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   Chapter 4 3 Just 24 Hours

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It wasn't everyday that I find myself lying on top of someone else's chest -And to be specific with that- it is my husband.

Staring back at him who is still on his right side of the bed, I sighed, struggling not to lean down and kiss him. I'm still finding it hard to believe that we slept together on the same bed for the second time. And that, nothing happened last night. I slide my head off from his chest and back to my pillow.

Not having the level of self control I wish I had, I took a peek again and observed him. His hair is tousle on the side; his lips open slightly for him to breathe. He was so peaceful and looks so young and gentle on the way he lie there beside me.

These moments are enough for me to choke back a tear and smile. Even though he's cold and heartless most of the time, there is still a side of him that's warm. He still is capable of caring for someone.

The fact that he didn't left early this morning made me consider it a wonderful miracle. It's the first time that I was able to spend one waking moment that he's here, beside me...snoring softly as I look at his face.

I swallowed a lump on my throat as my gaze fell back on his lips. I trace his brow, and his defined cheek, that strong jaw and perky nose. I didn't even realise that his eyes were already open that I have to draw my hand back in surprise. Now I have to face the consequences of complimenting my own husband...

" I guess you're done playing with my face, Mrs. West." The simple address to me made me almost jump out of there and run. What has this man ate last night that made him this, this sweet? And sarcastic.

Yep, sarcastic. The later is better.

I nodded my head, biting my tongue to avoid my mind from giving off any smart remark. He just gave me a smirk before leaning at my forehead, giving me a kiss.

Oh gosh, am I still dreaming? And hey, is this even real?!

I was surprise when a velvet remark brought me back to my senses followed by a pinch on my cheek, "No, love. You aren't dreaming. And, just like you stated it..this is very much real." He gave me another pinch to my already red cheek. I have to duck my head slightly to keep my tomato face hidden from him. I'm blushing so deep that I probably look like some cherry rather than a tomato.

I was surprise when he push me only to sit up. He stared down at me again, giving me a gentle smile, "Those cherry blush are better than the pale cheeks. I guess I have to pinch your face every waking moment so you'll stay like that everyday..." That did it! I was about to snatched his face and pinched his cheek too when he suddenly bolted, running off to the bathroom.

Oh, geez.

This is all so wrong. I never, have ever, saw a playful Gabe especially in the morning. I may have seen it a few months ago but I never expected for it to return so soon. I guess I would have to thank Frances for that chocolate cake he'd given.

I'm sure he'd thrown some cocaine or whatever drug from his closet on that cake he gave us. Or he knows thay Gabe loves chocolates. He might have wanted to relieve us some stress and bring us fun?

No, really! This is a wonderful miracle! And thanks the heavens for that.

I sit up on the side of the bed as I fixed my hair with my fingers, contemplating. Should I go inside the bathroom to brush my hair and witness what Gabe was doing. Great! I'm turning into a pervert now.

My mind can't still recover from the happening from the other night. My body was actually wishing for another encounter between me and Gabe, again. Too much wishful thinking it is because I do not want to spoil this little playful moment between us.

If I would have to deal with this playful Gabe longer than usual...then so be it. I would like this version much much more than that monster who usually possess my prince.

I raked my hands through my hair and thought about making breakfast. This will be the best mornings I'd have to save down on my memory. Even though this things won't last forever, I might as well enjoy this magical moment while it last.

Bouncing down the stairs and to the kitchen, I prepared the egg, crack them and stir them on the bowl. I add up some powdered milk, salt and onion on it before I switch the stove and lay the pan over the fire as I pour some oil on it. I waited for quite some time, pouring the mixture down and sniffed.

It was delicious....and glorious!

Grabbing some of the loaves on top of the fridge, I pulled four pieces and flatten it on the middle. I poured the last of the egg mixture from awhile before popping them inside of the toaster. Having done with the loaves, I brewed some coffee. While waiting for both to finish, I get back to the egg by mixing them, having a scrambled one instead of the usual.

I grab some bowl, and empty the contents of the pan to it. The toaster let out some 'ping' as I grab two plates, setting them on the table with two loaves on each. After placing the food on the table, I snatch two cups and poured the coffee in

it. I almost slip in another heaven as the aroma whisk itself inside my nose.

Now this is what I call perfect..all I need to do now is fetch-

"Am I missing something?" Nah. Forget it...I guess I won't need to fetch him after all.

"Nope. You are not. " I stared down at my finger and sighed. How do I face this situation? I never wanted to spoil it so, what now? "Please, have a seat...I made us some breakfast."

It must be a miracle that he complied without any further complains from his smart mouth. He grabbed a fork and scoop some of the egg from the bowl before slipping it inside his mouth. "Hmmm...I must say that I kinda miss all these, " He gave me a smile and I have to stop myself from giggling like a teenager. I don't want to spoil this moment in anyway.

He is turning me into a jell-o. He's messing up with my control system. Goodness, I must accept the fact that he would be the death of me.

I sighed, grabbing my own fork to have a taste of my work. I must say that I did great. And to add to that, I didn't realize I was very hungry. Snatching some of the toast, I pulled the cup to my right and sniff. I placed it on and my lips and gulped, not realising that it is the most insane thing for me to do so.

I coughed for several times and is surprise to hear laughter coming from the man I called, my husband. He look at me again before another string of laughter bubble itself out of his chest. Smooth and deep chuckles are vibrating from his lungs. "You-pro-probably haven't e-eaten from the last t-two decades you live- hahaha!" With that he slap the top of the table as fat tears flow down his cheek.

I'm quite annoyed that he's back to his usual teasing self but I must say that I'm quite amused on how he reacted. I thought I'm going to hear those snappy remarks on which he'll call me moron or idiot. But I guess, the playful Gabe is still on the roll.

Grabbing my other toast, I nibbled at it not caring about the numbing feeling inside my mouth. I shouldn't have sipped all that coffee like it was some freaking fruit shake. I wasn't thinking at all. I guess this man who is laughing in front of me is the reason behind it all. I am floating with happiness when he's near me. I guess I'd have to prepare breakfast more than often so he'll stay until late at mornings. But the very reason on why he was still here quite made me curious.


I almost slap myself right there and then when his head turn unto me. His laughter gone as his face contorted in a slight frown, "Hmm?"

I am almost afraid to continue but my instincts told me that I have to fire this away, one way or another. "Gabe, why are you still here? Aren't you going to work?" That came out pretty good, right? Or not.

Base on the frown on his face, my answer would be the latter but please, let me wait for his dear answer before judging him. "Why? Would you like me to leave now?"

"No, " I shook my head at him and look down on the toast half eaten by me. "Of course, not! It's just-I'm quite curious on the main reason, why? And are you going to stay for the day?" I just continue to stare down on my toast, tracing it with my pointer finger. I am afraid to make any eye contact at him because I am dying of embbarassment right now.

I heard the foot of the chair scraped the floor as he stood. I thought that he'll leave right then and there without any further explanation. Though what he did next, almost gave me a heart attack. He lean down on the chair beside me and smiled, "I would like to make it up to you. I want to share the BEST OF ME with you."

It's wrong for me to speak about our divorce right after our anniversary celebration like I can't wait to get rid of you. It kept me awake last night thinking of what I did. It's very unlikely for me to act this way and I felt guilty." He sighed before he wrap his arms around me. "That is why I came up with this decision that I am going to spend the whole day with you. I want to make it up to you by sacrificing 24 hours away from my pile of work in exchange of a chance." He lean closer and kiss me before pecking my lips once more. "I would like to see how we're going to continue and if it will even be worth it to give this a shot." He lean down once again and kissed me, making me taste the spices tinge with coffee and him, on my mouth.

I am surprised when he pull me up on the chair and carry me on the counter. He's kissing me with so much passion that I have to keep hold of his hair in order for me to stay conscious and awake.

This must be all a dream! A very hell bent dream that I'm enjoying right now.

The kiss was heavenly and romantic but humans need air. I have to curse the both of us because we're not supernatural.

The magical moment ended with a peck on my lips, he gave me another kiss on the forehead before he lower me down on the counter, "That's one hell of a kiss I haven't had for a while..." He blurted, a slight blush littering his cheek.

I guess I have to say the same...and I'm hoping for more.

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