungry, he can feed his foul mouth. I gripped the plate harder as I thought about him having an affair.

Maybe, that is possible.

He's always been known to have so many mistresses, models then and there. It is only when his father have arranged a marriage for the two of us when he settled down.

I always have doubts but he always try to pushed it off my mind and gave me a satisfying relationship. Satisfying to the extent of him putting a distance between us. He told me that he love me but it seems like it's all a lie. And now, with the business running on his hand and those nights he stayed up late, I never get the chance to spend time with him. Even in weekends he always have work.

It was such a waste of hope. I really miss his angelic presence.

I strip off my clothes and headed in the bathroom. I remember that night, the night when he came home after the party, drunk out of his mind. I took him in and let him kiss me. I let him infect me with lust--not to mention about the desperation in my heart that is winning and the way he reacted to it-completely blew my head off.

I want to have a kid right from the moment we married. Even if it's the only thing that will make me happy when he's away. It will be like a substitute of his very presence, the only thing that will look just like him and I'm very sure of that.

I caress my tummy and smiled, "Hello there, little Bean. I'm your mommy. I love you, always remember that..." I gaze at my reflection in the mirror and smiled.

Who knows I can be pregnant without him knowing it?

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