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   Chapter 13

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Updated: 2017-12-13 12:03

Please don“t kill me. I“m pretty sure that you wanted to but here is a chapter for you, lovelies. Hope you like it :)



"You know full well that Elle deserves explanation for the way you acted right? You ditched her again for the second time!" I whisper shout at him as I held unto his waist, hanging on for dear life, not risking anyone to hear our conversation as we passed by the royal gates. He has to atleast reconcile with his sister since she is the onky he have and he accepted the fact that he wanted to have her back on his side.

A couple of media men began swarming our ride and I pulled Luke“s coat, trying not to fall as Midnight began kicking and whinnying like a horse.

Oh, right. He“s a horse.

I was about to take a glance when a flash of camera blinded me for a second before I hear the wooden doors locked. Galloping further inside the grand hall, the trumpets where blown, signaling our arrival. There are so many guest: royalties dressed in extravagant clothings, princesses desceding the courage yet soon I found myself looking back at my brother, his eyes glinting with mirth as he held Elle“s hand and Jacob at the other.

"They are here? I thought we“re just going to meet the officials and the other villagers? Maybe now is your chance to talk to Elle which is why they are here in the first place, right? I mean, it could also be your grandfather inviting them but--"

"Will you just shut it for a minute there. You ask to many questions that it is becoming quite irritating." He snapped at me before pulling my hands off his coat and jumping down from the horse. A little hurt of his reaction, I ducked my head in shame. We walk side by side, my arms interlocked with his as we penetrate the room. I could feel my face scrunching up as the tears threatened to fall but then his hands halted them. He pulled my face up and smiled, "I will try to figure out the words I will say to her. For now, we will have to act normal and let grandpa believe that we“ve settled everything. We will act it the way we have planned. I“m sorry for snapping at you awhile ago. I am just, overwhelmed. This is just too much for me too."

I just nodded at him, carefully he reached for my hand as he help me down. The crowd suddenly applaused. Stunned, I plastered a smile which I believed would convince the people that everything is going great between me and Luke. I glance around, looking at all those unfamiliar faces and the makeshift hall, flowers are strewn everywhere their fragrance are quite overwhelming making me feel like I am walking inside a perfume factory.

We walk side by side, my arms interlocked with his as we pass through the royal guards and the thick crowd of guest who have waited for our arrival.

I sucked in a deep breath as Luke pulled me closer and we both approach the king. "Oh, there you are," he laughed, Luke bowed down and I curtsied. The king smiled at me and held unto Luke“s shoulder, whispering at his ear.

"Yes, grandfather. I know full well of my obligation." Luke bowed once again before directing me towards the direction of Gabriel and Elle. "Elleana." He whispered her name and suddenly, Elle had tackled Luke and was giving him a full

a said. It is just that--"

"No, my king. Lady Loisa just said what she thought and it is wrong for Mia to assume so that Loisa had not had proper training." The queen suggested, her voice coming from the other end of the table making me realised that she havee been there ever since the beginning.

"My queen, she is not suppose to talk like--"

"My king, Mia isn“t talking politely which is why--"

"Grandpa, Grandma," Luke whispered in a cool but serious tone making both of them stare at their grandson. "Mia, what my Granma said was true and I accept what my Grandpa stated that Loisa have spoken ill of you, too. Both of you has assumed wrong of each other. Loisan, I would like you to proceed to your room. Dinner will be delivered to you after." I glared at my hands to stop myself from crying and grudgingly followed the maid up the stairs and to one of the rooms.

After closing the door behind me, I collapsed on the bed and cried. Not knowing why I feel so betrayed and jealous at the same time that Luke is also being pursued by another woman. I guess both of them should marry each other, both royals, both of them stupid, both pathetic.

Throwing the covers off the bed, I deposited my gown and lied on the bed not caring about the dinner that was delivered as I arrive nor the knock that had echoed as soon as I close my eyes.

Well, yeah. This is a bit short but I hope this will make up for all yhose weeks I haven“t updated. It had been so long really and I cannot even remember my original plan for this story. Oh geez. Anyways, what can you say about this chapter? Tell me my lovelies!


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Guys, I would like to inform you that I am going to hold The Heir“s Bride. I am currently very busy on my studies and I also am intrigued of working on a new story because this book make me feel suffocated. I need to distance myself away from it for awhile and try to find my inner author. It seems to me that she was currently on a vacation. Anyways, I have more surprises for you on the coming months so please stay tune ?? I love you all

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