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I was awaken in a haste.

I could feel the cold wind hit my back as I stretch out. Feeling sore and tired as I moved unto the side, I groan as the sun burned my eyelids. I"m closed to sleeping again only to hear the devil speak, "You"re awake now...".

I opened my eyes and came into realisation that the man I"ve slept with last night was again possessed by the devil. What had happened last night made me blush both in embarassment and anger.

Why does he need to be so cold and heartless just now when all things are great?

Without looking at him, I muttered a small, "Yes, I am."

I waited for another minute for him to just go and let me sleep but when I took a peek, I still saw him there-sitting on the couch- watching me like I was some dirt on his carpet.

"Why are you still in here?"

"I waited for you to wake up, " he snapped, his gaze still lingering on my face.

Oh, how sweet, Not!

"And--?" I urge for him to continue, pulling the comforter high up on my chin as I stare at him, "I waited so that I can apologize about what happen last night."He confessed.

"Oh? That"s all you"re going to say?" I bit my lip and nodded before saying, "It"s oka-"

"No! Don"t say that, " He sighed, brushing his hands on his hair. "I just want to clarify to you the fact that you shouldn"t assume on things that can happen after this. I don"t want to make you long for my love. Elle, I can be a husband to you–I can protect you and provide for you–but I cannot love you the same as you do to me. Please, listen..." I was startled when he suddenly snapped his fingers at me, pulling my chin to make me look at him. "I"m so sorry if I took advantage of you last night and I promise that it won"t happen again." With those words he stood, leaving me shock and cold as he leaned down to kiss my cheek. "I need to be back at the office in ten. I"ll see you tonight..."

With that he left, shutting the door behind him. The tears I"ve been trying to suppress from the last ten minutes he was there in front of me betrayed me as I feel myself crying.

I thought we were perfect last night; That we finally have a chance but he shut himself off again, transforming back to that monster I have feared the moment we meet. It hurts me that he keep on treating me like this--That he doesn"t care about me or what I do. I just hate the fact that he treat me like a trash after he"s done with me.

How could I be so stupid that I give it all to him? And look at how he treat me after he got what he wanted...

I"m used.

He"d become far worst now. After his father died, he didn"t care about me anymore. I know it"s wrong for me to assume that everything will be perfect for us but one can hope. I thought that our story will be like those stories I"ve read; those arranged marriages on which the boy will in the end, fall for the girl but I guess fairy tales only happen in books.

This is a reality and this is how real life happens.

I know full well that we married just because of the company, for the sake of partnership between long time rivalries, and not because of love but then...we fell.

Or so I thought. Was it just me that have fallen to that cheeky bastard?

I thought he finally accepted me, that he can already love me back but the last five months seems like it"s only from a distant dream. That only I, is fighting through this battle--Which I"m losing at. I hated that all the efforts are gone because he chose to lock himself away again after his father died. All I want to do now is to bring the memories back like the way we were together only about a few months ago; living in simplicity and happiness as we culture the love that is developing between us.

But that"s impossible. He"s back to that monster I have married...

I"ve done my best to prove to him that I care for him but now, it"s too hard. The man I"ve changed is now back to being, a monster. And he"d became worst, a heartless monster. Ever since he"s forced into the position because of his dad, he changed...for the worst.

With his poker face on, business suits and all, I"m nothing to him. He"s back, and I hate it.

I grab the sheets and cringe when I saw blood on them. My virginity, I gave it to him and he just throw it away! I yank it off, only to change it with a new one. I know that it"s my fault too. That i am a big idiot.

Though I don"t care if he"s going to be like this forever. I"m pretty sure the divorce papers are on its way. That he"s only waiting for the right time for me to gave in and let him be. To surrender, yet I want him, with me...

And I won"t be the one that is going to wave the white flag, because I know that in the end, it will be him.

Oh, before I forget, "Happy Birthday to me."?

"El, "


"ELLEANA!" I sat up on the tub only to cover myself with my hands.

"W-why are you in here?!" I stared at his blue eyes as he frowned down, though it didn"t hide the amusement in them.

He straightened himself before removing his tie as he continue to look down at me, "Frances gave me a chocolate cake and he told me that you want that flavor, so--"

"What!?" I asked, not sure if he trully is serious. He gave me a look before opening his mouth to continue, "Maybe you like it?" He stared at me with his hooded blue eyes looking me up and down, lingering on the level of my chest, half buried on the water and my hair.

I cleared my throat before reaching out for the towel, "Of course! I love it like, like really..."

I ushered him out of the bathroom, standing up as I head in the closet. Although I know that it"s useless now because he had seen it all last night. But about the cake, I thought he bought it for me. I guess he already forgotten that it"s my birthday.

Oh, this guy.

I really can"t understand him. One minute he"ll show interest to me then the next thing I know, he"ll strangle me to death. I am pretty sur

e that he has some bipolar disorder or something?

I really don"t know.

I grab a tee and boxers on my side of the closet before putting them on. Well, this is what I call sleeping outfit. I"m not a fan of lacy lingerie so, yeah. I"m pretty glad that Gabe walk up to me on the bathroom not because I was naked but because I was asleep and probably would"ve drown on that tub if he hadn"t intruded.

Well, sleep helps me on dealing with my problems. Y"know, dream and forget. And eventually, disappear from this world.

I slipped in my favorite bunny slippers and headed down only to see my husband preparing dinner.

Ooooh, that"s new.

I"ve never, like ever, saw a man in black suit preparing dinner; like a really hot guy preparing dinner. Did I just say that my husband is hot?

Well I think I did, but I"m not going to say that again. Not ever.

I sat down on my seat and was surprised when a hand slipped on my shoulder only to put a plate on my line of vision, "Chocolate..." I just nodded as I watch him walk to his seat and look at me.

"El, I have something to tell you..." Oh great, here it is, the mighty announcement.

Elle, we"re going to have a divorce....Wtf. What the fu*k or Well that"s fantastic.

I stared at him as he focused his eyes in front of his chocolate cake, "It"s about our divorce, right?" He just look at me before nodding his head. "Okay. I think you"ll say that you don"t want to be with me now, are you?" He ducked his head down, frowning. "You are tired to try. You are exhausted, annoyed and irritated to see this stupid moron face as you clearly stated it, am I right?" I pointed at my face as he just continue to stare down on his plate, playing with his cake. "Well, when do we sign it?" I bit my lips to stop myself from whimpering.

Can"t he see that I"m hurt? He"s so insensitive, isn"t he?

"My lawyer told me that our wedding only last for two years and it depends to us now if we wanted for it to, to extend?" I grabbed a spoonful of the chocolate cake and let him talk.

Whatever, I know you don"t want me.

"So, what are you going to say about it? Do you want to extend?" He asked again after a few heartbeats. I wanted to explode right there in front of him but he will just tease me of being so weak. So weak, because I fell in love with a monster.

I grabbed another spoonful and shove it in my mouth. It doesn"t stop him to pester me from answers and as I swallowed the remains down, I look at him and replied "Let it be."I got out of my seat and wash my own dish.

"Elle, I know you want for us to work and I"d be happy to-- " I tune his voice off and focus on the task at hand. After awhile he stood, I can hear him talking on the phone but I couldn"t careless. "Elle you can"t get away from this forever." He told me before resuming the call with his client.

I took another silent bite from the cake as I let him rattle on. I thought I can fight for this relationship even if it"s only me that cares, but I"m wrong. It really hurts when there is only me in this-that it"s only I, who fights the battle. He just don"t care like what I have said for a million times!

I"m going crazy and it"s because of this idiot.

I passed by him and could see that he"s following my trail, his soft steps littering behind me as I went inside my room.


I warned him as I turned around yet I"m surprise to see no one. Geez, could it be possible that I"m hallucinating about all these?

I sighed once again before I enter my room, dropping myself down on my bed. Yes, it"s my bed because he never sleeps here, except last night. He never really sleep here in this house in the first place for he have a freaking penthouse on his building. And I never had the chance to see it, or would I ever have the chance to because I only have a year left. Or less?


I wonder if my parents know about this or- "El, move your ass off my side."

Oooh, the pillow talks!

I turned to my left only to see the man in suit now dress with white tee"s like, Mine? "Who told you that you can borrow my shirt?!" I pinched his sides only to earn a groan instead of an answer.

"Well, this is mine, okay?" He pointed down on my shirt and said, "This is my home, my room, my bed, my shirt, Mine!" he frowned down at me and turn to his side, "I"ll sleep now..."

"No, you shouldn"t! You promise you won"t sleep with me and this is my room, Gabe. My bed and that, " I pulled the tee from his back and tried to remove it.

Keyword "TRIED"


He turned back before flipping us and trapping me below. He gave me one of those very devilish smirk that made my heart flutter before he flicked his tongue, giving me a kiss.

Wtf! This freakin" arse kissed me again!

"This is my room, amore. My shirt, see?" He pulled it out of his body and show the tag that says, GABE

"But, but--" He pulled the shirt out of my head before showing me the same tag, giving me a smirk as he gaze down my chest.

Oh my, oh my my...

I covered my exposed feminity as he chuckled, throwing me his shirt as I scrambled to put it on me as fast as possible. I can feel myself heating up as I tried to cover myself from him.

I can"t believe that he saw me naked, again.

I pulled the blanket over me, as I replayed everything.

Gods, one minute he talks about our divorce then the next thing I know is I"m lying down below him, naked. I snuggled close to my pillow and close my eyes tightly.

Goodness, this is so embarassing, but I can"t forget it...can I? ?

"Sup my lovely folks?

Here it is.... A chapter. I still hope that I"ll be able to upload the next chapter by the end of this week...

And btw I"ll just post another flashback to the next chapters to clarify things up ;)

Lav ya







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