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   Chapter 12

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Hola amiga“s. So sorry if I haven“t updated for two weeks. My phone has gone crazy and won“t open and I have to let someone check it up for me.

And now that it is alive, I have this chapter for all of you. Oh my goodness i hope you would love it :*

Chubby baby Jacob on top! (Awww geez look at those chubby little cheeks and bright blue eyes...)



"What? Oh my god, Neola!" I pulled the phone off my ear to avoid myself from going deaf. Geez, the woman can scream.

"Yep. He already knows that I am Neola." I sat down on the couch near the window which overlooks the gazebo as we both talk. "Then what will happen now? Am I going to get murdered?"

"No, of course! You silly. He doesn“t know that--"

"Doesn“t know what, exactly?" I turn around just in time to see his smirk turn into a full blown smile. "Lucas, didn“t your mother taught you that spying on people is not good!" I whisper shout at him as I cover the speaker on the phone. He just laughed at my worried face as Elle asked out loud, "Am I hearing my brother laughing right now?" I didn“t have the time to answer her as the phone was suddenly snatched from my hold.

"Yes, you are."

I just have to admit it to myself that no matter how I reject my feelings, it still wouldn“t fade. I mean look at his face!

"What is it that you two are talking about before I arrive?" He said to her on the phone which made me stare at him in a ridiculous manner. I mean, I didn“t expect that he could be so nosy for a guy!

"Oh Luke. Easy, we“re just--"

"We are talking about the wedding and the responsibilities that will come with it." I answered in a manner that would“ve made me laugh if some person did it instead of me.

"Yep. That“s it. She already said it. Bye."

"Elle, wait!" But his answer got caught between the ending call and my giggle.

He pulled away the phone from his ear and stared at the screen. "This is Jacob, right?" He asked me, his voice edgy.

"That“s him when we went at the beach four years ago. He was so chubby and a very hyper one year old." I didn“t receive an answer from him as he held my phone on his hands. "I miss my little prince..." I whispered and I was surprise when I hear a sniff, "Are you, are you crying?"

"You know what? It doesn“t matter." He nodded to himself before he sniff again."The crowd will be expecting of us to make an appearance in the news. Meet me at the stables before ten, the TV crews will have the setup there." He leaned down and I though that he would kiss me but deciding against it as he dash for the door.

I breathe out a sigh of relief as I stared back on the window.

Did he say stables? Which meant horses....nope. But, I need to make an appearance. I need to make the king and the people believe in me.

Yet, the horse....

No. I need to be brave. I got to face this out now.


"Nu-uh. Not gonna happen!"

I cringe at the loudness of my own voice as I stay as far away as possible from the horse. "I just can“t. Why don“t you just ride around the town and I“ll trail around you. Maybe I could ask

horses. Sometimes we don“t even eat and her cries just make me feel worse because I cannot take care of her as I promise our father..."

A couple of fat tears fell on top if my head as he continue, "it was really a luck when I offered to just take her and sell her to those wealthy couples. My aunty agreed without second thoughts because she hated my sister for Ela reminded her of our mother. Ela cried so much when I took her at the docks. She kept crying out for help, asking me to save her until they finally let go of her and let her run. Only for her to trip and fall unto the water. I got really scared when I pulled her out there, her hair dripping and her mouth is blue from the freezing water.

"I thought I“m gonna loose her too, Neola. I pumped her chest and push oxygen from my lungs to supply hers. When she finally cough out all the water, I ran away from there and never look back. I didn“t even say goodbye to my little sister, no kiss or hugs. I just left her there without even getting the money..."i could feel him rocking his body with me on his arms as he sniff.

"That“s why I am so scared to go back and face her. I am afraid that now that we know the truth we will be both held responsible for the royalty. But she has face the worst and I don“t want our past resurrecting and ruining what might still be a chance of us reuniting as a family." He pulled away and wipe the sides of is face. Clearing his throat, he pulled himself up on the horse and said, "the rain had stopped pouring, we have to get going if we ever wanted to give this a shot. "


Now now. Cliffhanger but not really. I“m really working on the chapters of THE BILLIONAIRE“s WIFE and is fixing some of its weak points. Please just let me know if you have some concerns that I need to fix or attend to. My message board is open guys.

Okay so what can you say about this particulate chap? Any questions, suggestions ideas or maybe even violent reactions?


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