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   Chapter 2 1 Now or Never

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(C)S A F I E



"So, Elle, Gabe, when are you going to give us something like this cutie?"

Mom carried my niece up on her arms as she give us that look. I can feel Gabriel's arms tensing around my waist as he clear his throat.

We are currently in a party thrown by my mother for our first anniversary. Yes, it's been a year since our wedding; a year since all these started. This is the first party after the incident that has happened, the very first party on which Gabriel had agreed to go with me.

I am startled when my dad suddenly piped in, "We're so old and we still wanted to chase our grand kids, play with them, or see them grow." Dad muses as he snatched the baby from mom, "Oh, you little pumpkin, don't you look a lot like your grandmother?" He laughed making my niece cry.

"Dad, let me take her back to Cassandra. I'm sure little Cassie here wanted to be with her mom now." I smiled at them as I took the baby in my arms before looking back at my husband.

He's frowning down at his shoes like he's trying to solve a very complicated problem, trying to bear some pain. If only he would tell me what to do or how I can help him.

It had been six months ago since that nightmare destroyed everything I've worked for. Ever since then, I find it hard to reach out to him and tell him how much I love him. It was like we have started where we had been a year ago; living like total strangers.

I can almost remember the very first encounter we had before this arranged marriage. That day at their company, The West Holdings, is where our love/hate relationship was born.

* Flashback *

"I don't want to marry her! How can you do this to me, Pa? Of entire New York, you chose her, for me?" There is some pause followed by a bang on the table. "Her family is our enemy. You of all people should know not to pair me up with some spoiled rotten brat! Look at her; she's not even my type..." The door opened as I struggle not to look at the tall man who went out of the room.

"You, " I look at him and tried not to drool. He's Adonis in real life, not to mention that ocean blue eyes luring me. "Hey! Are you even listening?" I am surprised when he grips my shoulders, making me quiver under his gaze.

Oh, this man! He should be thankful that he looks so beautiful or else....

"Hey! I'm talking to you..." I turned my gaze back on those ocean orbs trying so hard not to melt.


"No. You!" He pointed back at me with his finger as his frown deepened, "Are you happy now that our parents agreed to marry us both, huh? You're now fucking ecstatic because you've been dreaming about all this shit!"

I didn't answer but as he leaned down on my shivering form, I can almost hear my conscious mind screaming..."Danger"

*end of flashback*

"Gabe, are you okay?" I tried to grab his hand but he shoves it inside his pocket. He looks down at me and to little Cassie before giving me half a smile. "I'm fine, Elle. Maybe, I just need a drink or two." He held out his two fingers, biting his lip as he look at me.

Oh, no. You don't. I know that it won't be just two. You will get drunk again and cry of your father's death. Plus, you are driving me back to--

"Okay, " Oh my freaking shoe...where did that came from?!

"Elle, give me back my Casi-Casi" I glared at my cousin and frown when I saw that my husband was long gone.

That jerk, he just doesn't care! He never--

"Elle, Come on, let's have some fun, it's your anniversary! I mean... birthday?" the blonde imp hiccups and smiled. "Either" Frances mused, dragging me to the dance floor as he wiggle his bum like a madman.

This family, I always doubted how I could even be related to them...and why do they always cut my thoughts off?

I removed my heels and stared at my cousin, "What now?" They didn't give me the chance to stand my ground and protest when someone shoves me left and right on the dance floor. "Frances! You're making me dizzy, just put me ba--AAhhh!!!"

I struggled with my wet dress as I look at the crazy cousin of my husband. He freaking pushed me off to the table holding the glasses full of juice!

"Haha-Elle. Uh, I'm so sorry but, uh, " He gave me a constipated look before bursting out, laughing. "You just, hahaha--Look like a cat thrown out the rain, soaked like a wet pussy--Hahaha!!" He throws his head back before strutting back to the dance floor, leaving me with the mess he made.

"Damn it, Frances! Help me out..." I stared at Cassandra as she pulled me up, giving me a disapproving look. She ushered me up on the front door, calling for Taylor–our personal driver, guard, assistant?

I really don't know...

I followed her out of the hotel and to the parking lot. Taylor opened the door for me but before I enter, Cassandra screamed. "Clean yourself from foot to head or else I'm going to give you a bath the same one I always give to little Cassie! You smell like a mini bar, Elle, seriously." She pushed me inside and close the door behind her as I struggled further inside the car with my wet gown and heels.

I wonder why ladies needed balloon skirt and high heels. It's freaking stupid and who made this damn heels? It makes my life harder though it gave me a little addition to my height but who damn care, anyways? They make me slow, which is not so cool with me.

I was surprised when the engine stopped and Taylor opened the door for me. "Mrs. West, let me assist you, " He started to carry my gown which made me stand in haste. "No, Taylor. I can do this myself..." I can feel the heat rushing up my cheeks as I walked pass him.

I was about to open the doors when I came into a thought, "Taylor?" He looks back on me as I gave him a smile, "Mrs. West?"

"Oh, please...stop calling me that, just call me Elle." I gave him another smile as he bowed, ushering me inside the mansion. I went up through the flight of the stairs, grumbling with every step I take. I am delighted to reach our room at the end of the hallway. I made my way inside the bathroom and take off every item on my body. I care!?

'Elle, '



Who's that?


"Who's that?!" I ju

mp out of the shower and wrap myself up into a fluffy towel.


Freaking unicorn poop, why is he here?

"Wait up, I'm in the bathroom!" I opened up the door only to see no one.

"Gabe? Stop kidding me!"

'ELLEANA!' oh, I hate that name. I sound like a fucking alien.

I look around but he's not in here so WHERE IS HE?!

"Gabe, stop kidding me! Show yourself right at this moment or--"

'Help me up!' I can hear shuffling from the other side of the room which means he's on the outside.

Oh, I'm a genius! Right..

"Coming, Mister." I turned the knob only to feel his body slump back unto my knees making me stumble with him on the floor

"Gabriel, you're so heavy!" I whinned, trying to pull my husband up, but failed."Gabe, wake up...please?" I look at him but he just gave me a lazy smile and kiss me.


"Gabriel, stop!" he gave me a laugh before deepening his kiss and carrying me, "Gabe--"

He throw me down on the bed as I gripped the towel around me, "Gabe, I think, I think you're not ready. We're not ready and you're drunk. You don't know what you're doing, you just--"

"NO! I know what I'm doing and you don't have the right to correct me!" He yanked the towel off and stared at me, "I want you and I'll have you, now or never..."


>>>r-scene down here<<<

(skip it if you're below 18)

I can see his tense muscles beneath his dress shirt as he lower himself down at me. He unbutton his pants and slip them down to reveal himself

Camping in those boxers; his very excited mate trying to poke out of it.

"Gabe, please. You are drunk, we can't--"

"Stop it!" he pulled my hand up and place them above my head as he straddled me. His hands skimming through my chest as he brushed my hair aside, "Don't push me farther away, Elle. I've had enough."

"But we can't-"

"I need you. I NEED YOU GIRL..."

That made me gulp. Damn, he is turning me on with his words. So hot!

He interrupted my thoughts as he leaned down, making me speechless as my thoughts run wild in my cranium. I am unable to comprehend. What I should do?

I am surprised when my body suddenly response in such an intensity I didn't know I'm capable of doing. I am now relying on my instinct.

I was kissing him back with so much passion that I found myself leaning up. I want to kiss him with all the want I have been bottling up for the five whole months that he showed no affection to me. He shut himself away because of the incident on which I'm not responsible. All the feelings we tried to suppress for the past months came rushing back with a hard recoil. It was making us shake with the passion of our feelings. Our fingers traced each flesh, wandering unto every part of our body.

He skimmed his hands on my face, pushing tendrils of hair on the side as he reached my neck. He leans in to imprint a love bite. "Beautiful. My beautiful girl. All mine..."

I cannot help but moaned, my hands struggling to break free as he sucked and bit on my neck. He slip his mouth down on my chest as he took one of my nipples, nibbling at it.

"Gabe, " I mentally shook my head as I heard my own voice. So, demanding. Pathetic, even. I cannot just moan here and let him do it all.

I need to move.

I yanked my hand off his grip and unbuttoned his shirt, trying to memorize every countour of his sculpted chest as I slipped my hand down his biceps, pushing down his white dress shirt as I reached his hips, slipping my hands lower and lower...

"Gabe!" I tried not to shake as he slipped his finger in my core turning them into circular motion. "Don't--" I plead but my husband just look at me. His eyes twinkling with amusement as he pushed another finger.

So, he want it. Then let us just make things, just.

With that thought, I slipped my hand in his boxers and pushed it down. His body stiffened as he look at me with eyes wide as saucers, "Mio Dio! What are you trying to prove, amóre?" he asked, his voice stopping in an edge as he used the same endearment that almost made me stop.

"Shit, Elle..." He moaned in my ears as I pulled at it and stroke, his member hardening at every move. After a while he recovered, pushing his fingers to move farther in my core. He circled them in my folds as both of us scream each name.

I've never expected this to happen cause I never would have imagine to do this with him.

Especially him.

I am brought back to the situation I'm at as I felt his member enter me which made me stiff. I whimpered as it penetrated deeper making me cry out in pain and he stopped, "You're a virgin!?" He frowned, trying to pull his member out of me. "God, I'm so-I'm so sorry I--"

"Shhh...No, I'm not." Lie. "I'm.. adjusting. I need you, Gabe. Please, don't stop...just do it, now." I pulled him back and started to kiss him but then I was surprise when he stared at me, his eyes looking deep inside my soul. I gave him the same intense stare making his desire ignite once again as he pounded on me. Faster and harder this time, our bodies tangled and sweating. Our breathing labored as I tried to remove my hands from his grip and entangle them in his hair. I dig my nails on his back as I arched my hips to met his. His hips buckling on me as he move in a haste, pounding my body as the bed shook.

I gripped his hair with my hand, pushing myself up as I tried to keep up with his speed. I can feel such heat building up inside my stomach and then it happened; his hips buckling as he had his release. I can feel his seed flowing down inside of me, giving a warm feeling on my lower stomach as we grabbed each other. We are trying to catch our breath as we glistened with sweat; dazed with passion.

I was surprise when he suddenly turned me, throwing me down as he lay me on my stomach, entering me from behind. "Now, I'll fuck you..."

We've done it for three times, his breath hitching on every trust. I am surprised when he suddenly collapsed on me after his third release, knocked out cold and asleep. I caressed his face as I whisper, "I love you, Gabe. Why can't you see that?"

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